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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 13th 2016

Woolly says – I felt quite sad to be leaving the magnificent Mostar but being the traveller that I am there is always another place to go and as the miles passed and the snacks went down I gave Jo ...the only one listening a brief overview on our next stop. Split is one of the oldest cities in Croatia considered to be just over 1700 years old...that’s nearly as old as Jo! Founded as the Greek colony of Aspalathos in the 4th century BC before becoming the ancient capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Following much of the rest of the country they encountered the Byzantines, the Venetians and the French before becoming a part of the former Yugoslavia. The pictures on google looked great so as the bus pulled into the terminal I ... read more
The Gold Alter
The Silver Gate
Shopping area in part of the Palace Substructure

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 5th 2016

Having had a busy tourist filled few days the mammoth had suggested getting away from the city centre and finding a more tranquil place. Woolly says – I just knew she was going to try and rub that in, it wasn’t my fault that two hundred of them decided on exactly the same plan! As I watched the ferry boat fill I contemplated if the small island of Lokrum would be able to hold everyone. As we chugged away from the harbour you could hear the gasps from three quarters of the boat as the view of Dubrovnik from the sea came into view, it was pretty good to be fair but I was more focussed on the Fort I could see on the highest part of the tiny isle in front of me. Lokrum is ... read more
A Fine Display
Lokrum Island
Dubrovnik from the sea

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 4th 2016

Woolly says – regardless of how many times I prodded and poked the girls they refused to wake up! Hmmm might be because we had no plan to wake up at 6am! Woolly says – having re-planned the day five times, reorganised my back pack six times and recounted my remaining pistachios seven stocks are running low! They finally arrived at the front door and I galloped off to the small bus stop for our short journey back into the centre of Dubrovnik. First on my itinerary was Fort Lovrijenac, built on a 37 meter high rock overlooking the sea around 1018, it was of prime importance for the defence of the western part of Dubrovnik against attack from land and the sea. When it was working at full capacity it was manned by a ... read more
Fort Lovrijenac
Pretty Cove
The Church of St Ignatius

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 3rd 2016

Woolly says – another day and another bus, as I shovelled the mammoth backpacks into the hold I was looking forward to entering my fourth country. If only he would carry mine! Woolly says - as the lovely landscapes rolled past the window I attempted to keep the girls awake with a bit of history. In 390 BC the Greeks settled in colonies along the coast of Croatia, by 12 AD the Romans ruled dividing the country into provinces. The coast became the province of Dalmatia, part of Croatia became the province of Noricum (which included part of Austria) while the rest of Croatia became the province of Pannonia (which included part of Hungary). By the 7th century a group of Slavic people called the Croats migrated to the area where two separate states emerged. Venice ... read more
Arriving in Dubrovnik
St Blaise Church
Looking over the harbour

I don't remember where I first heard about Lake Plitvice, but it has been on my list for a while. My mother's trip was perfect excuse to go there. I decided to spend 2 nights at the lake to give us enough time to enjoy the lakes and relax. We stayed at Guesthouse Sven - it is about 5 min walk from the Entrance 1, great location and nice house. We had a room which balcony from where we could see part of a waterfall. It was a nice stay. We reached there around 5:15pm. After settling in we decided to take a stroll to the park and enquire about what to do. The park was quite close at this time, and no information. Next day morning we started early at 7:00am to enjoy the park ... read more
The boat
More water

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb May 30th 2016

We arrived in Zagreb at 11:00pm by train from Vienna. Border crossing into Croatia was easy, no issues with Swiss resident permit and Schengen visa. I had taken a apartment 5min walking from the train station - Carla Studio Apartment. The very nice owner was waiting there for us to hand over the keys. Nice apartment, though we would spend just the night there and leave early in the morning. Today's plan was to see a couple of small museums and then off to Lake Plitvice at 15:00. First stop - Museum of Illusions. It is a small museums with games and some optical illusion exhibits. The entry of 40Kuna is a bit steep for such a small place, but we enjoyed it very much. Time spent - 1 hr. Next stop - Museum of Croatian ... read more
St Marks

