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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles January 13th 2018

I'm not going to lie: I have no idea how today's excursion tied into the history of science. Actually, I take that back. I remember now. Some French kings supported the arts and sciences. So, that's totally relevant, right? I guess that's beside the point. Today, I got to go to Versailles! Our group met up this morning and hopped on three trains to get there. It took about an hour, but it was kind of nice seeing a slightly different part of France. We started with lunch, and since my stomach was feeling better, I finally was able to eat. I got to enjoy an omelet and good conversation with my travel group. I'm feeling less homesick when I have time to talk to the group, so it was a mood booster. In fact, I ... read more
Paintings in the Palace
Looking out at the gardens
A Bernini Sculpture

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles December 7th 2016

Tag 119 – Versailles Heute war Françoise den ganzen Tag unterwegs, deshalb hatte sie mir freigegeben und vorgeschlagen, dass ich nach Versailles fuhr; unter der Woche war das ja besser. Heute waren aufgrund der immer noch hohen Luftverschmutzung die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel der Île de France wieder kostenfrei. So konnte ich auch umsonst dorthin fahren - Versailles war ja eine Weile von Paris entfernt, da lohnte sich das auch. Der Empfehlung meiner App folgend fuhr ich mit meinem J-Zug bis Asnières sur seine, um dort die L-Linie Richtung Versailles zu nehmen. Als ich ankam, waren aber alle Züge der Linie in diese Richtung gecancelt. Es waren jedoch Leute zur Stelle, die einen mit einem anderen Zug weiterschickten; kurz darauf sagten sie diese Alternative auch durch. So fuhr ich nach La Garenne Colombes (da kam ich doch fast ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles August 3rd 2016

Yesterday was a partly drizzly day (first mildly inclement weather so far!) and we did not do too much so not blog-worthy.....Today we were up early and it was still overcast and a little drizzly. But by the time we headed out at 7:30 (am) the rain had stopped and the roads were dry! So, back on the bikes and off to Versailles! It was about an hour and a half to get there (which includes lots of stop lights but shockingly no stops for map checks!). The ride was pretty good and both kids are impressing us with their ability to keep up (although we are not in big rush). We were trying to get there by 9am when it opened and we did but there is nowhere to park a bike anywhere near the ... read more
Family shot

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles June 20th 2015

After packing our few picnic things, it was time to jump on the beautifully decorated train to Versailles for a picnic and a show - "Les Grand Eaux Nocturnes et La Serenade Royale de Louis XIV" . This one of the few things I pre-booked early. I thought watching people dance to live music in period costume in the Hall of Mirrors would really bring history to life. The train was really easy, and we just had a short stroll to the Chateau after the trip. We stopped to load up on caffeine on the way as Isabel was starting to flag after our journey. It was a good opportunity to practice our French - "Un caffe au lait, sil vous plait" is turning into the phrase of the trip so far, as I am downing ... read more
Picnic at Le Grand Eau Nocturnes
Le Grand Eaux Nocturnes
Silliness on the beautifully decorated train to Versailles

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles June 10th 2015

We went to Versailles today, in France not Missouri! Spent all day there until our feet were barking! Saw the Palace, the Grand and Petit Trianon and all the gardens. My favorite even with all the people was the Hall of Mirrors. Unfortunately, the fountains were not on.... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles September 7th 2014

The third day of our trip brings about a lot of excitement, we're heading out to Versailles to visit the Palace of Versailles. History is excites me a lot so I'm looking forward to this, Versailles was the home to Louis XIV, his great-grandson the XV and finally Louis XVI before the French Revolution where Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were imprisoned. Their lavish spending was the blame for the financial crisis in France and ultimately led to both of them being beheaded and the monarchy being abolished. Enough about those gory details and lets get back to our trip to Versailles, I will skip over the breakfast part cause you already know what we ate, we made our way to the train and Versailles is outside the city so it's about a 30 ... read more
Chapel in the Palace
The King's bed
Hall of Mirrors

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles July 12th 2014

July 12, 2014 - Versailles - Wendy and considered today to be one of the reasons for our trip, and we were putting in a lot of research to get just the right tour to satisfy us. Both of us are very well-read on the history of France that was influenced by this Chateau, and the people involved in this period, so we were wanting a tour that would provide us with a good and knowledgeable guide. We looked at the very expensive tour, 375 euros per person, but decided there was no way we could justify it…We wrote letters, phone calls were made, all options were considered in making the booking, and still we got it wrong. But more on that later… The tour left from the Tuileries area at 8:45 AM, and we were ... read more
Hall of Mirrors
Chocolate Fondant

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles June 19th 2014

I slept very well indeed but was up a little earlier than I would like to have been at 0630. Just across the road from Ibis Budget Paris La Villette was a small Tabac / Cafe where we had a cheese and ham baguette for breakfast. The bread in France is always fantastic and we just can't get the same stuff at home so we both enjoyed the basic feed. Jo was keen to check out the Palace of Versailles so we spent at least an hour heading to the South West outskirts of Paris on the Metro. The double decker train filled up with each stop until there was little room to move as we reached our destination. We joined the hoards from the train on the short walk to the Palace, stopping at a ... read more
Paris - Arc de Triomphe From Champs Elysees
Paris - Champs Elysees From Arc de Triomphe
Paris - Le Cafe Ponce

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles December 4th 2013

I arrived into Versailles at one of the three stations, Versailles – Chantiers. Leaving the train station I walked down Rue des États Généraux. Once I got to the intersection with Avenue de Paris I stopped off and had a hot chocolate at the Helios Pub (it was warm and had free wi-fi!!) I continued down Avenue de Paris and came across the Mairie de Versailles (I think it’s the town hall building), which had an ice rink out the front. I kept going down Avenue de Paris right into the forecourt of the Palace of Versailles. Amazing stuff!... read more
Mairie de Versailles
Mairie de Versailles
Avenue de Paris & Palace of Versailles

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Versailles December 4th 2013

Once I arrived at the Palace, I headed inside and got myself an audio guide. I saw lots of amazing things including: · Halls, doors and general grand rooms · Bedrooms · Rooms being renovated · Ornate ceilings · Hall of mirrors · Views to the outside of the Palace... read more
Inside Versailles Palace
Inside Versailles Palace
Inside Versailles Palace

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