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May 17th 2012
Published: May 17th 2012
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Day 5

De ja vous - off to Monet's place again. This time we have the knowledge of where to go...

Get to the Gare St Lazare in plenty of time - enough for Chris to get a real coffee from Starbucks. Yes she was very happy with that one. Wait with pots of people for advice on which platform to takemthentrain to Vernon and then it happens -platform 23 - mad rush so we go. Find a 2nd class carriage and get a seat on the upper level.

Busy train but all good - takes off spot on time and we go (very fast and very quietly). Finally arrive at Vernon and queue for the shuttle bus. Who do we see but H.G Nelson (Roy and HG) with his wife (?) and another couple. Celebrity hunting again - refer Crazy Horse and new French President......

Get to Monet's house and about to join another queue (seems that is what you do in Europe) when a lady with a tour guide badgesakes if we want to visit Monet's place. Yes is the obvious answer so she leads us down the garden path (literally) to the group or pre-paid door. Suspicion creeps in but all good, straight through with no questions. Stroke of luck there.

Do the gardens, house, etc. and then do lunch - more onion soup that isn't French.......old houses then back to the bus and train - more HG spotting and onto the train. Very packed so standing room only. Nice man standing beside us finally gathers strength to ask in broken English how we are and if we are enjoying France. Find out he is starting a shift as a fireman. Get off train and he bolts - must be late. Into the metro again and straight back to our designated station.

Getting good at this suburban train bit. Tea at a nice restaurant on the other side of the Eiffel Tower (how many times can I say those 2 words).

Tomorrow on the trains again to the Palace de Versailles. Tough life here.


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