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Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges June 21st 2009

Wow, Bruges is such a cool city! I highly recommend adding it to your itinerary when you're in Europe. I slept so good last night. It wasn't the best weather today but the sun came out after all. I started out on a self-guided walk that I had in my tour book. I'm glad I did because I got to see lots of Bruges. I went in this church that supposedly has a vial of Christ's dried blood. The museum was closed so I couldn't see it. I went on a 30 minute canal ride which was cool except for the tour guide was in Dutch so I could only understand about 6 words. I saw about 10 chocolate shops and bought so much chocolate. I hope some of it makes it home!... read more
Street view
One of the many lace shops
Main Square

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges June 20th 2009

If I never ride a bus/train/plane again in my life I might be okay with that. My hostel was so loud last night and I was paranoid of sleeping past my 4am alarm that I got about 2 hours of sleep. I caught a bus to the airport, plane to brussels, hour and a half bus to train station, hour train to Bruges, bus to city center. I had originally planned to stay in Brussels but on the train ride I changed my mind. So I hopped on the train to Bruges! When I was riding the bus to the city center, I could not believe the amount of people on the streets. It looked like the state fair. Turns out, there is a triathlon going on. It must be huge because there were so many ... read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges June 5th 2009

Well got on the bus in Paris and met the biggest drunk in the world!!! Just my luck!!! Nah just kidding but i did meet Adam and Nicole from Adelaide who are great. We travelled to Bruges, a quaint little Medieval Town in Belguim. It took me about 4 hours to see enough and realise that the Hostel Bar was prob where i was going to stay for the next 2 nights. Dont get me wrong Bruges is really really nice, but its somewhere really to go to with a partner that you can have little picnics by the canals and stuff like that, not much else to do really. So it was with that, that i also met G and Haley from NZ, also great people who dabble in a little binge drinking!!! So basically ... read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges May 23rd 2009

Hallo and Bonjour, Friday was cool because Katrina, who was visiting from Denmark, met up with me. We went to the Cantillon brewery, and went on the tour. The brewery is over a hundred years old and is family run so it's really atmospheric. You can wander through all of the machinery, view the bottling process and most importantly taste the final product. We then met up some other people and headed out to a little bar called Delerium. Delerium is a quaint, quiet bar that is just off the Grand Place. When I say quaint and quiet, I actually mean raucous and loud. The bar was packed with people and served over 2000 different types of beer!!! I pulled up a chair and started alphabetically. Kidding of course, I just got a 1L one. It ... read more
The Canals of Bruges
The Bejinhof and swans.
Watch that first step...

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges May 23rd 2009

Bruges 23/05/2009 We paid in advance for our breakfast at the Casino Hotel and at 12€ we expected a lot since our wonderful feast last night was much less than that. We had a basic breakfast with bread, cheese, cereal, a little bacon, some eggs and some mushrooms. I think good advice will be to rather not have breakfast at your hotel, if they charge this much. We paid half the price for double the breakfast in Dublin. Our adventure for today was exploring the Citadel! The Citadel is huge and we approached it from just behind the Hotel Beauregard, by doing this we missed the actual mapped out walking paths, but we did walk the scenic route through the beautiful green “forest” that surrounds the Citadel. We walked along a windy dirt road all the ... read more
Namur from Citadel
Hiking boots counting the km's
Hot chick in Namur

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges May 23rd 2009

Travelling from the UK to the Continent overland has been a dream of ours since we first arrived in England. European friends in Australia would amaze us with tales of travelling to another country without getting on a plane but until now we hadn’t found an opportunity to do so, well not across the channel anyway. So when we found bargain Eurostar tickets available for the second May long weekend (which also happened to be a weekend when Ariana’s Mum and Dad would be visiting us), we couldn’t pass it up. Arriving at London St Pancras after a short bus journey from Nottingham we excitedly make our way through to the Eurostar security area and find our passports being stamped indicating that we have just arrived in France. We knew this trip would be quick, but ... read more
Bruges' famous tower
Canals of Bruges

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges May 22nd 2009

We were greeted in Bruges by a layer of dark clouds and the heaviest rain we had experienced on the entire trip. This time Rob had the directions all written up for us and the hostel was supposedly only a ten minute walk from the station. Due to the lack of street signs and confusing instructions, ten minutes quickly turned into twenty. Just as we realized that we were slightly lost, it started raining even more. With our clothes soaking wet and backs aching we finally managed to find our hostel. We checked in, climbed the three flights of treacherously narrow and winding stairs, and collapsed on our bed. Since we had a late night the night before from partying with Colin and Liam, we were both feeling quite tired and exhausted. After a few minutes ... read more
Traditional Bruges Buildings
Clock Tower
Way Too Many Stairs

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges May 17th 2009

Well i’ll bet you’re all dying to know if we made the concert or not....? Well maybe not, but anyway we made it! It was pretty good, but according to Vince it wasn’t their best. After the concert we headed off to Mitcham - south side of London, so we could beat peak hour Friday morning traffic on the drive to Dover. We arrived at Dover and caught the ferry across to Calais. It was a smooth journey and then came the not so smooth journey - driving on the WRONG side of the road - well right side (which is wrong!) . Once again we needed bloody fuel. So after plugging in more service stations into the GPS and not being able to find a servo we were in another stressful situation! Luckily enough we ... read more
Free camp
Michaelangelo's Madonna and Child
The beer wall!

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges May 16th 2009

Brussel Sprouts continued... I was so happy to leave Brussels. While the city does have a a beautiful town square (the Gran Place), and very large governmental buildings, it is nothing to write home about. My life is in no way, shape or form better now that I visited Brussels. If anything, I have a new affinity for darker, stronger biers, and will now most likely become an alchohalic. So if I had to pick one thing I enjoyed, it was there bier. I am, however, not a fan of their cuisine. Everyday in Brussels is like Deep Fried madness day with Mary at the frat house...pick any fattening meat, or simple carb, throw it in some pig fat, and fry it. VOILA, instant constapation and fat belly! I don't understand how no one in this ... read more

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Bruges May 10th 2009

Bruges is a nice clean little town that you can pretty much walk through the main part in an hour or so.Every other shop is either a chocolate or a lace shop. Two things Belgium is famous for.So I went to the Church of Holy Blood and saw the piece of cloth in the glass vial that apparently has drops of Jesus blood on it when he was taken from the cross.There is a man there at the altar guarding it and you can touch the vial and say a prayer then when you are done he immediately wipes the vial off with a rag and he is wearing gloves.The church inside is really ornate and quite pretty.No photos though:( I also saw Michelangelo's Madonna and Child this piece is one of his that is not ... read more

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