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Europe » France » Alsace » Turckheim June 23rd 2018

It's quite clear once we start heading steadily Northwards that we are coming to the end of our trip but still 4 days to go. Time to stop off in the Alsace for a couple of nights. We left our lovely campsite in Lucerne in good time, gave the lake and Mount Pilatus a wave as we headed out of town on the motorway to get us clear of the town. Then a steady drive across Northern Switzerland in the direction of Basel. We passed a few lakes and lots of fields and followed a railway which ran alongside the road for a good part of the way. To get us past Basel we took to the motorway and found ourselves back in Germany which was a slight surprise (my map is small scale so it ... read more
180623 Turckheim (16)
180623 Turckheim (35)
Oops seem to have crossed from Switzerland to Germany

Europe » France » Alsace » Turckheim September 4th 2014

Travelling day today, South East to Alsace. A very pleasant drive from Verdun, mainly quite flat and very agricultural. We decided as we drove that it would be a good idea to do a few more miles today leaving less for next driving day from Alsace to Geneva. When we stopped for a break we changed our planned campsite at Ste-Marie-des-Mines to one at Eigenstein as this is a few more miles further on and also in the heart of Alsace proper. No pool, but having been lucky enough to have swum first 3 days of trip, I decided location of next stop was more important. Bob gave Clarissa Tomtom her new instructions as we ate lunch and we took a slightly different route than planned. Clarissa did argue for a while and I had to ... read more
Church through the vineward
Alsace grapes

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