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May 19th 2006
Published: May 19th 2006
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Aunt Gerry isn't kidding... Prague is absolutely AMAZING! Phuong and I are officially in love with this city, and we're taking an extra day to make sure we see everything we want.
There are some new, funky buildings, like the Dancing Building, but our favorites are the older buildings adorned with fantastic and intricate statues. Between the Charles Bridge and the buildings surrounding it, I've decided that I'm quite surprised how strong the religious influence is (I didn't expect it to be so since the country was communist for a period of time). There are buildings with depictions of the pope, others with angels, and some with apostles. The Charles Bridge has statues of Jesus and other Christian figures. Oddly, there are buildings that seem to show statues of Roman soldiers. It is just all so beautiful.
We'd heard before that Prague is a lovely city, one of the few that wasn't destroyed by WWII, so we added it to our itinerary. Honestly, though, we did not understand how breathtaking it all would be, though. Also, it's pretty cheap! Hostels are about half the price as other places in Europe, and food is, too. That makes it easier

These graffitied streets are our first impression of Prague. It's definitely a big change from the hand swept streets of Munich! But we learn to *love* it here!
to buy more, though, haha.
Unfortunately, our trip to Krakow, Poland fell through. The trains leaving Poland were full except for first class tickets, which we couldn't afford. But, on the positive side, that is going to give Phuong and I an extra day here in Prague, and we're also going to take an extra day in Venice.
Next time I write, I should be in Cesky Krumlov. I can't wait!

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Our hostel is a boathouse!Our hostel is a boathouse!
Our hostel is a boathouse!

Our hostel is literally a boat house! How cool is that?
Our hostel in Prague!Our hostel in Prague!
Our hostel in Prague!

Our hostel in Prague! We got a kitty and everything ;-) Phuong's showing off her money. I think their dollar is spelled Korun, but it's pronounced "crown." Our crowns went far in Prague! Hehe
Phuong & PraguePhuong & Prague
Phuong & Prague

The buildings in Prague are unbelievable!
Czech Ice CreamCzech Ice Cream
Czech Ice Cream

We quickly discovered the rhelm of Czech ice cream. Cones for forty cents!
Entrance to the Charles BridgeEntrance to the Charles Bridge
Entrance to the Charles Bridge

Everything is so ornate...
Town SqureTown Squre
Town Squre

We found a Town Square to sit and relax at. Oh, and I found a latte!
Prague RiverPrague River
Prague River

Here's the river than runs through Prague. On the west is Prague castle and parks, on the east is... almost everything else!
Prague at NightPrague at Night
Prague at Night

Phuong takes so many beautiful pictures! I'm sorry for bickering with her about how long they took!

20th May 2006

Beautiful City
I hope you're taking lots of photos! I have never been to Prague and would love to go some time. It sounds like you're learning a lot, and I'm so glad to hear you're having fun!
20th May 2006

I knew you'd love it
HI Becky! I knew you would love Prague. There is a lot of relgious influence, but the people are actually not very religious now. And you are right; it has a lot to do with communism. Still, there's a spirituality about the place that goes beyond religion, somehow. I'm glad you're able to spend time there. We did the same when we went. Another group of friends went on to Vienna, but a few of us decided to stay in Prague. Thanks for the great up-dates. Stay safe! Love, Aunt Gerry

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