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Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 27th 2019

How time flies when you're having fun! Our time in Bulgaria was quickly drawing to a close. The previous day was our last full day in Plovdiv and the greater part of it was spent exploring Asen's Fortress and Bachkovo Monastery in the Rhodope Mountains. This was followed by a few final hours in Plovdiv's Old Town were we had lunch, and bought & mailed postcards before returning to the hotel. We were set to leave Plovdiv on Monday, the day after this 2019 Euromeet officially came to an end with our final group dinner at Restaurant Dayana (Diana) 3. There was so much to like about Plovdiv, and I knew it was going to be a bit sad to leave. It was especially difficult knowing too that some lucky friends would be staying on an ... read more
Buzludzha Monument
Central Mineral Baths
Ornate tile work - Mineral Baths

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 14th 2019

For well over 10 years there has been a gathering in Europe of the former members of the once popular travel blog site, VirtualTourist. Refusing to let the bonds of friendship be broken even though the website that brought them all together is gone, every year these former members vote on a proposed site for an annual gathering called a "Euromeet" where they reunite. When the votes were counted for Euromeet 2019, the winner was announced: it was Plovdiv, Bulgaria, one of two cities chosen as Capitals of Culture for 2019!! It was an exciting choice to be sure! Bulgaria, a country we have never visited previously, would present some challenges due to the "many moving parts" of the trip. Most of us would be traveling independently and would make travel decisions as such, but many ... read more
BBQ Takeout Restaurant
Grave of the Unknown Soldier with St. Sophia Church in Background
 Bulgarian Lion Guarding the Grave of the Unknown Soldier

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 28th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Hobart (Australia). We woke early to an overcast and rainy day in Sofia, which reflected the weather we would meet at our destination – we were heading home to a cold and wet winter in Hobart. We had a small and simple breakfast (muesli, yoghurt, croissants, jam and tea) in preparation for our long haul flight, because we knew there would be ample food on the planes. All up, given taxi and car travel to and from airports, and stops in Doha and Melbourne, we were preparing for a 30+ hour journey from our hotel in Sofia to our home in Tasmania. We relaxed in our room until mid-morning, then checked out of our very comfortable hotel, jumped into a taxi and headed to the airport. ... read more
sofia airport
sofia airport
sofia airport

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 25th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling north from Gorno Draglishte to Sofia (via Rila Monastery). We woke reasonably late following the feast and free flowing wine the night before. After gathering ourselves and our packs, we headed down to our homestay family’s small dining room for breakfast, where we enjoyed scrambled eggs, toast, mekitsi (fried dough), local jam and peppermint tea. After bidding farewell to our incredibly affable hosts, we left the homestay and headed northwards with Boris the bus driver at the wheel. We were making our way to the Rila Mountains, where we were visiting the Rila Monastery. The monastery is located in a forested valley deep within the Rila mountain range, and when we arrived mid-morning, the air was brisk and mist shrouded the surrounding hills. While the building and surrounding structures were ... read more
rila monastery
rila monastery
rila monastery

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 19th 2018

My hubby could have been a Palace Guard in Bulgaria once upon a time. Out of a whole group of tourists from UK, Canada, USA, Chile, South Korea, Russia, Australia and Spain, he was the only one who fitted the criteria to get this once well paid and illustrious job. All he had to do was catch an eagle and pluck a tail feather to wear in his hat and the job would have been his. What is this illusive criteria you ask? You just have to be blonde, blue-eyed and over 185 cms in height. However these days those rules are relaxed as there's not many blue-eyed blonde tall Bulgarians to choose from. Plus there's an eagle at the local zoo that supplies the feathers and the job is less prestigious with less pay. We ... read more
Street art on concrete flats, Sophia
Rotunda of Sveti Georgi surrounded by communist buildings
Ex Royal Palace with yellow brick not fit for purpose riad

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 19th 2018

Bulgaria day 4: Sofia, graffiti, a cemetery and a lost car park Today I got shouted at. I have no idea what they said. Maybe they were angy at England’s victory in the World Cup last night... But more of that anon. It keeps you reading and gives you something to look forward to. We had originally planned to visit Plovdiv and just do half a day in Sofia before we fly but, again, some idiot has stuck a mountain between us and Plovdiv so we went for the closer option. Plovdiv had also sounded more appealing but Claire found some things ‘off the beaten track’ in Sofia that sounded interesting so we headed there. We found somewhere to park by a Metro station where it was Park and Ride....and then we walked. It’s only 34 ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 15th 2017

Takze nakoniec moj trip zacina uz o den skor a to vo viedny, kde hral svoj vonkajsi zapas ac milano. O 12/30 koniec v robote, doma rychla sprcha, strihanie a zbalenie minima veci. V sofii ma caka slnecno nad 30C. Avsak tu je zima a veterno. Naskakujem na vlak a cez tt sa dostavam do bratislavy, na fakt prisernu stanicu. Hanba hlavneho mesta. Keby som turista a vystupim z vlaku na takomto mieste, hned dam spiatocku a padim kade lahsie. V Ba si vystojim peknu 10.min frontu na listok, zistujem cenu jednosmerneho do viedne, krasnych 12€, spiatocka 14€ a spiatocka s celodennym mhd 18,80€. Berem poslednu moznost, kedze sa este musim presunut z hlavnej stanice vo viedny k stadionu metrom. Mensi problem s platbou, platit som chcel fio kartou ale chuj som zabudol,ze uz mam dnesny ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia August 15th 2017

Sofia, capitala Bulgariei O destinatie perfecta pentru o escapada din Bucuresti fara aglomeratie, nervi pe drumuri si vreme adecvata. Am gasit hotelul Bon Bon Central chiar in centru, cu parcare, camera aranjata frumos cu prosopele in forme de scoica, cu tv, wifi. Locatia lui este perfecta pt explorarea orasului, vizite in muzee si mall-uri si iesiri la terase tarzii in noapte. Statiile de metrou sunt adevarate santiere arheologice in aer liber protejate. Am stat 2 nopti=110 euro... read more
interior camera Hotel Bon Bon Central

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 1st 2016

It seems that all roads lead through Skopje and I made my way back there for a third time to get a bus to Sofia. Thanks to the political situation around borders, there is no direct bus from Pristina to Sofia as you would have to go through Serbia. At the bus station in Pristina, I met Eric, an American going the same way. Once we got to Skopje, we then met Frenchman Pierre, who was at the same hostel as me in Pristinaand was also making his way to Sofia. So suddenly I had a crew which to be honest, is nice to have on long journeys. The Bulgarian countryside is actually pretty nice. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was impressed by the pretty plains, rolling hills and green forests, which ... read more
Ministry Council Building & Former Communist Party House
St Alexander Nevski Cathedral
National Theatre

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia September 26th 2015

Marching on Together. In the days of old when a team in white were worrying Europe's elite and winning more than just the highest "away" crowd average award at each venue they visited, Sofia welcomed their presence. A snow covered Moscow was deemed too cold for UEFA Cup football by the mandarins in Switzerland. On 2 December 1999, the bandwagon rolled into town. Programme Man's finest hour had arrived. He organised Marching on Together playing out of the tannoy at the Stadium. The team couldn't reward the support and were rolled over by Spartak's Brazialian forwards. For the first time on the trip, the sun was shining when we ventured out of the hotel. The city was waking up and the stalls for a book fair were setting up further along Vitosha Boulevard. The dome of ... read more
Slavia v Levski

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