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Seth and Vicki

A few years ago we started up our travel blog to share our photos and stories with our friends and family in "real time". We have taken a bit if a hiatus from the blog, but we are trying to get back into it. Since we orginally started it we have now added a new travelling companion to our troop and we will be sharing her opinions with you as well. Hope you enjoy!

North America » United States » Virginia July 19th 2012

So we finally got off on vacation. Vicki and V went to work and school in the morning while I packed the car. I think I got everything, but it always seems like you forget something. I am sure I did and I'll find out when we get to Maine. Anyways, V settled in quickly and was enjoying her cartoons. Even though we went west to avoid Baltimore, Philly, and NY the traffic was still horrible at points. After V insisted on making a potty break at her Granpa Hank's in Harrisburg we got back on the road again. Unfortunately because of the traffic we didn't make it to the Poconos until it was almost dark out, so we didn't get to see some of the great scenery, but the drive was still very enjoyable. The ... read more
All Settled
Harrisburg, PA

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland » Roskilde July 22nd 2007

Sunday was the final day of the championships, and featured the cones precision course. Suzy and Bouncer did great -- they had a clean run-through, and didn't knock over any balls on the cones. They did have a slight time penalty. Overall they finished ninth in the single pony division with 142.85 points. Shelley Temple, our other U.S. single pony driver, finished just behind Suzy at 10th. The single pony medals went to Peter Koux of Denmark (gold), Anne-Christine Ardvisson of Sweden (silver), and Sarah Howe of Great Britain (bronze). Randi Cadwell of the USA went on to take the overall gold medal in pony pairs. Lisa Stroud of the USA pulled into fourth place with her four-in-hand, and Laurie Astegiano, another US four-in-hand driver, was not far behind in seventh. The USA team earned their ... read more
Inside of the Roskilde Cathedral
Interesting Crypt Door
The Pulpit

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland July 21st 2007

Today was the driving marathon, and with an early morning rain things got off to a slippery start. Obstacle 1 was a tough and tight little course, and Team Bouncer had a tough time with it. After taking a hard turn through, the carriage slid and Suzy's navigator was knocked off the back. Unfortunately, this resulted in a 10-point penalty, but the good news is that Bouncer and Suzy were not injured. Claudia endured two cracked ribs but being the trooper that she is, continued on with the marathon, which is pretty amazing! They made several great times in most of the other hazards. Team Bouncer was in 9th place overall in single pony after the marathon. Miranda "Randi" Cadwell of the US team won gold in the marathon for pony pairs, and the US team ... read more
Obstacle 2 Again
Obstacle 3
Obstacle 6

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Hillerød July 20th 2007

Today we ventured to the town of Hillerod to visit Frederiksborg Slot (pronounced “slut”). Before anyone gets the wrong idea, you should know that “slot” is the Danish word for castle. Talk about a real life Cinderella Castle. It was built in the early 1600s by King Christian the 4th, who was, judging by several portraits of him in the castle, a big burly man with a haircut like Prince Valiant. Everything but the chapel burned down in 1859, but was rebuilt with painstaking accuracy soon afterward with financial support from the founder of Carlsberg brewery. The pictures speak louder than words but suffice to say that this castle was incredibly impressive. From a chairlift on the top floor that helped the King to descend to lower floors, to the double set of iron doors on ... read more
A more reflective view of the moat
Fredericksborg Castle in Hillerod
Seth and I in front of the Castle

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland July 19th 2007

Today was the first day of actual competition. It was time for the dressage portion for the single ponies (carts with a single pony pulling it). Suzy, Bouncer, and my sister as groom went at 2:45 PM (Danish time). They had a few little problems and scored a 46. For those of you who don’t know, this is a good score. Not quite as good as they have gotten in the past, but former world champions perhaps tend to get graded harder than others. After all the ponies were through, it was announced Team Bouncer is in 4th place, and several of their main competition are behind them. We are crossing our fingers for the rest of the event. Additionally, Shelley Temple of Powhatan, VA, got second in single pony dressage - great stuff from ... read more
Stables at the event venue
Wicker horses
A home on the grounds of the event venue

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland July 18th 2007

We got up bright and early this morning to pack up our belongings to return back to Denmark. Johan and Charlotte were so kind as to give us another delicious breakfast. Then Johan and Princess Olivia accompanied us to the train station. After waving our goodbyes, Seth and I settled into two seats next to two little boys. Their sisters were sitting across from us, and we soon realized that we were lucky to sit with the boys. Some poor fellow had to sit with the girls and endure being harassed by the little one, who yelled “Halloooo!” as she kicked him in the knee multiple times. We really enjoyed our time in Sweden, and won’t soon forget it! Everyone is tall and good-looking, and I think we could count the number of fat people we ... read more
Holbaek Garden Marching Band
A View of the Fjord from Strandparken Hotel
Seth and Peter

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö July 17th 2007

Breakfast food: The breakfast food in Sweden is very interesting to say the least. I think the most unusual was the caviar in the tube. As disgusting as this may sound to some of you, it was very good and came in many different flavors (straight caviar, caviar and cheese, and many more). The tubes look like giant tubes of toothpaste. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was with a hard-boiled egg. It had all the wonderful saltiness of caviar without the weird texture you usually get. I think it requires refrigeration, otherwise I would bring some home for everyone to try. Other breakfast foods include Muesli (grains and dried fruit) and yogurt thin enough to be a yogurt smoothie, meat paste (pate), and assorted jams, meats, breads, and cheeses. The ... read more
Interesting Building Design
Malmo Boardwalk
Former Packing Houses, Now Residences

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö July 16th 2007

Today we made one last foray into Copenhagen before we rode the train under the Oresund bridge to Malmo to meet our friends Johan and Charlotte, and their daughter Olivia. We met in the Train Station and walked over to the "Little Square" for lunch. Then we went back to their apartment and got settled in. Later that night we went out for a delicious dinner and some coffee. We walked through their local park and also walked down by the beach for a while. The sun didn’t go down until 11 PM! Tomorrow night is the soccer game, and Seth can't wait! I just wanted to add some of my thoughts and observations to what Vicki already posted. It is often the little differences that I find the most interesting. For instance, the flushing mechanism ... read more
Seth in City Hall
Vicki Outside of City Hall
What IS this?!?!?!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 15th 2007

We arrived at the Copenhagen airport at 7:30 AM Denmark time. The Continental Airlines crew was professional and friendly, and our pilots even got us there a bit ahead of schedule. After collecting our baggage, we bought tickets for the 15 minute train ride into the central part of the city. They had a train station in the airport. What a novel idea! I hope that happens at Dulles someday….. As a side note it is interesting to observe some of the alternative travel options and services available in other countries. We ran into one of the more interesting ones I have seen in the train station. The bathrooms had showers available and you could even buy a new pair of underwear in the there. That is definitely an interesting service for the weary traveler. From ... read more
A Real Danish danish
Cafe Sign
Seth & Vicki at Tivoli

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 14th 2007

We departed Richmond this morning at 10:30 (props to Heather Scott for delivering us to the airport!). After arriving at Newark Airport’s International Terminal, we killed the 5.5 hours between flights by eating lunch, people watching (which included Dee Snider, lead singer of Twisted Sister, best known for their anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It”), and then spending two hours in the Miller pub competing in our own personal Travel Sequence Tournament. It was a fast-paced series of games, but Seth emerged as the victor. At 5:30 we were up in the air on our way to Copenhagen. ... read more

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