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Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde September 19th 2008

Friends and Family, I arrived in Copenhagen on Tuesday and have been all around the Zealand Area and even into Sweden. I met up with a couple people and travelled around Copenhagen city seeing lots of Palaces, a Fortress, Museums and even a Little Mermaid Statue (very famous due to the Hans Christian Anderson story). I caught a train up to see Fredriksborg Slot (castle), Kronborg Slot (also known as Shakespeare's Hamlet's castle), then the Karnan Tower and the Malmohus castle in Sweden. I didn't make it back over the 7.8 km Oresund bridge joining Sweden and Denmark until late in the day. Today I caught a train to Rosklide and Lejre and visited an archeolgical experimental centre, the famous Rosklide cathedral and the viking museum. The Rosklide cathedral contains the graves of all of the ... read more
Richard at Nyhvn St
Marble Church
Rosenborg Slot

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 7th 2008

Woohooo! We have had a fantastic few days at Roskilde Festival. The weather has been amazing, there has been plenty of crazy people and good music, and uncountable cups of beer through the long hot nights. The stories are many, but at the moment I am standing in the internet tent at the festival area just about to leave, so I don't have time for stories. The party is over - everyone is packing up and heading home. Except for me and Enrico. We don't really know where we are going. Germany? Poland? Who knows. So, now we are heading back to the Toyota to have a sit down and discuss our further journey. And we need to get a map. I have absolutely no idea which way to go now. But hey - we're not ... read more
Evening at the festival
Three amigos

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde May 17th 2008

We got up in Helsingor with plans to see the Kronborg Slot (where Hamlet's character is suspected to have originated) and ended up with the most surprisingly delicious brunch outside the castle walls at the cafe called Kronen. It was so much food, with sausages, brie, salad, yogurt with muesli, eggs, bacon, an American pancake, fruit, and salami. I recommend it to anyone who ever visits the Kronborg Slot, or is anywhere near Helsingor. Mom appeased me by taking me to the Oresundsakvariet (aquarium). You could pet starfish and they had killer jellyfish there that were tiny white creatures that had rainbow currents flowing through their bodies. I want an aquarium now, just so I can keep some killer jellyfish. We left Helsingor in search of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humblebaek. It was ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde February 2nd 2008

De sidste forberedelser Nu nærmer afrejsen sig med stormskridt. De sidste forberedelser er bragt på plads - billetter & vouchers er i hus, vi har lånt GPS med US-kort & US-telefoner af Jeppe & Pernille, Bent Michael har forsynet os med en spændende bog om Californien, Anna har leveret kort over Californien & Hawaii, Eva har sat os i forbindelse med Lot, Thomas har givets tips om stateparks i Californien, Geir har bidraget med praktiske råd, mine søde kollegaer har forsynet os med adresser på cheesecakecafeer og finanisering af besøg og mange andre har bidraget med historier, staldtips og hotspots som skal ses. Så vi er ved at være parate. I dag skal så de aller sidste ting købes og pakkes. Eftermiddagen bruger vi på at fejre Mai's fødselsdag sammen med fødselsdagsbarnet, Alberte, Allan, Lisbeth & ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde August 6th 2007

Goddag! Nous voici encore une fois, partis a l'aventure... cette fois en terrain plus connu, le Danemark. Pourquoi encore le Danemark? (ca fait quand meme, dans mon cas, 4 fois que j'y mets les pieds) Cette fois, nos amis danois, Karen et Lars se marient!!! Nous allons vous expliquer brievement, pour ceux qui ne seraient pas au courant, qui sont ces célèbres danois... En 1995 (apres etre tombee amoureuse des pays scandinaves lors des jeux olympiques de Lillehammer en Norvege), nous avons accueilli, dans la famille Isabelle-Turpin, une jolie danoise du nom de Karen Hyldegaard-Pedersen. Nous nous sommes revues ensuite plusieurs fois, en Amerique et en Europe. En 2000, son copain, Lars Von Gersdorff, est egalement venu au Canada. Bref, Karen est ma soeur danoise! Nous ayant invite au mariage, ma mere (Lou), son copain (Jean-Pierre), ... read more
Nouvelle demeure de Karen et Lars, Orsted
Orsted church
Pharmacie a Roskilde

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 22nd 2007

Sunday was the final day of the championships, and featured the cones precision course. Suzy and Bouncer did great -- they had a clean run-through, and didn't knock over any balls on the cones. They did have a slight time penalty. Overall they finished ninth in the single pony division with 142.85 points. Shelley Temple, our other U.S. single pony driver, finished just behind Suzy at 10th. The single pony medals went to Peter Koux of Denmark (gold), Anne-Christine Ardvisson of Sweden (silver), and Sarah Howe of Great Britain (bronze). Randi Cadwell of the USA went on to take the overall gold medal in pony pairs. Lisa Stroud of the USA pulled into fourth place with her four-in-hand, and Laurie Astegiano, another US four-in-hand driver, was not far behind in seventh. The USA team earned their ... read more
Inside of the Roskilde Cathedral
Interesting Crypt Door
The Pulpit

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 9th 2007

In the grand tradition of Eirik the Red and other Viking adventurers, I set sail on the open seas, an oar in hand and a square sail flapping in the wind. On the first lovely day in a while, I made my pilgrimage to Roskilde, a former seat of Danish power in the medieval era, to see the Vikingeskipmuseet (Viking Ship Museum) -- my first real immersion in the Viking theme since I arrived in Denmark. Although there are many Viking museums scattered about Scandinavia, and some with Viking ships, the Roskilde museum is unique in being a center of marine archaeology and for historical reproduction. Nine ships, of various types, were discovered in the Roskilde Fjord and, as much as possible, reconstructed. Apparently these vessels were deliberately sunk to slow an attack on Roskilde ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde June 19th 2007

RoskildeJulie J Vanover I was really excited when I put up this blog because Rockilde wasn't listed in the cities of Denmark, so I added it. I was the first to put up a blog on Roskilde and get it on the travel blog map! To go where no travel blogger has gone before.... I went to Roskilde to see the Viking Museum where the remains of 5 viking ships are on display. The museum also went into the history of the vikings and how and where they lived. There had been a long held belief that there was a sunken viking ship in a shallow area in the bay outside of Roskilde. Upon investigating these rumors they found out that there was not one but five viking ships that had been purposely sunk there for ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 20th 2003

On Saturday Beng and I went out for one last day of expoloration (for me, at least) of Copenhagen. Fist stop was back at the Christianborg Palace to checkout the basment wich contanains pieces of the 2 previous castles and 2 previous palace that haev stood on that point. mad cool, but dark. The weather was perfect, and after another fanatastic sandwich of smoked salmon and avacado we headed to Christianhaven (a neighborhood on the other side of the water) and climbed a church tower with the spiral stairs on the outside of the builidng. A neat twist you could say. I had to go to Christinia, as social expereiment dating from the 1960's where a bunch of hippies were squatters and mad a self suffienct community out of it. Lots of hash being sold on ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 10th 2003

After meeting so many people who had been to the Roskilde festival I was destined to go there. Also and more importantly my friend Lizette lived there. I met Lizette in Xela, Guatemala at the Spanish school. The month or so around the time I had spent in Guatemala had been some of the best times of my life. Lizette was one of the people that made it so good and I was really looking forward to seeing her again. There is always some trepidation when meeting a friend again - especially when it's a friend that you've only known in one set of circumstances and in this case one country. But it was great - we got on really well, which I had known we would all along. So Roskilde, from the tourist perspective. Charming ... read more
Building the Longboat
The Harbour
Inside the Cathederal

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