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik May 29th 2016

Zondag 29/5/16 – Dubrovnik (Kr) – 0km Met de lijnbus heen en terug naar Dubrovnik Old City (grada Dubrovnika of zoiets) We dachten het nog te kennen van 49j geleden, en zeker nog van op de foto's in de folders. Maar het was toch even verschieten. Zo druk, zoveel volk, de ene toeristische groep met vlag en micro uitgeruste gids na de andere. De helft Japanezen. Overal commercie en eetterrassen met binnenhaalkelners zoals in de rue des bouchers. Nochthans zeer de moeite om te bezoeken. Prachtige historische omwalde stad Ook geen spoor meer de bekennen van de zware Servische bombardementen in 1991-1992. Barbaren toch ! F vond eindelijk haar gading in 'Blanc du Nile'. eM bleef op terrasje zitten. Iedereen tevreden dus.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik May 27th 2016

Zaterdag 27/5/16 – Dubrovnik (Kr) – 345km (N42 39 43 – E18 4 9) Staan op Autocamp Solitudo in Dubrovnik. Na een rustige rit op de nieuwe, bijna lege Kroatische autosnelweg naar het zuiden. Prachtige baan door immer bergachtig groen landschap. Hiervoor haal je met plezier de creditcard boven. Wordt afgerekend in Hrkuna's, en dan weet je toch niet direct hoeveel dat is in €. Enkel de laatste 100km volgden we de oorspronkelijke kustweg. Deed ons denken aan 1967 toen we hier ook waren en met Jo & B de hele kronkelende kustweg in het toenmalige Joegoslavië van Tito van noord tot zuid tot aan de Albanese grens afgereden zijn. Slingerende smalle kustbaantjes zoals de Costa Brava, maar dan over 600km. Kotor, Budva, Cetinje, Ulcinj, etc staan nu terug op ons programma. Morgenavond is het hier ... read more
Onderweg naar Dubrovnik
Onderweg naar Dubrovnik

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Posedarje May 26th 2016

Vrijdag 26/5/16 -Posedarje (Kroatië) -720km (N44 12 47 – E16 29 54) Staan op Mh plaats aan de rand van een uitloper van de Adriatische zee. Lijkt op een binnenmeer, wat noordelijk van Zadar. Prachtig weer onderweg (28°), mooie berglandschappen, vlot verkeer. Prima uitgeruste autowegen in Oostenrijk en Kroatië. Behalve dan in Slovenîë. Nogal prijselijke wegenvignetten in Slo en A, geldig voor 7 dagen, maar daar zijn we dus niets mee. Voor de rest niets om ons over te ergeren. Behalve een figuurlijke worsteling met de GPS, die weigert een normale route te berekenen omdat de routekaart van transitland (Slovenië) niet extra aangekocht is. Ook nog wat gesakker als ik aan de toll betaalautomaten, met mijn stijve knoken toch uit de mh cabine moet, want bediening buiten bereik van achter het stuur.... read more
Uitzicht vanop Cp Posedarje

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia May 22nd 2016

How can three weeks on a motor-bike fly by, in the blink of an eye? Very easily when you're having as much fun as we've just had! Finally the sun came out to play, and we enjoyed a magnificent ride along the Adriatic Coast, from Dubrovnik to Split in temperatures which ranged from 20 to 30 degrees. The sea was the highly anticipated azure blue, roads were dry, and the riding exhilarating. On our arrival at our hotel in Split, champagne on ice awaited us, and we celebrated a safe journey, with Rozle Verhovc and the Clutch Moto Tours team. A journey which took us to places we never imagined, and on a fascinating history lesson we never envisaged. How did we get here?! I've sometimes had to pinch myself, that I was having so much ... read more
Celebrations with the Clutch team.
Dubrovnik at sunset.
Dubrovnik, what a magical city.

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