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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 24th 2019

Up early to catch our original train, plus two more. At the third train station, all trams are relocated because sadly, someone has chose to commit suicide on the tracks. Crossing over into Denmark, the trees become shorter, and there are acres of solar panels. We are quizzical regarding the seemingly new trains left out in the field to decay. Our seat partner explained that Denmark had purchased all new train cars from an Italian firm and none of them have ever functioned, hence the waste, plus the loss of a whole lot of krone. The Danes are not overly happy with that! The temperature has dropped as autumn has arrived, along with the lovely change in the colour of the leaves. Copenhagen is a very clean and hugge (the Danish word for cozy) city of ... read more
Not sure...but caught the eye!
Our hotel also rented Airstream a room!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 11th 2019

I set the alarm for 6am. We went to bed the night before and we're hoping the day would go according to plan. Thankfully, the sunshine was already shining! We quickly got dressed and hurried down to breakfast which started at 6:30. I have promised myself that I will talk about the hotel and breakfast in a later post. There is just too much to cover! So! We ate our usual, oatmeat, an egg and bacon, croissant and tea. Off we headed before most people were up and moving! Beep! Beep! We've got things to do, people! It's hard to judge exactly how far each place is on the map. More than distance, we concern ourselves with the amount of time it will take us to go to each attraction. We are heading to the iconic ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 10th 2019

The weather we've experienced while in Denmark is tricky. Essentially, be prepared for rain, cold wind or warm sunshine at all times. I thought the weatherman back home had a difficult task. The weather app here is all over the place. One minute it says 80% chance of rain each hour for the rest of the day, the next it says 0%. If you go outside and it's warm and sunny, ten minutes later the clouds cover the sun and you wish you had a heavy jacket. So, with that in mind, we started our walking tour on Tuesday morning in a drizzle. We had our rain coats, ponchos and umbrellas in our backpacks. We were prepared for anything Mother Nature threw at us. When you travel this far, nothing gets in the way of plans ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 9th 2019

This is the day we meet up with the rest of the group of travelers around 4pm so we still have plenty of time to explore the city. We head over to Nyhavn Canal to finally see all of the colorful houses. As we turned the corner, whooooosh, bikes whiz past in front of us! We saw plenty of bikes and scooters yesterday but that was a Sunday. This is Monday morning and the Danes are on their way to work! Copenhagen is filled with bikes, bike lanes and bike shops that supply FREE air! Seriously! You can roll up to any bike shop at any time of day or night and use the air hose that is hanging there waiting for you! Needless to say, the Danes are serious about biking. Bikes even have their ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 8th 2019

We got off the plane well rested and ready for an adventure. The airport, just like Iceland's, looks like the IKEA catelog. Everything is crisp, clean and efficient looking. The one thing I notice is the FREE Starbucks kiosk as we walk down the hall. Medium roast and tea bags. I don't know many that would pass that up except the Whitson women. We've got things to do and places to see! **Actually, it's because we'd have to carry the cup with us or stand and drink it and neither one of us could manage to juggle our luggage AND a hot cup.** We walk straight out since we've already been through customs in Iceland and we don't have anything to declare. The ticket machines for the Metro are easy to find and after asking the ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 2nd 2019

The most recent list of the world's best biking cities has been released. Here they are: 1. Copenhagen, Denmark 2. Amsterdam, Netherlands-I did an excursion into the countryside, along the many canals and windmills. 3. Utrecht, Netherlands 4. Antwerp, Belgium 5. Strasbourg, France 6. Bordeaux, France-just rode around Bordeaux for 7 days last May. 7. Oslo, Norway 8. Paris, France-too many cars and pedestrians, but interesting nonetheless! 9. Vienna, Austria-too easy to get lost, in my opinion. 10. Helsinki, Finland 11. Bremen, Germany 12. Bogotá, Colombia 13. Barcelona, Spain 14. Ljubljana, Slovenia 15. Berlin, Germany-surprisingly sane, though I had my doubts beforehand. 16. Tokyo, Japan 17. Taipei, Taiwan 18. Montréal, Canada, and Vancouver, Canada 20. Hamburg, Germany How many have you done?... read more
True bike love
My last bike race
Love the bike lane

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen August 6th 2019

Well I've now been back home for a week so I decided to start with a photo of Sienna, Evie and Isabella staying goodbye to me just before I ascended the escalator to catch my plane from Copenhagen to London, followed by London to Singapore and then Singapore to Sydney. Shouting "Goodbye Granny" they amused a lot of people waiting in the British Airways queue. Ah sweet memories! Twelve days earlier I had received the warmest of welcomes on my arrival in Copenhagen; first from my darling daughter Katherine who met me off the plane and then, once we'd driven to the suburb of Hvidovre, there was another welcome waiting from my son-in-law Thomas and three gorgeous grandchildren, Sienna, Evie and Isabella. For my first evening with the family we enjoyed dinner in the garden on ... read more
We enjoy an al fresco dinner!
Thomas, Isabella & Grandma (plus Sienna!)
Thomas with his girls; Isabella, Evie & Sienna

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 29th 2019

Arrived into Copenhagen mid afternoon to a hot 29deg day. A 25 hr trip but pretty good & not too tired & then a short train ride to our starting point accommodation, the Hotel Cabinn City, a little bit basic & no AC. Apart from a supermarket trip, no time for a city walk before an evening briefing and a meet-up with the rest of the group. The tour has a full group of 12 supported by a leader/guide. The group dynamic is very diverse in age, gender and geographic home & a group dinner was a nice way to get to know everyone. Some will only do stages of the tour and we will pickup new people along the way. Another hot day expected and we started with a morning bike tour around the wide ... read more
Nyhavn Wharf
Gothic St Alban’s Anglican Church

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 1st 2019

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend (plus) in Copenhagen catching up with Murray's former colleague. The were amazing hosts, showing us around and managing to keep their toddler entertained and our 3 girls. It was lovely to see them again and to see a bit of Copenhagen. Highlights were: the beach, the Experimentarium (a interactive, science museum) and walking around town. The weather was a welcome break from the heatwave in Geneva, but we were a little shocked with the cold. Our weekend would have been perfect, except for our Sunday night flight being cancelled, with the next available flight to Geneva on the Friday. We managed to get a flight to Milan on the Wednesday and then catch a train to Geneva. Murray worked from the office in Copenhagen with borrowed clothes from ... read more
The family
Beautiful city walk
Hot dogs in the city

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 26th 2019

Copenhagen is immediately impressive in a grand majestic way. A bit like Vienna in that this place is clearly rich and royal but was perhaps once richer and royaler and more important. There are no tall modern skyscrapers on the skyline, rather there are abundant palace turrets, castle towers, church spires and the ancient roller-coasters of Tivoli Gardens (the amusement park opened in 1843! Which makes it only the second oldest in the world. The oldest is also in Denmark). The lack of tall buildings, combined with the squares, parks, gardens and especially the canals and wide harbours give Copenhagen a sense of being open and spacious. Despite being a capital city, you never feel like you are on top of people. The extra wide pavements probably help as well – extra wide to accommodate cycle ... read more
Rosenborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød

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