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September 15th 2011
Published: September 15th 2011
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Short review to keep all up to date. Jo and Eamon got home safely and keep in contact. G has garnished tops of their corn leaving a series of stalks and cobs looking remarkably like flamingos! Mine will be done soon.Early tom plants are to be cleared to allow rotovation of the soil. we are also working out how best to use our various peices of land. Lots of horse,goats and sheep fodder this year with more to come.With the cobs we should not need to buy any fodder!! Rakia goes on with the last of the plums getting the addition of peaches after the high winds we have had.Weather is still scorching with daily temps of 25 - 40 degrees and down to 20 each night.Not comfy and the pool remains my lifeline.Another dose of sand within 24 hours meant yesterday I had to clean the pool out again.Now refilled to nearly maximum capacity and i can float now!! Smudge now spends all the time I'm at home loose to roam with best friend Chocky!I still ensure her litter tray is available and that her food bowl is lifted before C finds it otherwise she is free.I found some brilliant sandals with 3 adjustments possible which i virtually live in and today was the first day I drove to Dobrich with ensuing walking and came back with feet unchanged in size -- so quietly optimistic.Now have to find more of same(Kaufland)! So that's the update . Life hot,very busy but continues to be very rewarding.


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