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Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Shabla August 8th 2015

O locatie rapida de la vama datorita indicatoarelor stradale bine pozitionate este hotelul Wild Duck din localitatea Ezeret la 45 km de Albena si 35km de Balcic. Camera nu a excelat in curatenie, dar avea WiFi gratuit, TV, AC, un restaurant spatios unde se mananca bine cu portii mari, inclusiv micul dejun. Pretul cf site/internet a fost de 40 leva/noapte. Proprietatea mai detine o piscina curata si libera cu bar si de asemenea o parcare privata gratuita. De aici se ajunge foarte repede la Kaliakra, Dalboca cu ale sale midi ce se topesc in gura, Resortul Rusalka sau Balcic.... read more
Hotel Wild Duck

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich January 18th 2014

Long time no converse but something has cropped up that may be relevant to people moving to Bulgaria. If you are still legally married (even if separated) any purchase you make in your name automatically entitles the partner to half share.!!Plus ,even more invidious, if they die, the government automatically inherits their half!! Hard to believe but I found this out yesterday! Buyer beware as they say particularly as you no longer need to have a company to buy cars or property.Buying for your company (as the sole shareholder) is the only way to block this archaic ruling. I still love Bulgaria and have no regrets ,just wish I could divorce the rules from the people!!LOL... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich July 10th 2013

Yes I made it back here in record time from Dunkirk.Car behaved perfectly and no hassle from Serbian officials at the border crossings. Diversions at Sofia and V.Turnovo complicated and tortuous but negotiated. All the animals were delighted to see me as were the 'family'. POOL RE-ESTRABLISHED. Only chemicals to add and it will be ready for use.Cover a great improvement re debris. Lucerne 3rd crop ready to cut and loads of baby chicks,turkeys and 2 kids arrived whilst I was away. 2 thunderstorms have helped veg grow and sun is back each day with temperatures between 27 - 32 daytime and 15 -18 in the evenings. Lovely to be back!... read more
IMG_0005 (3)

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Balchik June 9th 2013

We were not particularly active today but that was by design and also there wasn't a lot of other places to go from our location without travelling some distance. We did find a packet in the supermarket chiller that looked more like bacon than we have come across in our attempts to satisfy our tastebuds and we put it to the test this morning with a poached egg with much better success than previously although the bacon still doesn't have that smoky flavour we get back home. The day had dawned an absolute cracker with the distant haze of yesterday gone and we could see right across the gulf from our apartment balcony. One thing that hasn't been apparent which we thought might be,is that we haven't seen any passing ships that sail up and down ... read more
Neighbouring hotel
Looking at the pay umbrellas and beach chairs
A sail on the Black Sea

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Balchik June 8th 2013

We have experienced three different sides to Bulgaria from rural village life to city dwelling and over the last 3 nights,life at the seaside.One thing you do learn when you are travelling is that many countries are alike and NZ and Bulgaria have a lot in common when you take the three lifestyles we have experienced here with one small exception,the lack of animals out in the fields in Bulgaria compared to NZ. This morning we packed up with some regret because we have been very comfortable in our apartment.However, our next two nights are also in an apartment as we enjoy a few days with less travel on the road. We stopped in Sunny Beach which essentially is part of Nesebar but 4km up the road. We had read a lot about the brashness of ... read more
Sunny Beach looking north
Sunny Beach
View from our balcony,White Lagoon

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich February 28th 2012

Unfortunately meta's son was sent to prison for minor offences for 5 months.So the first visiting day (last Sunday) I went down.I was informed we needed to be outside at 8am,which meant an early start at 6 to get all pets done (both houses) grab a coffee and leave by 7,since we had to take the longer route owing to heavy-icy melt water on the back road. This i accomplished by 8.02 after a diversion,in Varna, when M misremembered the instructions. We parked up within sight of the prison and carried the bags to meet his wife and other friends. Some delay ensued as people tried to sort/organise how to get everything in, and I was dispatched to find bread.Basically the only place available was far away so I returned without but was glad to find ... read more
Photo 3
Xmas card
Fancy a trip

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich January 2nd 2012

I had to double check that Sept entry was indeed the last. Much has happened in Boyana but more especially on this the latest return to UK. I set off on the 1st of December to head again for Dunkirk to catch a ferry early am on the 3rd. I had reduced the time to accomodate the new route thru Serbia which cut nearly 3/4's of a day off the romanian route. I hoped that, car trouble not withstanding, it would still allow sufficient time for completing the drive. This was proven when 38 hrs after leaving Boyana I was in the last French services just outside Dunkirk,with a further 10 hrs till the ferry !! I had not stinted on sleep or comfort stops so it would seem that there is time indeed for unforseen ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich September 15th 2011

Short review to keep all up to date. Jo and Eamon got home safely and keep in contact. G has garnished tops of their corn leaving a series of stalks and cobs looking remarkably like flamingos! Mine will be done soon.Early tom plants are to be cleared to allow rotovation of the soil. we are also working out how best to use our various peices of land. Lots of horse,goats and sheep fodder this year with more to come.With the cobs we should not need to buy any fodder!! Rakia goes on with the last of the plums getting the addition of peaches after the high winds we have had.Weather is still scorching with daily temps of 25 - 40 degrees and down to 20 each night.Not comfy and the pool remains my lifeline.Another dose of ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province August 10th 2011

So now back in harness well and truely!With problems over other houses resolved, 33L of Rakia laid down and a further 4 batches to be distilled on Fri and Sat ,Sunday will see resumption of picking plums.Done in the age old way laying bedsheets under the tree and knocking the branches with a long pole.Those that miss the sheets are gathered up in a bucket. There is not much to do in the garden except water and harvest toms,cucumbers and corn.The greenhouse has served us well as have the garden plantings.Melons are struggling but making progress.Field crops(Fodder corn and marrows) are suffering from lack of water but Lucerne well grown and pleanty for winter feed already plus another 2 cuts as well! The weather continues hot(28 - 34)degs with a couple of overnites heavy rain since ... read more
Harvest home

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Shabla July 9th 2010

We woke up on thursday morning having slept surprisingly well, considering the wonkiness of our masterpiece couchettes constructed from fully reclined seats and our backpacks. It was 9am, and we were expecting that some earlybird tourists might have started to arrive by now, however, the sky just happened to be covered by a pale but gloomy layer of stratus, and stepping out of the car, we realised it was infact very windy. We pondered what we would do in conditions which made swimming and sunbathing impractical over our breakfast of moar bread and white cheese. We decided to go to the next beach up, Rusalka, which we knew was a resort, so would at least have some kind of bars and such if the beach were empty. When we arrived however, the stratus had started clearing ... read more
Blurry rakija

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