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Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus September 15th 2017

We dined in the Lido again for breakfast, and I was back to having a couple of sandwiches. “You do that just to annoy me,” Sharon complained. What was really annoying Sharon was that they were out of chocolate croissants in the Lido. I went up to the Explorations Cafe to get a bottle of San Pellegrino and a chocolate croissant for Sharon. The bar refrigerator with the San Pellegrino was still locked up; but, they did have one final chocolate croissant for Sharon. I brought it back to the cabin for her. We got off the Koningsdam around 10:30AM with the plan to walk around. As we left the ship, Sharon spotted a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus, and it seemed like a good idea to go for a ride around Aarhus. There was a line, so we ... read more
Statue on the Library
Clock tower though the clock seems a bit low

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus » Lasby August 9th 2017

Onward... We left the other guy's place and met up with a friend of Suleiman's that he had met on his last adventure out of the country. Yngwe. We were finally able to get onto the same sheet of music with Yngwe after a solid day of micommunication. So we agreed that we would meet up with him at the central station in Downtown Aarhus. We waited there for a long time and alas, Yngwe finally arrived. Yngwe was a cool kid...a stoner. I knew we would get along. So we walked around town for a little while then settled on the idea that we would go have a beer or two so we went to Flintstone's Bar. After a couple beers we caught a cab to Yngwe and his roommate Karls' apartment which happened to ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus » Lasby August 5th 2017

I left Copenhagen at some point during the day for Arhus. Arhus is the second or third largest city in Denmark next to Odense and Copenhagen. What a beautiful train ride it was too! Plus, I needed the break pretty badly. I think it took about 3.5 hours to get there. And got there I did. We stepped off the train and left the station and I was in another new place already. A brand new place that I couldn't wait to explore. So my travel buddy led us to a bar the in Arhus called Flintstones (which was a classic Irish pub style bar) so we could get a cold one, recoup, come up with a plan, and use the wifi. Well, as fate or luck or destiny would have it, we met this Danish ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus July 29th 2016

Gestern habe ich wieder ordentlich gefruehstueckt und bin dann in die Innenstadt von Aarhus. Zuerst in die historische Strasse Mollestien, dann zur Kirche bzw. Kloster Vor Frue Kirke. Danach habe ich im Magasin du Nord ein Hemd fuer den ersten Arbeitstag naechste Woche Montag gekauft, weil ich vorher nicht mehr in meine Wohnung komme. Anschliessend habe ich noch einen Eiskaffee in einem Cafe getrunken. Erst spaeter habe ich ein Starbucks und ein weiteres Starbucks im Bau gesehen. Ich war dann noch im Dom (Aarhus Domkirke) und im Vikingemuseet im Keller einer Bank neben dem Dom bevor ich in ein weiteres Kaufhaus und zwar das Salling bin. Dort habe ich meine Vorrat an Getraenken aufgestockt und ich muss sagen, dass es dort im Keller eine sehr gute Spezialitaetenabteilung gibt, insbesondere eine grosse Auswahl an frischen Fisch, in ... read more
Panoramarundgang im Museum für Moderne Kunst.
Historische Straße Mollestien.
Im kleinen Wikingermuseum von Aarhus.

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus July 28th 2016

Gestern habe ich wieder gut gefruehstueckt und bin zum Bahnhof von Kopenhagen. Das Ticket fuer den Zug hatte ich schon am Vortag gekauft. Damit hatte ich mir einen Fensterplatz reserviert. Nach einem Frappuccino im Starbucks bin ich also zum genannten Bahnsteig und habe auf den Zug gewartet. Etwa 10 Minuten vor der Abfahrt hat sich aber der Bahnsteig geaendert. Ob es dazu eine daenische Durchsage gab, weiss ich nicht. Vielleicht waere sie bei all dem Laerm auch gar nicht zu hoeren gewesen. Eine englischsprachige gab es auf jeden Fall nicht. Ich habe es nur mitbekommen, weil sich die Anzeige fuer den naechsten Zug geaendert hat. Damit hat die daenische Bahn ihre Erfolgsstory vom Vortag fortgesetzt. Trotzdem verlief die Fahrt ganz ordentlich und auch das Internet war halbwegs brauchbar. Arhus ist ja zweitgroesste Stadt Daenemarks und im ... read more
Das umstrittene Rathaus von Aarhus.
Fahrt über den Storebelt.
Blick Richtung Innenstadt von Aarhus.

