Rafting, Castles and Bears... Oh my!

Published: May 22nd 2006
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This is our first time on the Eurail because we flew from Munich to Prague. Hurray!
Cesky Krumlov is a town I could live in. It's so homey! Not to mention vegetarian friendly!

The first night here, Phuong and I found a vegetarian restaurant where we were seating at a picnic table next to the river. The food was awesome, but the view and atmosphere was unbeatable, so we sat there for a couple of hours just taking it all in! Everyone is very laid back, and no one is in a hurry to get anywhere.

We went to the castle today. Apparently, in the 17th century, the royal family decided (mistakingly so!) that they were related to an Italian royal family, whose name they translated to mean "female bear." So, the royal family here became obsessed with bears and added them to their coat of arms and started breeding bears at the castle. They roamed the moat to fend off invaders! Today, the moat area is completely renovated and full of flowers and waterfalls and such... and there are still bears!

Tomorrow, Phuong and I are going to go rafting on the river that runs through the town. We'll probably also eat a few more 8 Kc ice cream

I'm so excited! We're really backpacking Europe!
(40 cents!). Other than that, we don't have much planned; this was the perfect stop for us to choose to relax before heading back off to big cities like Venice and Vienna!

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Vegetarian RestaurantVegetarian Restaurant
Vegetarian Restaurant

Oooh! The choices sound yummy.
First, We Need Coffee.First, We Need Coffee.
First, We Need Coffee.

My latte at the restaurant.
Another View from the RestaurantAnother View from the Restaurant
Another View from the Restaurant

This is what we get to look at as we eat. The bridge is where we saw the drama act/parade thing pass by.
Hostel 99Hostel 99
Hostel 99

Smiling in front of our hostel, Hostel 99. It was the best place to stay!
Breakfast at Cesky KrumlovBreakfast at Cesky Krumlov
Breakfast at Cesky Krumlov

We start the day out right with a latte, and we buy some sandwiches at the cafe to eat for lunch later in the day.
Cesky Krumlov StreetsCesky Krumlov Streets
Cesky Krumlov Streets

It's our first full day in Cesky Krumlov. It's starting to set in that we're far from home. Let's explore!
Museum of TortureMuseum of Torture
Museum of Torture

I wasn't interested in going in, but we did walk by a museum of toture. The outside display was enough for us!
Candy Shop01Candy Shop01
Candy Shop01

I found a candy shop, so I decide to pick something out for my mom.
Candy Shop02Candy Shop02
Candy Shop02

But, first, we'd better try the product.
The Cesky Castle and MeThe Cesky Castle and Me
The Cesky Castle and Me

Here I am in front of the castle!
Phuong and CastlePhuong and Castle
Phuong and Castle

Pretty shot of Phuong with the castle
Cesky Krumlov Streets, 2Cesky Krumlov Streets, 2
Cesky Krumlov Streets, 2

We're trying to walk to the castle, but we're getting distracted by lots of interesting shops on our way.
Wax MuseumWax Museum
Wax Museum

Let's take pictures in front of the wax museum before continuing on our way.

I wonder what this means? Hopefully, it's not an important warning.
Butler Statue, 01Butler Statue, 01
Butler Statue, 01

I need this!
Butler Statue, 2Butler Statue, 2
Butler Statue, 2

Phuong seems to like the statue, too.
We're Getting Close!We're Getting Close!
We're Getting Close!

We're almost to the castle!

22nd May 2006

Becky, you are awesome. I am so happy for you to be having this wonderful experience. I have never been to Italy, and although I have been in Austria, I have not been to Vienna. I'm anxious to hear about it from you. I know I will see you sometime this summer. Stay safe! Love, Aunt Ger
22nd May 2006

Yeah for you gals taking in the sites of Cesky Krumlov! Be safe.
23rd May 2006

OK where did they poop ?

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