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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen October 24th 2014

Hallo, I am in Copenhagen! But first I'l give a run down of where I've been on the way here. I left you off just before driving to Berlin. I stayed there for a few days, doing all the touristy things and enjoying my time with my friend Anna. She was a fantastic tour guide and showed me around the Burroughs of the city while she could, and then I figured out the rest on my own. There's lots to see in Berlin; I saw the old section of the wall separating East/West Berlin which is now set up as a graffiti art gallery (a small section is in the top banner). Berlin is a really weird mix of old and new as well. Some really cool buildings in the modern parts of town and tons ... read more
Festival of Lights - Berlin
Flensburg inner harbour

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen October 1st 2014

Planes, Trains, and Bicycles Copenhagen, Denmark Our story begins with our trip to Copenhagen, a city that is a little out of the way of the usual tourist route. To get there by plane from Paris was going to cost quite a bit, so we decided to take an overnight train, a new and exciting experience for us. The train was not the typical overnight train, because as usual we went the cheap route, and booked three different trains over the course of a 10 hour journey across four countries. We left our hotel in Paris slightly excited about this upcoming journey, but unfortunately, our excitement turned to absolute despair. Jason, very typically of an American, did not understand that Europeans use the 24 hour clock to tell time, rather than AM & PM. We arrived ... read more
Ferry to Copenhagen
Ferry to Copenhagen
Ferry to Copenhagen

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 26th 2014

Atlasssssssst.... My flight from Bangkok to Copenhagen was long, uneventful and tiresome. A ten hour direct to Moscow and a five hour layover that turned into seven then a two hour flight from there to Copenhagen arriving around midnight. I was excited to see a friend of mine who I haven't seen since Colombia in 2012 who lives just over the bridge in Malmo, Sweden was supposed to meet me at the airport holding a cold carlsberg beer, but never showed. I was at a loss to say the least as I was going to stay with him for a few days until my flight to Moscow. So I arrived late Monday night with barely any money, as I was going to stay with him so I figured id spend more than anticipated in Cambodia and ... read more
Danish street
Omg omg omg omg omg omg lol yesssss

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 8th 2014

Monday turned out to be 'comedy of errors'. We decided that we'd like to visit the Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde and checking out how to get there we'd need to catch the train headed for Nykøping. But once we arrived at Copenhagen station we accidentally boarded the express train instead of the slower one that stopped at Roskilde. However we were pulling into Nykøping - close to he German border we were told - before we realised our mistake but it seemed that all was not lost; there was a medieval village about four kms out of town. Called Middlelaldcentret it was a re-created 14th century market town. So we caught a bus out there only to find that in May and September it was closed on Mondays! Back to Nykøping we caught the next ... read more
Body of water behind the medieval village
Buildings in Roskilde Square
Boats everywhere

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 5th 2014

We enjoyed a lovely evening last night in the company of Bjarne and Maria in their beautiful home. Since Bjarne comes from the town of Roskilde which is about a 30minute train ride from C. he suggested we might like to visit. It has a fascinating Viking history and sits at the end of a fiord. So this morning, that is what we did. The cathedral is the place where many past kings and queens are buried. It was a very beautiful structure. We really enjoyed our outing and a bonus for Mark was a visit to a micro brewery (25 minutes by bus) in the middle of beautiful Danish country side. The village was very quiet indeed, but we loved seeing it all; low cottages, thatched roofs, green and undulating fields. The beer was tasty ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 5th 2014

On Thursday Charlotte spent the day with her daughter-in-law Mette's parents - Jens and Bente - who live here in Denmark about thirty minutes out of Copenhagen at a place called Horsholm. When she arrived back we learnt that Charlotte, Jens and Bente had visited the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art at Humelbæk. Meanwhile Kev and I met with Katherine and Isabella and went to the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens while Sienna and Evie were at Børnerhave. It was another beautiful day and a very relaxing way to spend the morning. One of the highlights of visiting the gardens, apart from admiring the many statues, was a visit to the Palm House and greenhouses. The University of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens (it's official name) was founded in 1600 with the historical glasshouses built in 1874. We couldn't actually ... read more
Grandpa pumps up the pram's tyres
One of many statues in the Botanical Gardens
Looking across the lake to the greenhouse

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 4th 2014

I have lost my voice. Therefore, I can't talk much... Another lovey day in Copenhagen. The Design museum was really interesting and the Botanic Gardens, glorious!... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 2nd 2014

Second day, a big day. We hired our two bikes this morning from the hotel and left at about 8.30am. We have just returned; it is 8.30pm. We have fared far and wide in this fair city. We visited two churches, Christians Kirke and Vor Frelfers Kirke where we climbed the bell tower to be amazed by the beautiful views after the long climb. The church was very lovely inside too; the white walls and clear windows make the interior look very light and crisp. We briefly visited the free state of Christiania. Interesting place, but we didn't stay long. Our ramblings took us to the Opera House which sits imposingly on its site near the water. After that there was a journey around Norrebro (lots of great shops) followed by a quick detour to Noma. ... read more
A bridge
At the top of the tower
Wonderful Copenhagen

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 2nd 2014

I left on Monday night with WizzAir flight W6 3209. I got to MMX on time and took the Flygbussarna to Sodervarn, from where I walked to my hostel. On Wednesday morning, I walked to city centre and saw the Malmohus and St. Peter's church. These weren't so impressive, but the city itself is very nice, cozy and green and peaceful... I then took the train to Copenhagen and walked around a lot... And finally I went to Lyngby, where I was too tired for much sightseeing (and there's not that much to see anyway). On Thursday morning I headed towards DTU for my interview, then I headed back to Malmo (via Copenhagen, of course) and then home on flight W6 3210 (also on time, but the buses that were supposed to take us to the ... read more
copenhagen 1
copenhagen 2
copenhagen 3

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 1st 2014

On Monday Kev and I took the train and the metro out to the airport to pick up my baby sister Charlotte who flew in from the UK arriving at 9.40am. We then went over to Katherine and Thomas' place for a few hours before heading to our place where Charlotte will be staying with us for a few days. Katherine was our tour guide on Tuesday when we walked around some of Copenhagen while Sienna and Evie were at Børnehave. Isabella seemed to enjoy being pushed around in her pram as despite all the noise of traffic and construction work she slept most of the time. We began the tour at Norreport, visiting what's reputed to be the best Farmer's Market in CPH, the Torvehallerne, where we fuelled up with a great cup of coffee ... read more
Charlotte & Kev at the airport
Charlotte & Katherine
Charlotte & Katherine in front of Rosenborg Castle

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