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Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde August 27th 2009

Last 2 weeks in Denmark, so things are busy. Im cleaning out my room and helping to renovate the youth room. Im working with a guy from Brazil who is a professional painter so it should look really nice once were finished painting the place. There will be a wedding here at Svanholm on Saturday and a number of parties the following week. There will also be a small market at Svanholm for my last weekend and there should be a number of people selling hand made knives, which works out nice since I would like to buy one before I leave. The weather is great, the work is easy. All the best, Nicholas... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 23rd 2009

Hey tout le monde, Were biking to Frederikssund today and taking the train to Sweden to my friends summer house near the town of Hogsby. We should be up there for the next 2 weeks or so, no electricity, no toilet etc. Should be an adventure! I hope we get some good fishing in. All the best, Nicholas... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde June 8th 2009

Its my 20th Birthday today and some of the guys will be coming over from Skibby to have some beers and a fire. It should be nice and quiet, I dont really like a big birthday party. The last couple weeks have been nice, I got a Danish CPR number so I now qualify for Danish health care and Ive found some work as a waiter in Copenhagen although Im still looking at other jobs. I also went swimming in the fjord a few days back the water here is really nice. The wheather is a bit on and off but for the most part its been nice and sunny. The family will be coming over to Denmark in about 3 weeks or so and I think it should be really great. Lots to see, lots ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde May 27th 2009

All is well on Sjæland at the moment. The weather is great, folks are getting married, the work is relaxed. Ive spoken to several Svanholmers about the family coming to visit and they all have the same response, Well then, once you invite one Canadian, you get 5 eh? They always like to joke with me and one of the Dutch guys here calls me The Bush Man. I cant write to much at the moment since I am on a coffee pause but everything here is going swell. I hope things in Alberta are going alright, besides the fact that teachers can no longer talk about evolution! All the best, Nicholas... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde May 25th 2009

Yesterday we wend to Roskilde, it was the first capital of Denmark with an old gothic cathedral dating from 13th century, replacing even older. But the main reason we took a train (30 min) was a Viking museum. Danish vikings(there were of course Norvegian and Swedish too) are the ones who are remembered the most in history as those who stole, burned and raped, just because they did it in civilized France. Well this was part of the business, they did of course a lot of trading, and in time they settled in France and England. They were the best saylors of their time and they boats were well designed. The museum was more interesting than I expected with many informations well presented and the tour with english speaking guide added a lot of little known ... read more
Me pulling up the sail
Ania and me
Ania rowing

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde May 1st 2009

Tout le monde, Everything in Denmak is going swell, the weather is fantastic despite a lack of rain for the past 3 weeks or so. We´ll be going to Copenhagen for May Day Celebrations later on today where there will probably be around 100,000 people in the central park waving red flags and drinking beer as usual. I´ve been thinking a great deal about what I should do in Copenhagen in terms of work. My folks mentioned to me the other weekend that since I worked as a Page in the Alberta Legislature I should try applying for a job as an intern at the Canadian Embassy. I´m sending out some requests for reference letters at the moment so we should see how things turn out. Other than that, things are all the same, couldn´t be ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde April 4th 2009

Denmark finally has summer. The weather over the last two days has been above 15 degrees with clear blue sky and no wind. We took the couches from out of the youth room and put them outside and had beers all of yesterday. Two days ago we went to Roskilde for the annual Rib Eating Contest and had as many ribs as we could. I had 6 whole ribs before I called it quits. One rule was that you could only have a white shirt on and only wash your hands by using your shirt. Tonight we´re going to Copenhagen for another great party and then on Wednesday I will likely be going to Esbjerg for Easter with the family. Sorry to cut it short but its time to go!... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde March 29th 2009

The last week at Svanholm has been fairly busy. This will just be a quick summation of what I´ve been up to. On Tuesday I was shoveling gravel and making concrete to help finish a basement in the main building. One of the ladies on the middle floor had her 65th birthday so I helped washing the bathroom and cleaning up. This weekend we went to a party at my friends Gymnasium and didn´t have tickets so we had to be ninjas and climb over the schools roof and sneak inside, it was lots of fun! Then we went to Roskilde last night for a electronic techno party and came back to Svanholm at about 3 in the afternoon to find that we also had to make dinner. It´s been a busy day. I also recieved ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde March 19th 2009

Things in Svanholm have been a bit boring lately as most of the teenagers have gone to Ireland for a week with school. Lucky for them, they will be there for St.Patty´s Day which should be pretty fun. I also got some crappy news from the Roskilde Festival which told me that they have had far too many requests for volunteer work and I will have to apply for 2010 if I want to volunteer. But, the guys came up with a better idea. Instead of volunteering for 24 hours, we will pick bottles at the festival for a few hours each day. One fellow from Svanholm did that 8 hours a day for the entire festival and saved up enough money for a 3 week vacation to Turkey. I´m not sure if that shows you ... read more

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