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Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan September 11th 2019

Ce blog sera un blog court... pourquoi ? parce que sur notre route nous n'avons eu qu'une seule visite intéressante tant au point de vue promenade dans la ville qu'au point de vue photos... Par contre le blog suivant qui vous mènera vers un lieu incontournable de la Bretagne sera plus fourni en photos, le pourquoi de séparer les deux visites et lieux !!! Nous quittons donc le camping de St Quai Portrieux où la vue nous a enchanté... Une petite dernière donc au lever du soleil et avant notre départ pour Dinan... Nous trouvons facilement à nous garer gratuitement presqu'à l'entrée de la ville... un peu de marche et nous y serons... La cité de Dinan fut fondée en l’an 1000, par les seigneurs de Dinan. Elle se composait d’un hameau, d’un pont sur la ... read more
le vieux pont sur le port de Dinan

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan June 3rd 2019

Monday 3rd June Yesterday as I drove in the Monts d'Arrée area, I had seen road signs for Mont St Michel, which I didn't think was really nearby. But this was not the well known Abbey Mont St Michel, but another. Consulting the map later, I found that in this area, one of the highest peaks is Mont St Michel, which overlooks Lac St Michel. So, heading off this morning, I decided to visit Mont St Michel as it was not far away. It was possible to drive almost to the top, which was convenient. On top there is a chapel and a 360 degree view. The altitude is less than 400m, but it was cold and windy. There was a good view across Lac St Michel and one could see the nuclear power station on ... read more
House Near Le Phare de Men Ruz at Perros-Guirec
La Côte de Granit Rose at Grève Blanche

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan September 21st 2015

We took our first tentative steps into Europe with the camper van and into driving on the wrong side of the road when we set off for a week in what turned out to be a lovely little town - Dinan - in Britanny - me, Harriet and Holly. For a small and quiet tourist spot on a river, Dinan turned out to have plenty to keep us happy, even in the mixed autumnal weather we dodged in and out of. Some days we were crossing our fingers that it would stay dry for long enough for us to walk into town and back without getting wet - and, fortunately, it did! So we felt like we'd got away with it. Luckily for us the afternoons were mostly rain-free and, once we got into town, the ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan August 28th 2013

From C to D – Caen to Dinan We said yesterday that we were following the alphabet with the successive places we are staying at. Well this isn’t quite true of our accommodation for the next 4 nights because it is actually located in Lehon, a suburb of the medieval town of Dinan. Nevertheless it is making it easy to find a title for each day’s blogs as sometimes it is hard to think one up at short notice. As the countries of the world have got their act together and banned smoking in all sorts of places including hotels and public places we have noticed a trend that has developed that at times has subjected us non smokers to an even greater amount of second hand smoke than we were subjected to previously. One of ... read more
Main street Market Day,Bayeux
D-Day tank outside Museum
British War Cemetery,Bayeux

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan September 26th 2012

Yo yo yo dwags wazup peps so whatevs soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Today we arrived at the duchess Anne in Dinan Brittany (turns out Duchess Anne was queen of France)yesterday we stayed at a different Hotel in normandie (a hotel built in the 17th century) (ya know the Normans William the Conqueror no you probably don’t so im a Nerd :”( ) we also went to see mount saint Michel it was a giant cathedral and monastery on top of a rock with a village round it in the middle of a river it was awesome I will tell you guys all about it when I get back (hopefully soon :”( ) but then we had to leave Normandie (:”( felling kinda sensitive today) and that’s when we got here but before we did all this (BACK IN TIME ... read more
there she is!!!!  Impressive hey
clock tower

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan September 26th 2012

Hi all it is me today as time is of the essence and wifi limited :-) so as I am the quickest typist it is my job to give you a quick run down on our day. Well we started off the day in beautiful Dinan a lovely little port town with medieval walls and buildings - AMAZING. If truth be told it does go down hill a little from there as the rest of the day was spent speeding down the motorways (freeways) toward Italy. We have not quite made it spending the night in a lovely (and I actually mean that seriously) ibis hotel on the motorway but that is ok we just wanted a quick place to sleep so we can continue on making miles in the morning - heading to Tuscany and ... read more
just your average street
we had breakfast in the end shop!
heading to the port

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan September 2nd 2009

Day 6 (Wednesday, September 2, 2009) We headed out of Mont. St. Michel early this morning in order to get a head start on our day. I was hoping to possibly see blue skies, but, unfortunately, that was not the case so my mostly cloudy and gray photos of the Mont from the day prior would have to suffice. Our first stop of the day was in the seaside town of Cancale. This small town of about 6,000 residents is famous for its many oyster beds, but we came to simply stroll the quiet backstreets and to enjoy the gorgeous water views. We also stopped in at a bakery to purchase our daily ration of croissants and Mike picked out a flan tart, which was very good. From Cancale, we drove over to a gorgeous ... read more
Oysters for sale in Cancale
Pointe du Grouin

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan June 10th 2006

The M56, the M1, the M15 and the M6 what can you say about them - long, uninteresting and a means to an end. A way of getting from one place to another and that is about it. Traffic jams and the biggest car park you can imagine on the M25 at times. The A6 and A7 sound much nicer especially when you give them their french names L'Autoroute du Soleil (the route to the sun), L'Autoroute du Sud (to the south) and finally L'Autoroute du Maritime (to the sea). We left the sun on the Alps and headed north for a date with our friends in Dinan and a very large TV linked to the Astra D satellite in order to watch the England match. We hoped that we would arrive in time for the ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan July 21st 1988

Geo: 48.4538, -2.04599Cloudy.Usual breakfast. Went by post office to send two packages home. Success - an hour and a half later. Drove to Mt. St. Michel. Extremely crowded. Finally found parking. Walked up narrow main street to island was impossible; too many people. Climbed onto wall after okay lunch in small café. Interesting town. Long line to get into abbey.English-speaking tour - with about 80 other people. Worse, Italian tour followed very closely so both guides were shouting over each other. Many rambunctious kids, too, bored by the dull walls and too many adults.Construction of abbey really quite interesting. Lower levels built into rocks on island to support transepts, choir, nave of church. Incredible engineering feat for the 11th century. Random tour.Left by coastal road. All of us fighting colds so returned to hotel to rest.Dinner ... read more
Crowds at Mont St. Michel

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan July 20th 1988

Geo: 48.4538, -2.04599Sunny.Departed Blois. Long drive to Dinan. Stopped to picnic along canal. Delicious peaches.Canal boats motored by; three young boys practiced synchronized pissing. Checked into hotel. Narrow, semi-spiral staircase. Changed into swimsuits. Hung out on beach at St. Enogat. Warm in sun; cool breeze. Nice little spielplatz with trampolines. Truck carrying seaweed kept driving from beach to road, sending sun worshippers scurrying.After a while, drove to St. Malo to walk on the battlements. Exciting drama unfolded beneath us in the sea: catamaran, with no people on board, suddenly took off, sails full, for the open ocean. Two men began futile swim for it. The cat missed the rocks, slowed briefly, then shot off again. A third man hopped on a windsurfer to give chase. Suddenly, a motor boat appeared to help. Then another motor boat. ... read more
The Plunge at St. Malo
Low Tide at St. Malo

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