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Europe » Bulgaria » South October 10th 2017

Thursday 5 October The rasping sound of a tongue licking our campervan was what woke us up this morning. All around us was the tinkling of bells and loud 'moo' sounds. When we looked out the window, there was a herd of cows ambling past! Last night we had arrived after dark, and wondered where on earth the coordinates given to us by Vasco would lead us! The roads in Bulgaria are not very well maintained and tend to be full of potholes. Passing through one village, daddy didn't see the speed bump (which had no marking), and the campervan gave an almighty jump, with everything going flying! Toward the end of the drive, we took a dirt road that seemed to lead into the middle of nowhere! Indeed, when we awoke we were surrounded by ... read more
View from campervan when we awoke
A herd of cows passing by
A cow licking the van

Europe » Bulgaria » South July 14th 2015

Sometimes you find a spare half hour and as I am about to leave for the aiport this is a quickie just to show a few photos from yesterday's visit to the World Heritage site of Rila Monastery and the ancient church of Boyana. Unfortunately it is not allowed to,take photos inside the churches ... One point is any flash light can damage the precious frescoes but also it is not appropriate in the place of worship so one must be respectful... No sneaking a pic. At Boyana church about 10 km from Sofia the tiny church has been built in 3 stages , 10th 12 th and 18th centuries with some destruction at certain periods and following that restoration. The frescoes inside are layered and so there are 12 th C on top of 10 ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » South July 18th 2012

Tuesday 17th July 2012 After a quick breakfast we made our way down to the bus station just down the road and caught the 0900 bus to Burgas. The bus was almost empty when we left but as we travelled along Sunny Beach we picked up many passengers including some young tourists from Britain. They had just spent a fortnight there, staying at one of the parent's holiday apartments. Just a quick flight for them, be like us going to Bali. About an hour later we stopped in Burgas and using our trusty iPad map we easily found the Fors Hotel, our home for the next couple of nights. Nice enough room, nothing flash but it was large and clean. Here we left our luggage and went off exploring. The hotel is near the city mall ... read more
Sea Garden
I'm looking at you!

Europe » Bulgaria » South May 25th 2009

Bulgaria is famed for its countryside. Or so says the Lonely Planet anyway. You have to be suspicious when a travel guide lists the 'countryside' as one of the top 5 features of a place - its almost akin to 'well she's got a great personality'. Nevertheless, we love driving trips so this was a good opportunity to hop in a rental and cruise the highways. Waypoint number 1 was one of Bulgaria's famed monasteries, Rila Monastery. This is set high in the Pirin Mountains, about 2 hours drive from Sofia. Its an interesting drive, a windy road that takes you through remote villages of fat babushkas and weather-beaten faces. Add to this the occassional donkey cart loaded with head-scarf toting ladies, cigarette-chewing old men and clusters of dusty-faced kids that gawk with excitement at the ... read more
Field of flowers
A monk strides across the courtyard
Side hallways of Rila monastery

Europe » Bulgaria » South October 6th 2008

Hi, We are now in Sandanski, about 25km from the Greek border. Tomorrow we will cross the border and arrive to Thessaloniki. The big question now is if to do it by train or by bus, anyhow, it is about 3 hours. Since Greece should be much more expensive then Bulgaria (that what we have heard...), at least we found a coach in Thessaloniki for 2 nights. On our route west, however, in the Greek Macedonia, in towns such as Edessa and Kastoria (each has population of about 20k) there are very few couches to select from (maybe 4 in each) so finding one would be almost impossible, I guess. Shame, this is going to be expensive...also in Bulgaria, BTW, in towns having similiar population, we could not find any. On the other hand, our CS ... read more
Sofia - Alexander Nevski church
Rilsky monastir
Blagoevgrad, old town

Europe » Bulgaria » South July 12th 2008

Life in a small southwest Bulgarian village is a novel concept for me. My host parents are both retired, collecting pension and have the largest house in the town. There is something to be said for this, for there is a sense of antagonism between others and my host mother, who was an art teacher and now does not work despite the measly sum of pension in this country. She also lives with my host dad though is not married to him. In Bulgaria, family relations are extremely important. For my host mom to fail in three marriages and currently attempt at a fourth relationship is food for fodder (that may be the wrong phrase, my English is failing me). Living in such an abode is strange largely because it is exactly what you imagine life ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » South July 11th 2008

Tag 17 bis 24, 5.250 km von Galway Rumaenien! Wir waren kaum ueber die Grenze gefahren, da merkten wir schon: Das Land hat was! Ein Eindruck, der sich spaeter bestaetigen sollte! Unser erster Stop sollte in Transilvanien, genau genommen in Sighisoara sein (der Deutsche Name fuer die Stadt ist Schaessburg, aber dazu spaeter mehr). Auf dem Weg fuhren wir durch unzaehlige Doerfchen, wo ueberall schwer was los war. Je weiter wir ins Landesinnere fuhren, desto mehr. Bald sah man mehr Pferdefuhrwerke als Autos. Und wenn Autos, dann meistens ziemlich alte. Trabis, Ladas, Dacias sowieso. Wir fuehlten uns, als haetten wir eine Zeitreise gemacht. Waehrend Ungarn total flach ist und ziemlich zivilisert wirkt, ist Rumaenien total anders. Huegelig, ein bisschen chaotisch und irgenwie wirkt es hier nicht mehr so richtig "europaeisch". Anders als ueberall bisher war vor ... read more
Inside Dracula's Castle
Many roofs and towers
Konrad on his BWM on the way to UZ

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