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus July 20th 2015

DANEMARK : Odense et Aarhus – DINAMARCA : Odense y Aarhus Photo du jour : nous voici à notre neuvième frontière pour ce voyage... Les autoroutes allemandes donnent certains complexes à Pollux qui se demande pourquoi lui il ne peut pas rouler à du 200 km/heure.... aussi décidons-nous de passer la frontière hollandaise et y trouver encore du bon air. Comme l'ont dit certains : ça sent le retour... encore quelques jours en effet... puis grand nettoyage... et espoir de retrouver un frigo qui nous fabrique des glaçons !!!! Le 13 juillet la route nous a mené à Odense, troisième ville du Danemark qui baigne dans une gentille atmosphère provinciale. C'est la ville de Christian Andersen, qui fit pleurer des millions d'enfants avec sa marchande d'allumettes. Comme dans beaucoup de villes que nous avons visitées il ... read more
pont reliant le Sealand et la Fionie
arrivée au Jutland
Aahrus Cathédrale

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus October 19th 2014

It is hard to believe it has been months since my last update! The summer slipped by quickly. The time with family and friends hiking, yoga-ing, eating, singing, and such seemed to fly. Now I write from a drizzly fall day in Sweden. The week has been rather gloomy and gray, but it is hard to complain after weeks of clear blue sky and bright yellow leaves. I suppose one might think that I would have greatest insight into Swedish culture and life, seeing as I live and work here, but lately I have been exposed more to Danish life, thanks to Mads. In August, not long after I had shaken the grogginess of jetlag, I found myself part of Mads’ brother’s wedding. It was a relaxed event with a little tent in the park, guests ... read more
Helsingborg is ready for pride weekend!
Apple picking in Sweden
Swedish Coast

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus August 23rd 2014

I'm really getting behind with this blog so I'm going to condense our time so far in Denmark into this one blog today. We have been enjoying the hospitality of my cousin Tove. Tove is one of 5 siblings whose father and my father were brothers. Tove lives in the most idyllic home and garden in a setting which you would swear was way out in the countryside but incredibly she lives only 9 km from Aarhus which is the next biggest city after Copenhagen. Tove has a lovely house set in a beautiful garden which she maintains all herself. Every day we eat produce from the garden, she has apple and plum trees, a sizeable vegie garden and a chook pen with one rooster and 5 hens. When we first arrived we caught up with ... read more
Tove's garden
Botanic Gardens Aarhus
Tropical zone

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus August 3rd 2014

So, when we got to Legoland it was hot and sunny. When we went to sleep it was hot and sunny. Overnight it was not hot or sunny. In fact I, think it's safe to say it rained. We woke to raindrops on the roof, made a plan of action, it rained more, we changed our plan of action, put on raincoats, checked out of the campsite (amazingly lovely staff yet again) got wet and went to the park itself.a minor 'mistake' no my part meant a bit of cotton clenching as we turned Jason round in a very tight spot but all was well and we headed in where, everything really IS awesome. It rained still. Lots. We got wet. Lots. But who cares when you're surrounded by yellow ponchos and Lego? The minifigure store ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Aarhus August 2nd 2014

Aarhus, in the middle of well......our time in Denmark. So The journey this year has begun (I'll get back to last years journey when I get back) We left nottinghamshire just before 12, unusually before expected, even more surprising given that about two hours prior to this, Ash took Jason for his new shoe and a bit of a check then on the way back, rang me with the opening line' are you still at home, theres a bit of a problem, not a big one but needs sorting like now' turns out the garage had noticed a new creeping crack on the windscreen which was getting bigger as the van drove. Great. Two hours before we had to leave and this happens. The insurance company were very helpful despite not being able to fix it ... read more

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