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Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Kavarna July 8th 2010

Since last leaving you there has been no possible way for me to make contact with the internet, hence posting these two entries at once. I have even added some more to the previous entry, which I was rushing to write before my battery expired in our restaurant in Sofia. Wednesday morning, arriving in Varna on the roughest zombie train I have ever endured in my life, was our cue to finally leave the theme of heavy civilisation, trains, wifi caf├ęs and even places where we could charge our devices well behind. We were looking forward to three days of sunbathing, swimming, living off bread and white cheese, and sleeping under the stars. I, for sure, hoped that the stars would provide better protection than the compartment on the zombie train, which despite having a route ... read more
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Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich April 23rd 2009

Where to start? I suppose that the first thing was J+J's visit was great if short and the new company registration was completed.Still need to transfer propertyat Yunets to it. Went down to check out how this had overwintered and found it had been broken into .There followed a trying 4 days of insurance cover contact,police statements and eventually it was OK'd to get the work done.Still attempting to contact Phil and Mary to get Stan to look at what needs to be done,hopefully Sun(26th).J+J being back for a further 5 weeks they hope to meet me there. To my own life here.Despite chronic back ache and muscle strain from redecorating and tidying Lizard house I am now recovered and reasonably fit again. I had been contacted by the village mayor substitute re possibly letting lizard ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich February 26th 2008

With the houses and myself on mend I belatedly turned my attention to Bottie,made especially important at the first hint of pungent smell from flowers on porch!! He has got himself linked with the other look alike female (M's) and I am just hoping that it's at the just good friends stage or it will be like locking the stable door----!!Anyway I have just come from the vet's in Dobrich and I will collect him tomorrow.He is also getting wormed and when we go back for his stiches to come out he will get his multiple injection for usual problems and rabies. Quite remarkably the o'nite and op comes to only 47Lv -tho' for Bulgarians I understand why there are so many unneutered cats and dogs. I also found my new (all gas )cooker for 24 ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich October 27th 2007

Whilst I took a break from revising I wanted to write this in Boyana .Wouldn't accept password so went into my supergran addres.Never read blogs once on the net but couldn't resist a look over them. Fascinating what you forget!!Nice to have permanent reminder - but in reading them I discovered that i was talking about finishing outstanding building work in Aug.Now late oct and motivated by the need to complete alterations by 23/11 (when I start return journey, Valisar hopes to finish roof of 24 and alterations in structure of 2 upstairs rooms(at least sufficiently for me to move new furniture up from bedroom/CELLAR.GIVEN THAT HE HAS TO INSTALL PLUMING FROM SCRATCH AM GLAD THAT NEW BATH AND WC SHOULD BE BEING DELIVERED!!No won't say that too loud as with my luck they will default.Tried ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich October 21st 2007

How to describe the feeling of being back in command I don't know better than the title.With more positive reinforcement from tutor and a lot of dedicated revision i managed to start Lesson Five on Friday(time). Part of this was the seclusion I got from going to Yunets Thurs/Fri(am). Trial run for Bottie being fed by Meta also. Byala beach provided a superb start to my revision as the sun beat down on the recumbent form on the pink lilo and with not a sole insight a clotheless one! However the temptation to just sunbathe took over and with the exception ofhaving to be decadent as a solitary fisherman passed on the beach I felt all the tension leave. It was after all 27oC which ain't bad on the 18th of Oct.!! That night I unlocked ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Dobrich October 16th 2007

Well do you ever have one of those 'lurid' moments when you wonder what you've done, ---I did yesterday when my 4th Bulgarian lesson came to a blank mind and even those words I had learnt I couldn't recall under questioning!! Should have one 2morow(utre) but have postponed till Fri to see if 2 extra days revision will get me back on track.Part of the problem is that as my UCHITEL put it we are entering the real bulgarian and he reckons I have done extremely to get here in the time I 've had class and been in the country.As he said the mistakes I make are being made by Bulgarians all the time and they don't know any better!Cold comfort unfortunately when one is trying to learn sufficient to speak to all(official and conversational) ... read more

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