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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik September 1st 2016

We say a ceremonial goodbye to our clothes as we close our suitcases. They didn't manage to come with us when we had one hour connections on two previous flights. Today we only have a 45 minute connection. I hope that our clothes have a good time in Athens. We will miss them. I go to breakfast. There are two Australian couples there. They spend the whole time talking about how bad Athens airport is. If I wasn't sure before about our clothes staying in Athens, I am now. We haven't heard anyone say a nice word about Athens in all the time that we have been in Greece. Greek people in particular don't seem to like their capital very much. I think that they wish it was someone else's capital. I hope our clothes don't ... read more
Church of St Blaise, Dubrovnik Old Town
Stradun, Dubrovnik Old Town

Europe » Croatia August 31st 2016

The wrap on Croatia I'm writing on our flight to Toronto, so if you are reading this it means that a) we have arrived in Canada safely, and b) you have stuck with this blog. Thanks for reading it! The flight attendants on Austria Airlines seem really nice, but I doubt that they want to know that I've seen the Sound of Music 15 times. Still, I want to tell them so badly. Not a whole lot to report. Yesterday's drive from Dubrovnik to Zagreb was uneventful. Fortunately, we allowed extra time. The combination of the GPS and Croatia's superb roads made driving there pretty manageable. We only got mxed up when I tried to drive in the city as fast as the locals, and missed some turns. For a wrap on Croatia as a travel ... read more

Europe » Croatia August 30th 2016

Overnight, the Sea Cloud moved in. At 316 feet, she's the largest sailboat in the world. ... read more

Europe » Croatia August 29th 2016

Have a great boat tour to tell you about, but first a yacht update: The Katara left on Saturday afternoon following a mysterious helicopter trip from the boat. Since then, we've had a succession of smaller (100') yachts parked in our front yard, including a couple of sweet sailboats. We keep speculating that there is somebody really famous onboard one of these boats, like Sylvia Tyson or Dale Hawerchuk. The boat tour took is to Lopud, Šipan, and Kolocep islands. We hired a golf cart to cross Lopud Island to get to Sinj beach, which is the big attraction. The golf carts normally fit 5 passengers, but we fit all eight of us. Sand beaches are rare here, so that makes Sinj spectacular. At Šipan, we only had about 45 minutes, so some of us just ... read more
Our boat (not called the Minnow)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 28th 2016

I flew into Split in Croatia with some friends to explore the rich possibilities in this very trendy location. I had spent other holidays in Europe but I looked forward to this one due to my love for history. Split is over 1,700 years old and holds many interesting features. When my plane touched down at the Airport, I was set for a full adventure. The stories about the Adriatic Sea, Marjan Hill and most especially the Diocletian Palace held me in awe. We were quick to discover that the people were very hospitable and the contemporary designs of Split had not lost touch with its ancient history. The Sunny and warm effect I felt as I stepped into the summer heat showed we came at the right time of the year. We quickly took a ... read more
View from water
Split riva

Europe » Croatia August 27th 2016

Yesterday, the Cherevatys went to Split before going to Dubrovnik, and we visited Nin again in the morning to see the salt works and shop for a new swimsuit for Abbey (success) This site has been a salt works since Roman times, when salt was worth about the same as gold. I'm speculating that this was/is a good location because it has a large low area adjacent to a big lagoon off the Adriatic, with a high salt content in its water. The warmer and saltier the water coming in, the sooner you can get to raw salt. The process for centuries was to flood a shallow pool and let the sun evaporate mush ot the water. Workers would skim flakes of salt off the water surface. (As explained to me on the label of a ... read more
Another  not great photo

Europe » Croatia August 27th 2016

So far, the three days are going to plan. Today we had a leisurely start and walked to the gondola for a ride to a lookout at the top of the hill. Then back to the apartment for lunch before heading to a nearby beach. Yesterday we bought a boat tour for Monday from a sales guy named Dinko (yes, Dinko). You will be relieved to know that we didn't make fun of his name (we're better than that), but we did try to work it into the Stompin' Tom Connors song "Sudbury Saturday Night". Well the girls are playin' bingo and the boys are gettin' stinko... Supper tonight was at a mexican restaurant in old town that came highly recommended by a Norwegian couple. Not sure that "It's better than any mexican food we get ... read more
Kids at the lookout
Photo by professional photographer
Homeland War Museum

Europe » Croatia August 27th 2016

We have three days in Dubrovnik, and have decided to do a few things other than watch the yachts come and go (the Sheik's boat left this afternoon, and after that, the other yachts look pretty small). So our plan is roughly: day 1 in the old town (complete), day 2 relaxing atthe beach nearby and riding the gondola to the lookout at the top of the hill, and day 3 on a boat tour visiting three nearby islands. It was a warm and humid day today, but we were able to cover as much of he old town as we needed to. We started out at 11am, and returned to the apartment just after 6pm. That included the one-hour walk around the old town walls, so we're a pretty tired bunch. Dubrovnik is a fantastic ... read more
In old town, Dubrovnik
View from the big turret

Europe » Croatia August 25th 2016

Forty-two views on a recent post. This blog's goin' VIRAL! We spent the morning and hottest part of Wednesday hanging around the pool and having lunch under the awning so we didn't get into town until arond 5pm, which was good. Hot hot day. I expected the old town in Zadar to be pretty much the same as Veli Varos in Split. However because of successive demolotion events in its history (Notably in the 2nd world war when 60% of the buildings were destroyed), the old town is now mix of old and new buildings (One stretch of the main street is like a modern mall). Still, it was well worth visiting and walking around. One attraction is the sea organ, a pipe organ built into the sidwalk and powered by the sea waves rolling in ... read more
Church of St Donatius, and famous tower of something
The view from the top of the tower of unknown name.
View from the birthday supper restaurant

Europe » Croatia August 25th 2016

We're on our last night in Zaton, which is straight across the Adriatic from the town in Italy which was destroyed by the earthquake recently. We're catching the sad news online as the casualty numbers climb. This is a decidedly more rural area than we've stayed in other places on this trip. Zaton is a small community north of Zadar, with a mix of local residents and vacation properties, like the one we are renting. The past two days have given us a nice rest from the pace of travel we started on. The kids have especially loved the pool. It would be understandable for the neighbors to harbour resentment with a new batch of tourists moving in next door every few days, but so far we haven't seen any evidence of that. One neighbour invited ... read more
This must be an awesome book.
Officially the cutest castle in the world
Zaton neighbourhood

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