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August 10th 2011
Published: August 10th 2011
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Baby conBaby conBaby con

No longer a baby but name stuck!
So now back in harness well and truely!With problems over other houses resolved, 33L of Rakia laid down and a further 4 batches to be distilled on Fri and Sat ,Sunday will see resumption of picking plums.Done in the age old way laying bedsheets under the tree and knocking the branches with a long pole.Those that miss the sheets are gathered up in a bucket.
There is not much to do in the garden except water and harvest toms,cucumbers and corn.The greenhouse has served us well as have the garden plantings.Melons are struggling but making progress.Field crops(Fodder corn and marrows) are suffering from lack of water but Lucerne well grown and pleanty for winter feed already plus another 2 cuts as well!
The weather continues hot(28 - 34)degs with a couple of overnites heavy rain since I got home.Think the water bill will be large! Talking of bills I have at long last worked out how best to operate on electricity and have brought my monthly bill down from 76Lv to 20 Lv.The secret - take baths and use washing machine after 12 am!! Still an invidious payment method but at least now it is reasonable.
The first heavy storm produced
Harvest homeHarvest homeHarvest home

G and baby con off to get lucerne in.Cart stripped to bare 'bones'
brown soil run-off on the road though the corn seeds survived, but it brought a more unusual aftermath. Chocky was on the terrace the next evening and madly barking.The rain was back on and I couldn't see what caused the fuss.Going downstairs I saw something moving in the grass and thought it was a rat until it gave a pittiful mew! Enter Smudge. Initially a soaked skeleton all skin and bones ,so I dried her off and put her in the ensuite whilst, that morning, I went to Dobrich as planned. When I got back she seemed responsive and as her eyes were open I decided to put down some dry food (and loo grit) to see if she could eat.She could and wolfed the food down and also drank some milk.Though her size would put her at barely 6 weeks normally,it was obvious that she was older.She just hung out slightly over my hand! She also used the toilet tray!! So the idea to give her food and turn her loose disappeared and she remains the latest member of the family. She has seen Bottie (from in a cat carrier )and both went spitting madly. So no more contact

Relaxing briefly after all containers full of plums!
till she is a bit bigger.This should not be much longer as it now takes two hands to cradle her.Meanwhile Chocky has been used to her smell on me but given his antipathy to her originally,he will be the last to be introduced ,when she is bigger than 'Shreddies' size and less like breakfast!!! Meta is currently in hospital for tests re high blood pressure but gets out on Thurs. So today's relaxation is wonderful allowing time for mundane things like housework and a rest before the madness:- Thurs collect M;Fri Rakia day (2 lots so 60 Lv);Sat 2nd Rakia day(1 lot from my house)Sun replenish Friday's barrels with new plums;Mon Jana's son's birthday celebrations(lamb stew and more rakia/beer/wine) Tues Varna.pay electricity, last insurance installment for 24,find out the amount of M's new pension(now 60) and arrange for it to be paid directly into the bank each month.Lastly meet up with my cruise liner employee friend Yelitz for a spot of lunch at our cafe and to catch up on 10 mths away at sea.! Then return via Lidl and Dobrich (to pick up chicken fodder).Weds is currently therefore earmarked to continue plum collection to replenish my barrel (after Sat.)

Mum to William and Chocky sheltering from the sun in shade of neighbour's wall
Then....... Who knows.Maybe a day's further rest(ha,ha). So I am going to enclose a few photos of Smudge and assorted animals at both houses, including Jack and Aaron,this year's kids.

Additional photos below
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Chocolate boxChocolate box
Chocolate box

AKA Butter wouldn't melt Ha ha
Cleaning upCleaning up
Cleaning up

Cleaning up after use
Look at the camera!Look at the camera!
Look at the camera!

Note size of cat to hand.
Hi fiveHi five
Hi five

AKA swatting cymbidium leaves.

Normal level
Straining too muchStraining too much
Straining too much

Before releasing more of water

Pool too high as a result of falling asleep when filling.here restored to allowable depth.
Drinks by the pool Drinks by the pool
Drinks by the pool

No one said it had to be big and made of concrete

Irrigation system for pool drainage and natural rainwater off the terrace
Chocky GoldenChocky Golden
Chocky Golden

Tail and ears

Golden tipped ears
Aaron and JackAaron and Jack
Aaron and Jack

Aaron facing camera

Jack's 2 month older brother

Enjoying early morning sun on path.

17 from V.Dol market to grow on

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