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May 18th 2012
Published: May 18th 2012
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Day 6

Off to the Palace de Versailles today. More trains but first a new adventure. Public phone call to arrange pick up of lease car next week. First find public phone - walk the block only to find one opposite our apartment - d'oh...

Free call number doesn't work so need to get phone card. Friends at the supermarket next door asked - this guy actually looks a bit like a mix of Basil Fawlty and a vulture - beside that he usherto then the corner news stand. Hand and rough French and we get a phone card - finally get it to work in the public phone and a time arranged to pick up car.

Think we have missed the train we originally wanted to catch so we were wandering to station and got to the platform as that train arrived 2 minutes late. Bonus....right train as there are lots of other tourists on board with various maps, tour books, etc.

Get to Versailles and turn the corner to our first real large crowd queued up waiting to get intot the Palace. Oh dear.....(as Charlie would say). After 1.5 hours of snaking at least 1 km (as the guy in front of us estimated the queue length to be) we are in. Now more people and queues to get from room to room. They like to paint their ceilings a lot over here.

BTW - spelling mistakes a reality of iPad self correction and me not looking - sorry.....

Did the palace to death, went to get a snack for lunch but no seats so we went into the restaurant (Angelina's for those who have been here before). Big lunch, small tea. Very nice and relaxed for more walking - this time to the gardens. Wow, makes our big parks and gardens look miniscure. Walked to Marie Antionette's palace down the track about 1km in the gardens then back again - buggered and foot sore but worth the visit.

Back to the train - lucky we pre-purchased our tickets - yep, another big queue for them. Straight on the train, good seats and away we go. Next adventure - ticket inspectors (about 4 or 6 of them). No problems with us but an elderly gentleman got sprung and had a fine issued.

Back home and we decide a tea of fresh French cob loaf, cheese from the local Fromagiary (soft cheese called Saint Marcellin - and no didn't know the name until we got home and looked at the receipt) with salami, ham and Vegemite. Also some avocado and tomato for Chris.

Nice and easy and very yummy must say.

Another successful day of adventure and never ending queues.......


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