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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 19th 2019

Dubrovnik is a Southern Croatian city by the Adriatic Sea, and for a long time, it was just an old distinctive seaside paradise. Today, it is a glorious destination with a lot of vibrancy coupled with the flocking of visitors who are marveled by its preserved heritage and architecture. Without a doubt, its glorified architecture caught the eye of the producers of one of the most popular TV shows for the last decade or so - Game of Thrones. It fitted perfectly with their ideal description of a city set in a medieval fantasy period. Although there were a few special-effects edits, it must be said that a large portion of the filming perfectly utilized the old town's unique buildings as filming locations. The show has a cult following and most of the avid viewers were ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 6th 2019

And so Croatia via a quick walk around Porto Montenegro, a short cut by ferry & an hour crossing the borders out of Montenegro & into Croatia, not bad. We got to Dubrovnik, our first port of call and checked into our Airbnb before wandering down into the magnificent old town. Pretty busy but after taking in the sights we looked for something to eat and came across a band playing some old standards and sat down to watch them. Great players and the lead was a guy that looked like one of the chuckle brothers! As is our wont we did the walking tour on our first morning in Dubrovnik- pretty good it was too - Clearly there were a lot of Game of Thrones references including Black water bay (colourina bay) and the ... read more
well Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik wall

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 12th 2019

DUBROVNIK – The Walled City The nice thing about traveling by yourself is that you can change your mind and your itinerary. In Cavtat, I took an extra day to rest and recuperate after diving. The next day I caught one of the small ferry boats to Dubrovnik so I could see the city from the water. Coming ashore, the hurry and scurry of the tourist site was disconcerting. It felt like I was on a movie set. It was hot. And noisy. I stood in the slim shadow of Orlando’s Column, next to a big sign announcing various activities happening in Dubrovnik. It barely provided shade while I tried to get my bearings. Behind me the church bells of St Blaise began to ring. I walked up the steps and entered the dim interior. Mass ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik May 17th 2019

So here we are in Camping Kate. Last time we were here we stayed at Camping Solitudo. What a difference two camp sites are. Camping Solitudo very popular. Very expensive . We paid with Camping Cheques. A bus journey into Dubrovnik. Camping Kate - on the other side of the city. A boat trip into Dubrovnik . An ACSI site with no amenities. Very flat pitches, a small reception , a long walk down to the harbour. The showers left a lot to be desired . At this time of year we could park anywhere we liked. We pitched up next to an empty pitch which was later filled by a family of Lithuanians. They set up two tents , the mother wore pink PJ's and wrapped a blanket round herself. Our other neighbours were in ... read more
Dubrovnik from the boat
The walls of Dubrovnik
St Lawrence Fort

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik April 24th 2019

Kein Regen, aber im Inland Wolken und Nässe Straßen... Wie gestern kam das schlechte Wetter vom Osten. Ich blieb nur kurz auf der Küstenstraße- zu viel Verkehr und Bebauung, sondern fuhr durch eine spektakuläre Schlucht und Serpentinenstrasse auf die Hochfläche und schließlich zue Autobahn. Die war wieder autoleer aber windumtost. Große Wäsche in Dubrovnik. Dann Altstadt und Riesenpizza mit Pete und Dom.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik April 3rd 2019

Our full day tour of Dubrovnik was fascinating. For two hours, Jakica led us through the old city centre, combining facts with stories and personal memories. Most of the buildings that survived conquest, war and earthquakes are from about the sixth century, the fourteenth century, and the eighteenth century, plus twenty-first century new builds. Many of the historic buildings were damaged, some severely, in the early battles of the war with Serbia and Montenegro 1991-1994. Almost everything has been restored, which makes the buildings look fresh and well-maintained. Jakica pointed out that the whiter limestone blocks are newer, because they come from a different quarry than the traditional blocks, and that the redder clay roof tiles are new, in contrast to the yellower old ones. Two rival theories explain the origins of Dubro... read more
Onofrio's fountain 1440
Franciscan Monastery 17 century
 Walls built into the coastal rock

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik April 1st 2019

Flying to Frankfurt was uneventful, luckily aided by the empty seat between me and the other virtually silent fellow in the aisle seat. I think I really slept for about an hour, during a short night of trying to persuade my brain to be still. The long walk and short tram ride from the arrival terminal to the next departure terminal was a relief to my constrained muscles. Immigration was no trouble, but security was exceedingly tight. The full body scan highlighted my money pouch under my clothes, even without any metals. In a slightly private half-booth, an official gave me a pat-down, and unsatisfied she took me to a fully private booth to examine the pouch. She thought it “very good”, but “very dangerous”! She went on to pat all over and specifically examine the ... read more
Coast of Slovenia
Hotel Astarea

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik October 28th 2018

What a crazy day. Pouring rain. Forgot my passport had to go back to the room while everybody was wairing for me .safe wouldn't open. Crazed. Worked that out. Drive to first stop in Montenegro. Absolutely beautiful. Small country. I can see how it would be a wonderful summer resort. Right on the water. Mountains. So pretty. Couldn't get on the boat ride cuz it was too rough. Went to second stop, kotor. Medieval town. So charming. Chapel there from 1180! Still in use. Most people are part of orthodox church. Our guide treated us to an array of cured meats and local cheeses. Wow! It takes 2 years to make their prosciutto! Had the best mussels of my life for lunch. They harvest them right there. I think I've eaten fish at every meal so ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik October 9th 2018

To make the most of my last day, I was up at 8 and showered and packed by 9am, so that I could go and have breakfast at Lady Pi Pi down the street. After a nice meal of freshly squeezed orange juice, macchiato long and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with fresh tomato on the side, I was ready to hit the shops and wandered through the old city for the last time. All sorted I left the apartment at 1:15 to make the walk to the bus stop, where I waited about 15 minutes for the shuttle bus to the airport. It was another beautiful warm day and I made the most of catching the last sun rays, before I will be inside for the next 33 hours 😱. Bus to airport was ... read more
Alleyways of Dubrovnik are quiet at this time
My last coffee in the old city of Dubrovnik

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik October 8th 2018

Slow start to today as I enjoyed not being on tour and my new apartment. I had booked a tour for this morning that was a 3 hour walking tour covering history and Game of Thrones locations. I met my local guide Jelena at 10am at the Plocë Gate, after a quick coffee nearby. There were only 8 of us in the group so it was really great and personal. Jelena spoke really well and knew her stuff - I actually learnt a lot from her about the history. Old Dennis may have told us the same info but who knows! The tour started on the Plocé Gate, which was used in GoT as the walk of shame location. We then went into the old city and she explained about many of the famous landmarks and ... read more
Dubrovnik Old Harbour
Dubrovnik Old Harbour
The Spanish Steps - where Cersei stood naked.

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