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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Condom August 20th 2016

Condom and La Bastide This is a condom sort of story. So get ready so stretch you mind. But before I tell you about that, you will have to read about La Bastide. Now I can sense some readers shifting in their seats as they wonder about my swear words and sexual references. And think of others who now consider my travels have crossed moral boundaries and I am skating on thin ice, about to descend into literary degeneration. Relax. The French are not so uptight. The French word ‘bastide’ is not a reference to illegitimacy. It can mean ‘country house’ or ‘mansion’. So we pulled up beside a creek in the town of La Bastide d’ Armagnac. There were a few other motorhomes parked in the shade there so we decided to stay the night. ... read more
Labastide d'Amagnac (6)
Labastide d'Amagnac (1)
Labastide d'Amagnac (14)

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Condom July 13th 2010

Today we went to the market in Auch and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe and then to Cassaigne (close to Condom) where they make the Armangnac. It is the only place that Armangnac is made. It ages for quite a long while (20-40 years) and tastes kind of like brandy. Cassaigne was constructed in 1247 and was a castle like structure that was used by the Bishop. Brave Shirley drove home on the narrowest road yet. The cars are pretty much all standard here. So Sev has been driving most of the time. Shirley drives 'old blue' at the ranch so she tackeled it yesterday too. I have not driven yet as the last time I remember driving a stick shift was in 1985 and the roads are curvy, hilly, one lane roads for cars ... read more

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