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September 21st 2007
Published: September 28th 2007
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Gueten tag! Yay back to a country where i know a few phrases!!! HALLO!!!!! Got into this great small (size of GB) town last night on the recommendation of miss Aly! So far I'm loving it! I'm in old town - which is mostly a pedestrian shopping/cafe's street running parallel with the beautiful river that goes through town! At the top of the hill there is an awesome huge castle looking down on the valley and town! The first night i found myself watching the rugby world cup again at an irish pub and having a great time cheering for the Irish! The bar was called the Dubliner, and it had about 12 rugby and soccer jerseys on the wall, as well as some signs for the pittsburgh steelers! Weird. And then I saw it.....a Brett Favre jersey! NICE!!! The only NFL jersey besides one from the steelers - lucky for me the owner was there and I had to chat it up with him and congratulate him on his great taste! Turns out his brother in law is a steelers fan, and then, of course, he has to have a Favre jersey because he thinks he's one of the greatest, most inspiring athletes to ever hit the planet! Tell me something I don't know!?!?! I met a super interesting businessman from the Netherlands who was giving me countless travel tips - he has been to 60 countries for work! He's a consultant for people who are starting new jobs or companies in another country - helps them learn the customs, etc. What a super fun job! He also told me there is a "100 country club!" Well, I may be traveling the world, but i've got a looooooong way to go! On this trip I'm "only" going to 20! That is amazing!

Although heidelberg is touristy, its all german tourists - so there's not much english going on here! I've been ordering everything off of german menus, and just hoping, guessing, praying it'll not have eyeballs anymore! 😊 So far, i've been very very lucky! All of my meals have been fabulous! Lots of meat, potatoes, and deep fried everything too. Man i love the way these germans think! The first thing i ate when i got to germany was at the frankfurt train station - ;mmmmmmm bratwurst! she looked at me like i was crazy when i asked for sauerkraut on it, but man alive if that wasn't the best sauerkraut i've ever had!

I spent an entire day touring the castle on top of the hill taking tons of pictures! It was an amazing view of the city, and also was surrounded by a very large relaxing courtyard/park area with fountains and lots of awesome green grass that was so inviting! Its really a great feeling to have T-I-M-E!!! i spent a few hours just hanging on the grass, reading, and people watching! And I'll admit it - i probably spent an hour on my blackberry internet reading about how AWESOME the packers are doing!!! I love that they are calling us the surprise/sleeper team of the season! Yeah right, we knew all along! 😊

I've been using my crazy steri=pen water sterilizer and so far, so good! just filling my water bottle from the tap and it takes 45 seconds of UV light to sterilze the water. Technology! Never ceases to amaze me!

Oh and one more person I wanted to tell you about - crazy Butchie from Connecticut! Lauren - I was trying to get a number or address so you could go visit and see his $200,000 miniature orchid terrarium! WHAT!?!?!? He said it takes up an entire wall in his living room and its about a foot deep....he has a host of plants and specifically some rare miniature orchids (some aquisitions required him to climb mountains and cross mud pits 4 feet deep and crawl through caves and on and on and on.) The best part was when he was telling me about all his specially designed tools that are on a five foot stick so that he can reach in from the top to trim and shape his landscape. WOW. By the way - he retired at 51 years old and says now he doesn't have anything to do with his time, hence the terrarium, oh, and a collection of over 3,000 lighters. I guess early retirement isn't all its cracked up to be!?!?!

I have more pics to share, but my computer USB ports not working - hopefully I'll get them up soon!

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2nd October 2007

It's "Guten Tag" silly !
Dr. Fuchs wanted me to correct your spelling - don't want you to appear as an uneducated American! Try to get to Heilbronn if you can - they make the best Gummi Bears there and the town is too cute (this is where you get the Cuckoo clocks!). Spatzle is good to eat, too - you'll like that. Auf Wiedersehen, Fraulein Wandke!
18th October 2007

Guten Tag Fraulein!
Loving your travel blog and wishing I could be with you. Europe and Deutscheland uber alles! I heart germany - I should have told you some things to try and eat for me.

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