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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Ales July 13th 2016

D239B and D113 When I speak of driving in Europe, the most common question I get asked is about driving on the ‘other side of the road’. Really that is a pretty simple task. First off, I sit on the ‘other side’ of the car and from there on it all goes back to front rather simply. Roundabouts and intersections challenge me a bit as I have to remember to concentrate on looking to give way to the left rather than the right. There are many other challenges associated with driving in Europe. The main one is the narrowness of their roads. Their towns and villages were well established long before the motor car was invented. Narrow roads in towns helped as a defence strategy against invading forces. Thus it is common to find urban laneways ... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Ales June 20th 2010

Monday 7th June We had intended to stay in an Aire out of our usual guidebook, however when we turned up we were greeted with a closed notice and a hike onto the next possible stop. Liz hit trumps when after a couple of minutes she spotted a French passion sticker attached to a vineyard by the roadside. We had paid a membership fee back in the UK for this scheme where you stay for free in small businesses sites usually farms, vineyards etc. Anyway we rolled up and were made welcome and to keep us company a German couple also parked up alongside. Bran then disgraced us by running at the German lady and barking aggressively, so it was the doghouse for him. Our next site was a bit peculiar as it was in the ... read more
Vineyard Aire

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Ales September 21st 2009

How quickly the weather changes - yesterday heavy rain, thunder and lightening - this morning azure blue skies, not a cloud in sight and the sun beating down. We headed south for the day our first stop Arles. A roman town with an amphitheatre. We tried to park on the town sqaure but unfortunately there was a market running full swing so there were no places to park. OUr next stop was a multi story just across the road from the town centre. The car park was full, we drove around the ground floor and found it full, the second, third and fourth floors were full. We eventually found a space on the open top deck - we thought that only mad dogs and Englishmen were stupid enough to park a car on an open plan ... read more
Vaison  le Romaine
Vaison la Romaine

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