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April 28th 2008
Published: April 28th 2008
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Hello all,

Another city another entry. Kif and Peter caught the train out of Copenhagen and headed to the mainland to visit their friend Katrina in Arhus. The train was delayed (so far Danish trains don't really seem to run on time), but we were only two hours late in arriving. We got to Katrina's place, and partied up with her korridor mates whilst enjoying some Danish culture.

We got up bloody early the next day to head up to Skagen which is at the northern tip of Denmark. The scenery up there is strange, and unlike anything back in Vancouver. There are lots of sand dunes, but they're mostly covered in really patchy grass. There are also lots of pine trees everywhere. Apparently, before the grass was planted on the dunes, they use to shift consistantly and they would cover houses, farms and entire buildings as we learned at one of the churches we visited. The tower is all that is left above ground after the rest of the church was buried by sand three hundred years ago! A lot of artists descended on Skagen because of the artistic oppurtunities there, and there is a stunning museum in town as a result. We found a bakery and did our first really touristy thing of the trip; we ate danishes, in front of a Danish flag!!! 3km north of Skagen is Grenen, and that is where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea meet. It's actually kind of cool. The waves crash into each other and there is a lot of spray as a result. We took some photos, but it was windy, and only 6 degrees, so we didn't hang around there for too long. Skagen was really quite cool and we both enjoyed it a lot. After that, we headed back to Arhus.

We wandered around Arhus the next day. There is an open-air museum in town called Den Gamle By which is comprised of four hundred year old buildings that have been moved here from all over Denmark and re-built next to each other to form a little village. it was expensive, so we weren't planning on going in. Instead, we were just going to stand next to the fence and take pictures over it or, more to the point, Peter was going to stand next to the fence and take pictures over it. There happened to be a large hole in the fence and we thought we could probably get some better photos if we went through it. There was a small construction site in front of us, and we couldn't have that in our photos so we walked through it until we came to a gate. Who wants a gate in their photos?!?!? We opened the gate and walked through it. We had now entered Den Gamle By, totally by accident, for free. We wandered around for a while, getting our monies worth, and then we went to ARoS. ARoS is a massive new modern art museum which is in a really cool building. There were some cool things in it, but the horse cut up and placed in jars, and the purple and green projections of eyes and teeth talking were a little too strange for our liking. We checked out some old buildings and the cathedral afterwards. We also did some biking in town. We went to the summer palace of the Danish royal family, and walked around it and the grounds. What was weird was the fact that we could just wander aimlessly, without any sort of restrictions, right next to a royal palace! Of course, the palace was at the bottom of the hill, so we had to bike back up the hill to get back to our accomodation. Apparently, Arhus is one of the only towns in Denmark with a hill in it, and it was a looooooooooooong hill!!! Kif and Peter were both quite uncomfortable after it.

Things we have learnt in Arhus:
-Beer is expensive in Denmark. It is best to drive to Germany, load up a car, and drive it back. That is what the students here seem to do.
-Lonely Planet still lies. It's consistant lying has now influenced the Eurail timetable book.
-Katrina is no longer named Katrina. She is now "Sugar Momma".
-European 3 speed bikes (medium, harder and very hard) are not designed for bumps or hills!
-Modern art is weird....

We are off to Germany tomorrow, more information to follow soon.

Kif and Peter

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28th April 2008

hey guys! sounds like you are having a great time (except for the train delays... that's pretty common there lol). hope you have a safe trip to Germany, and drink BEEERRR!! and eat sausages.. coz we all know you guys love sausages, especially German sausages.
30th April 2008

Happy to hear you're having fun little brother! Sneaking into an expensive tourist attraction, tisk tisk, but well done :) I can't wait to see you in Sweden soon! hugs, big sis :P
3rd May 2008

Hey guys, my room is so big and empty now that you are gone! It was great having you! I hope you have found the sun, it seems to have come out again once you left (its 15 and SUNNY right now). Just a thought if you cant get accommodation in some places I have a friend who has been couch surfing and he says it is great. Love, SUGAR mama

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