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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik May 7th 2014

Dubrovnik After two days of really nice twisty driving along the Dalmation coast we have reached Dubrovnik. The weather has been nearly perfect and the scenery is fantastic. The traffic was really bad, and it isn't even tourist season yet. We go through Greece the next two days to get to Istanbul, and the real start of the adventure.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik May 7th 2014

Es ging wieder am Meer entlang, wieder Zimmer zu vermieten.... Mir wurde langweilig und als ich einen wegweiser zur Autobahn sah, die im Landesinneren entlang führt, entschloß ich mit, mal da zu fahren. Ich war besonders neugierig, wie der hohe Berg überwunden wird, der gleich vom Meer an aufsteigt. Die Lösung heißt EU Mittel: ein fast 8 km langer Tunnel durchquerte den Berg, dann kam man auf eine funkelnagelneue Autobahn mit aufregenden Bergdurchstichen und langen Brücken und Tunnels. Alles vom Feinsten und menschen- bzw. autoleer. Hier kann man problemlos Geisterfahrer sein, es ist ja keiner da, der's merkt. Oder man kann Kreise üben, stört ja niemanden. Und ICH persönlich habe das Ganze bezahlt...... Vielleicht sollte Deutschland auch mal Zuschüsse zum Autobahnbau beantragen und nicht nur immer den anderen die Autobahnen zahlen??? Für Kroatien hat sich der ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir May 6th 2014

Von Bled, Abfahrt 8.00, an die kroatische Grenze - ging für alle problemlos, auch für die beiden Burschen aus Thailand, die von London aus heimfahren. Kroatien: 4,5 Mio Einwohner, 1.184 Inseln, 47 davon bewohnt, 56.542 km² Fläche, 5.835 km Küstenlänge (mit Inseln) Die Währung heißt Kuna, in nehme an, dass Kuna die Frau vom Ritter Kuno ist? Für einen € bekommt man 7 bis 7,5 Kunas. Viele km die Küste entlang, klares Wasser, kleine Buchten und Häfen, überall macht man sich für die Saison fertig: noch schnell ein Haus fertig stellen, oder das Dach neu decken, lüften, Fenster putzen und do weiter. Einfach überall werden Zimmer vermietet. Und der Spruch, der vor 40 Jahren für die Alpen gebastelt wurde, kann jetzt für Kroatien (HR) umgedichtet werden: Großvater, Vater, Mutter und Kind im dumpfen Keller versammelt sind. ... read more

We drove to Zagreb on Easter Sunday. Let me rephrase that. We spent the entirety of Easter Sunday driving to Zagreb. The bus ride was along the Dalmatian coast again, which was a win, and we even got to stop in Split for a brief break! It was a really good thing that we had loaded up on snacks because all of the things were closed. Everywhere. We got to Zagreb and night and found our couchsurfer's flat easily. His name is Julien and he's from France. He moved to Zagreb for a girl and fell in love with the city. He's a professional photographer who takes these amazing pictures and is super nice. Kathleen and I were exhausted from sitting on a bus all day (it's real, okay?), so we fell asleep pretty quickly. On ... read more
Fish and duck in green water
Little waterfalls
Climbing through caverns

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split April 23rd 2014

If you haven't ever heard anything about Croatia, read the next 3 posts. If you haven't bought a plane ticket to Croatia by the end of them, you're doing it wrong. Croatia is BY FAR the most beautiful place I've ever been. Plus funny stories. Here we go. Kathleen (who works at my school) and I woke up wicked early on Thursday morning. We had this awkward spring break from Thursday-Tuesday. Yay Easter! We got to Deli Palyaudvár at 5:45 am with our bags and snacks. We got on the train and slept. We had a group of obnoxious Britss sitting behind us. While everyone was trying to sleep, some of these conversations happened. Guy 1: How are you guys falling asleep? Guy 2: I find it's easiest to sleep with my mouth shut. (Guy 1 ... read more
Old Town Split
Open Market

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik April 23rd 2014

The bus ride from Split to Dubrovnik is 120 km. It takes 4 hours. Why? you might ask. BECAUSE IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRIVE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER. Kathleen and I didn't get to sit together right off the bat, so she slept while I had my face glued to the window for an hour. At the first stop we were able to move together, so she got the opportunity to see what I couldn't even believe. The drive from Split to Dubrovnik takes you along the Dalmatian coastline on windy roads between mountains and the sea. I'll let that sink in. IT'S REAL. I couldn't even get a picture of it because I didn't want to look away. I sat there furiously typing away on my phone because I wanted to write ... read more
View from our flat. Casual.
Water at our secret beach
View from our secret beach

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar April 8th 2014

Spring Break 2014: Croatia-Split/Hvar For previous Wortho travel blogs go to:1. and/or 2. Friday, 11th April will ring in the end to Term 2 and the beginning of the Spring Vacation at ECOLINT. The next day we fly EasyJet to Split, Croatia for 12 days. This will be our first visit to Eastern Adriatic and the ancient Roman city of Split and Hvar, one of the many islands along the Dalmatia Coast. NB As predicted, Friday came and went and was followed by Saturday. Saturday, 12 April 2014 Bus/Train to Airport 3 hours early, bag drop, coffee, check-in and through security with time to burn, more coffee/tea and a sandwich and a look at the last snow on the Jura clearly visible through the airport windows. 11:30 - begin... read more
Jenny Worthington
Coppet Gare
Jenny Worthington  Split

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » ?ibenik January 7th 2014

Šibenik is located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka floats into the Adriatic Sea making it a wonderful place for a unique sailing experience. Šibenik today is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the County of Šibenik and Knin which extends along the 100 kilometre long coastline between the Zadar and Split Rivieras. Climate is Mediterranean, with mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers. July and August are the hottest months. In July the average maximum temperature is around 30°C. The average annual insulation is very high (2.710 hours). Šibenik and Knin County has 242 islands, islets and above-sea reefs. Some of the nearby islands you should visit while sailing the area are: Zlarin, Prvić, Krapanj, and Logorun. On these islands sailor may find a lot of bays and places to satisfy the highest ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb December 14th 2013

After the excess of riot police overtime at the Derby the day before, it would have seemed reasonable that there would be a void on the streets of Zagreb come Monday morning. The leaders of the Bad Blue Boys had all been detained after altercations with the enforcers of law and order as they exited the Maksimir after the game and the Hajduk continent should surely have gone home. It was with some surprise therefore, that we discovered a police presence on the approach to Zagrebello – the training complex of NK Zgareb down by the River Sava. The NK Zagreb team were in the middle of a practice match on the near pitch against their reserves, but surely that didn’t need the extra protection? We had gone to Zagrebello in search of the elusive pin ... read more
Jean Kouassi
Ban Josip Jelacic

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb December 12th 2013

We had originally bought a return ticket to Zgareb , but it transpired that the return bus for the Sunday morning didn't exist. We purchased a single on another company, but were assured that a refund on the unused portion would be "no problem". The problems started as we approached the first toll booth entrance to get back on the motorway to Zgareb. The bus inexplicably did a U turn. The other passengers remained calm, as we headed off down a side road. After observing road signs, I figured out we were on a diversion .... a diversion that probably lasted 40 miles. It was later revealed in a newspaper that there had been a serious accident somewhere near the 6 km tunnel on Saturday, 30 odd vehicles involved, deaths etc and as a result the ... read more
Dinamo Zgareb
Dinamo Zgareb v Hajduk Split

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