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Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port August 20th 2013

I’ve just come back from a week-long trip to Guernsey, St. Malo and Cancale. The only other time I visited the Channel Islands was to Jersey for my 30th birthday, and that was awhile ago! So, after getting back from the Vercors and spending a few days in Paris, I decided I'd visit this Anglo-Normand (as the French call the Channel Islands) island over the long August 15th weekend. It's easy to get to Guernsey from Paris: a 3-hour train ride to St. Malo in Brittany and then a 2-hour ferry to St. Peter Port, Guernsey's capital city. I could have gone directly, but I had a nice invitation to spend the night of August 14th in the Saint Servan part of St. Malo chez my friends, C. and L My stopover in this ... read more
C and L on their terrace in Saint Servan
Our crab starter
view of Condor ferry

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port July 22nd 2013

For those of you that only know of the Channel Islands off the coast of California, the ones we sailed to are located 10-30 miles to the northwest of France. The Channel Islands have a very interesting and unique history. When the Normans first controlled Normandy, currently part of France, the Channel Islands were part of Normandy and thus belonged to the Duke of Normandy. In 1066 when the Normans conquered the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Hastings, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England. This meant that the King of England not only ruled over England but also controlled Normandy and the Channel Islands. In around 1240 the French took control of Normandy but were unable to get control of the Channel Islands meaning to this day they have remained under the control ... read more
View Before Entering the Marina
The Sill
Tidal Difference

Europe » Channel Islands » Jersey » St Helier March 30th 2013

Just trying to squeeze in a few more school reports before being picked up by Mum to take us to the airport. At the moment, I'm most looking forward to going somewhere above 4 degrees. My feet are freezing.... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Jersey August 17th 2012

So this is a practise run to see how is best to communicate whilst i am away, at the moment this is the clear winnr. At least i can log onto here!! next update will either be before i leave,during travels or when i get there,will see how it goes. Bye for now. Katie x... read more

Europe » Channel Islands August 6th 2012

Monday 6th August Well this will be the last blog until we arrive home tomorrow. The cocktail party went off quite well but the canapés never reached us unfortunately but I am happy to say the bubbly got to us. Straight on to dinner (formal black tie event but I think my grandson has got mine so it was scarlet for me). We went to the show afterwards and after a slight hitch with the sound when the dancers ended up not knowing what on earth was happening. It got sorted out and the show began and ran without a hitch. It was all dance some of which was good and some a bit bizarre. Off to bed ready for tomorrow morning when we arrive in St Peters Port on Guernsey. We dropped anchor just before ... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey September 9th 2011

After a long time saving I am finally ready to leave my home land of Guernsey, friends and family along with it and start my adventures in the big wide world starting in South America. I have now finished work, my car is being sold, all my leaving do’s are done and my bag is packed so the only thing left to do is get on a plane and live the dream. Tomorrow I leave with my first stop being London to meet 2 of my best friends Rammo and Rob for the weekend before getting my lovely 11hrs 40mins flight into Rio de Janeiro (better be some good films on that’s all im going to say). Thought I would attach some nice photos to remind me of Guernsey although will definitely not be leaving a ... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Jersey » St Helier May 15th 2011

The UK’s Channel Island of Jersey was our spring weekend destination. Scott, Myles, Adam and I set out extremely early for Gatwick, 5.30am to be exact, yawn. We were soon on our way for the short flight south and landed to a crisp, sunny morning. After picking up the smallest car on the Island, 3 door Fiat, and all squeezing in we were off and soon at the main city; St Helier on the South Coast. Every town is ‘St’ something, and apparently each parish issues different drivers licences – so many odd things still going on in this part of the world. We all couldn’t check in to our hotel so decided to go for a burn across the Island to the North Coast. It only took about 15-20mins. The country side was very pretty ... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Jersey » St Helier November 6th 2010

So its all really surreal that I leave to travel the world with my crazy sister Lindsey on Monday morning. Its almost as if im just popping to London for a weekend. But no here I am sat with my travel blow up pillow around my neck for one of the last times in my amazing double bed, with crumbs in and the duvet back to front and my cat laid next to me purring with the constant sound of the merton swimming pool generator next door. Im writing what will be my first blog entry, yet my last home entry I know in a few days il be sweating one out half way across the world. I am trying to take it all in, home comforts ect, spending time with the family and close ... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port July 29th 2010

we left Guernsey early and headed for cherbourg. Mike had been warned that the Alderney Races (narrow channel between Alderney and Cap De la Hague notorious for rip tides and dodgy sea) could be difficult and should be negotiated a good way from the headland. He set our course for 8 miles off the coast of France and headed out. Initially the fast flowing tides helped us and sent us flying along at 15.6 knots (Ozzy usually does 8/9 maximum). This speed soon got VERY hairy! just off the headland of Cap De la Hague the rip tides and under currents chopped right up with big waves cioming at us from every direction and throwing the boat all over the place - I won't lie to you, a litle bit of wee came out. It was ... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port July 28th 2010

Left Dartmouth on July 26th at 6.45am (later than anticipated due to Mike having to pukll an all-nighter to sort his tools and store them!) with sun shining brightly on the flat sea. Our nerves about meeting a tanker were soon tested as we found ourselves on a collision course with a freakin huge one just outside Dartmouth and had to stop to bob over the huuuuge wake it left behind! However, when we actually got to the shipping lanes, all we could see were these huge leviathans on the horizon - who'd have thought our closest encounter would be less than an hour out to sea?! We dealt with a few hairy moments on the crossing - some pretty big rolling waves were hitting us side on for a few hours causing a lot of ... read more
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