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September 15th 2014
Published: November 10th 2017
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I'll send some more pictures of the Chateau we stayed at, it is pretty cool.
We got up in the morning and headed out and drove a scenic loop around the Dordogne river valley. We stopped at Montfort, a small village with a Chateau that is rumored to be owned by a brother of the Emir of Kuwait. Then re drove to La Roque Gageau. It is a small village situated on the Dordogne River and the cliffs above. We took a 1 hour boat ride down the river. It was a beautiful day. The weather was sunny and about 80 degrees. We then headed over to Beynac to see the Chateau there. It is one of the most imposing castles in all of France. It is 500 feet above the Dordogne River.
We spent our last night at the Chateau. The next day we left the Chateau and drove to Cahors. We will spend 2 nights here. We found a small hotel near the center of town. We walked into the old part of town and looked at the old bridge, built in 1308 and still standing and usable. The engineers that built the bay bridge should have looked at this one before they started building.
We walked along the river and went to the old church, the Cathedral St. Etienne. It had a very beautiful inside. The outside was very close to the houses around it. Dinner followed and the to bed.
The next morning we left for a drive down the Lot River valley to a little Cliffside village called St. Cirq Lapopie. It is built on the side of the steep hill all the way down to the river. It was beautiful! We had a quick lunch there and headed over to Grotte Du Pech Merle. This is a huge cave system wtih some cave paintings that were made 25,000 years ago by Cro-Magnon man. We drove back to our hotel for a little nap and then out to dinner. Tomorrow, we head out to Albi and then spend the night in Carcassone.

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16th September 2014

Now that's what a vacation is supposed to look like!
16th September 2014

I love the villages where there are no straight streets and everything seems to be built randomly.
16th September 2014

Imagine how many feet had to step on those to wear them down that much.
16th September 2014

They never just had something plain, anywhere there could be that extra little detail they added it. Very cool!!
17th September 2014

Beautiful bright colors. Again thank you for sharing!
18th September 2014

No pics of the caves?

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