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November 12th 2011
Published: November 13th 2011
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Croatia ( split, hvar, split)

I arrived early in the morning with the boys in split , I got my first stamp in my fresh passport. The guys were picked up by two other guys from Australia (perth) and I spontaneously joined them to their hostel to have time to sort things and plan things ahead especially how to travel on and also where. So we were a group of 7 in the hostel, but there were also three girls from finland and additional two people from Sydney. But Leo, Pete, jones and I stayed at another hostel which was still the same hostel group! So they had a green hostel and a blue hostel at croPalace hostel. They have really nice interior, clean bathrooms, a big tv with more than 2000 movies in it, many pcs and free wifi! We walked around the place and walked through the market, Jesse got some new shoes and Pete got ripped of for some fruits! We had nice sandwiches at a place where they mAke them fresh And delicious. We made sangria that night and had a lot of fun with the whole green hostel. Oh, to mention there was also a Chinese girl in our room in the blue hostel and a Croatian guy, both were asleep when we entered the room! Especially that Croatian guy who was still asleep when we came back in the evening at six clock, I met him later awake when he was sitting in front of of computer doing some online stuff, his name is mustafa and he is originally from split, he basically has two monts off after six months of working on a ship doing cruises. The next days, but only before going to sleep he told me something about his life on a ship, just before sleeping because he parties in the night and sleeps all day. I said to the lady at the reception who was very nice that I will only stay one night but that turned out to be a little bit different.

These days were alot of fun, and I became good friends with the Australian guys. I think Facebook is  a good and easy way to share contacts and also to keep in contact. There was also a Korean girl who joined the party time and added alot of excitement to the games, Jin Dan Dan, the game of death, thats all I have to say. 

The funny thing was that I arrived at Tuesday and normally I would have tried to make my way to Istanbul somehow but instead I stayed till Friday with the Australian guys and how life sometime turns out I met additional even two more people( one guy nic, and one girl Joe) from the blue mountains near Sydney, this was going to turn out a really good one.  

They told me that they also want to travel to Istanbul and we decided to team up. After that decision we had alot of interesting conversations out on the balcony and I asked them: " if you were a fruit what kind of fruit would you be?" (feel free to write down in the comments what kind of fruit you are!!! I am really interested!) . So I am a banana. I'm long, slim, crooked ( especially my nose) and I'm tasty and I also like to eat them alot. Nic is an orAnge and Josephine is a grape. The obg group was born. So me (beenay) nic (onjee) and Joe (grappus) decided to go to the island of hvar but before we thought of making caipirinhas and nice food and make a fire right next to the sea, and so we did. Looking at the stars and seeing heaps of shooting stars. Playing frisbee was very frequent, every situation was used to throw that pink disc! Jumping into the sea and apnea diving with diving masks was also a log of fun especially because the water was damn clear on the island to hvar. The island of hvar was so nice that we just had to go there Again but this time we recruited a new member right at the port of split.  Charlie ( sherrif) is a starfruit, he is a really cool guy who has a charming personality, when he talks he always sounds a little bit drunk.
So our group was extended to the obgs. Our handshake is a classic in it's own, simply undisputed!
We drew things on sherrifs bag and I found out that I lost my recording device, I was pretty sad. But life goes on and the mood and the weather was just to nice to he sad! The sun set when we arrived, but we found a good place to sleep, it was directly under some hut next to the sea, because it was off season there weren't many people around so it wasn't a big problem  to find a good place! 
I even had a inflatable matrace to sleep on which I found , this night was probably the most comfortable night outside! After we woke up we jumped directly into the sea and enjoyed the sun, we also enjoyed the cafes there. I forgot to mention that we missed the bus when we arrived at to port of starigrad and take then the bus to the centre of hvar. We waited like 5 hours but it was really nice because we had my isolation mat an my sleeping bag and a Blanket to cover us up, we munched some food and listened to some blues music and also made some music by our own, beatboxing, singing, Chinese saxophone and harmonica, and of course we saw like almost every night some shooting stars, were just plain lucky! 

This day we got some wine and food and even had a better place to sleep on some wooden surface, we had a big philosophical discussion which was very nice everyone opened up and obgs melted together! 

We sat in a very nice cafe the next day and sit at the port of stari grad Did some drawing, rope jumping, jumping into the sea and unfortunately also loosing the frisbee in the rocks! This night we came back to split and stayed one more night in the blue hostel, we watched the movie "waking life" which I really can recommend, everybody was a little bit overwhelmed with the content of the movie.

I didn't sleep that night and decided to work a little on my blog because we had to get up in the morning at 5 anyway so I just chilled a little with mustafa the Croatian guy who skyped with some Caribbean girl! We got the bus to Mostar (Bosnia herzegowina) just on time ! The bus ride was like 5 hours and when we arrived at this bus station in Mostar...


13th November 2011

sounds great
Sounds like you are having a good time down there in Croatia especially the weather must be nice to enjoy that much sun. Can't wait for your next blog to read. thanks for keeping us updated and be safe.
15th November 2011

Your Right!
The Weather was indeed fantastic! Next blogs coming soon! Greetz Dan

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