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September 17th 2014
Published: November 10th 2017
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We left our hotel and headed to Albi. It was about a 2 hour drive. Again the GPS picked an odd way to get there. We finally remembered that when you want the GPS to choose the route you want, you have to put in some towns the are on the route and not just the ending town. You would think that we would remember this, but no.
We entered Albi and headed over to the old church. Another huge church built in the 13th century. This church still has the original choir in it. Most all churches had their choirs removed during the French Revolution. The choir screen separated the common folks from the holy people at the church. This one must have taken years to build. Check out the pictures of it. It has very delicate carvings all over it. After some lunch, we headed out to Carcassone, our next layover.
We raced over to the old city to see the castle and the church there. We couldn't spend a lot of time there as we arrived a little late and the places closed at 6:30PM. We found a nice place for dinner and walked around the old town for a little while, then back to our hotel. This place had a tiny room with a tiny bathroom. It was pretty modern looking, but the shower was right next to the toilet with no wall or curtain in between. So the whole bathroom floor and the toilet got wet during a shower. Oh well.
This morning we left Carcassone and headed over to Collioure. Again the GPS wanted to take us on a wild goose chase. We outsmarted it though, and got there the way we wanted to go.
We checked into our hotel. Parking here is at an absolute premium. Parking is included at our hotel. The girl took me out and showed me where to park the car. I had to unlock a combination lock and drop a chain. Then I had to insert a key in to a lock on a pole, raise a gate and pull the car into a space that a Smart car could barely fit into. You have to stop traffic on the road while you are doing this. I had Stacy jump out and do it, while cars were stopped and honking at us. Luckily there was no car next to us. The right side of the car is 3 inches from a wall and later a car parked next to us. I could only pull the door open a little and had to squeeze myself in. What fun! Tomorrow, we will walk around town and explore so we don't have to move the car. I'm looking forward to the honking again when we try to get it out.
On Friday, we head over to Arles for a 5 day stay. We will finally be able to completely unpack.

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18th September 2014

Have you noticed any big difference in the culture from norther to southern France?
18th September 2014

Hey, that room should have made you feel right at home, the quilt is the same colors as your walls in your room!!
10th October 2014

Nice photo of you two...looks like you are having fun. :)

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