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Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur March 3rd 2012

Rain, fog, robbery, and good beer: a few days in Belgian life. Belgium! As different from France as wine is from beer. Where the French are subtle and quiet, Belgian prefer blunt, caustic truth said with a smile to remove the bite. In France the wine flows but in Belgium the beer froths, though both could care less about the "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" rule. Namur, Belgium is no doubt absent from many of your personal geographical maps. Indeed, I had never heard of it till a random Google search made the name literally pop up in my browser window. But exist it does, and what's more it is the capital of Wallonie, aka French-speaking Belgium. And what might one find in Namur? First and foremost, it's grey and foggy, perfect for anyone looking for a ... read more
Félicien Rops
Félicien Rops

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur September 5th 2010

An diesem Tag habe ich wieder spät im Hotel gefrühstückt, habe mein Auto aus dem Parkhaus eines Einkaufszentrums geholt, was nicht einfach war (es war Sonntag) und bin nach Namur gefahren. Dort gibt es eine große alte Festung, weil die Stadt strategisch bedeutsam war. Nach deren Besichtigung bin ich wieder zum Projektstandort Heerlen in der Neiderlanden zurück gefahren.... read more

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur September 28th 2009

Following a successful girls climbing trip I decide to join Dan, his two kids India and Sasha, Celine, Joost, Jacco, Lee and Paul on the weekend of September 12 climbing in the Ardenes region. We even stay at the same guest house. On the way down I rode with Celine and Jacco. Celine was driving. I met them quickly at Rai station after work. We decided to skip climbing in Yvoir on Saturday and head to Beez. Beez had some nice routes, I attempted a 6a with mixed success and Jacco learned how to lead climb. The rest of the day I more so focused on 5a’s and 5b’s. There was even a hint of young romance on our climbing trip as with any good story. In the evening we had some delicious wine and Belgian ... read more
Me scaling a route
India getting ready to scale the route
Dan belaying Sasha doing the chimney

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur September 27th 2009

Ardenes, Belgium in the Flemish region of Belgium about 4 hours drive from Amsterdam, was amongst other things a great place to climb in. Me, Lin, Mel and Jen (whom I’d gone to France to climb with back in May) decided to do just that. On September 9, I rode my trusty stead after work to Lin’s house. After waiting for the others to arrive and having a quick cup of tea we loaded our kit in the car and started the drive down. Or rather Lin did who drove the car. We stayed in Chaveehut: Rue de la Chavee 7, B-5330 Maillen if you want to stay there the telephone number is +32 83 65 52 39, which I would recommend for anyone who isn’t camping to stay there if they climb, they do a ... read more
LIn Abseiling down
Me with the rope. Rope - hot damn
Yvoir city centre

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur September 20th 2009

On Saturday, I went with Magali and Ludger to Namur (which is about 30 minutes south of Brussels) for Fêtes de Wallonie. Fêtes de Wallonie is a huge party that takes place all over the French-speaking part of Belgium. It is celebrated on the third weekend of September and usually runs from Thursday to Monday. It commemorates the participation of the Walloons in the Belgian revolution of 1830 and is a huge celebration of the French-speaking regions of Belgium. Since Namur is the capital of the Wallonie region (French-speaking region), it has the biggest celebration. We arrived in Namur around 3:00pm and all of the streets of Namur were filled with tents of food, drinks, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and games. They had tons of live music, street performers, bands, and stilt walkers. All through the streets ... read more
Concert in the afternoon
Stilt Walkers
Stilt Walkers

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur May 22nd 2009

Namur 22/05/2009 It’s time to leave Paris, too soon, but we will never forget this wonderful city and will remember these three days for the rest of our lives. We made some wonderful memories, and hopefully we will be able to come back to Paris in a few years and explore a lot more of the city. After much deliberation we decided to skip Brussels, we only saw a small part as we rushed from the one train station to the other. We felt like it’s time to get out of the hustle and bustle of a big city, and since we didn’t go to La Proviance, we headed for Namur. Namur is a gem of a town, we actually had no idea what to expect, and were pleasantly surprised. We actually wanted to visit the ... read more
On the Thalys to Belgium
Ginormous flowers
Namur Carnival

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur December 7th 2008

Nadat ik 3 maanden bijna niets geklommen heb (te veel ongelukken), zijn Erik en ik een dagje gaan trad klimmen in Dave. Een zalig winters zonnetje op ons bolleke deed deugd. Want ik en 'verplicht stil zitten' zijn niet de beste kameraden, dat kunnen Erik en Enya zeker beamen! Het was wel even schrikken toen we arriveerden, alle bomen en struiken waren precies ontmanteld. Toch werd het een leuk ontspannen dagje, hetgeen de opzet was. Boven op de top rustig gepicnickt en genoten van de omgeving. Enkele duiven en zelfs een koppeltje valken begroetten ons in hun vlucht. Een klein hagedisje was precies verknocht aan de zon, want hij zocht ook het zonnetje op. De hele dag bleven we de enige klimmers op het massief. Voor een zondag vond ik dit vreemd, maar niet erg. Op ... read more
Mooi uitzicht!

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur September 15th 2007

Rushing day, woke up early and stormed out to take the train to Namur, the region/city further south in Belgium. Belgium is dividied into two sections, the Dutch speaking - Flanders and the French speaking - Wallonia. People up North speak more English!!!!! At least thats the first thing I realize.... Anyways, arrived there, got ignored at the tourist office.....-___-" found out about the festival in the city through a book and went into the city. The day just started so most stuff were still being set up. Most concerts and stuff were at night....ahhhhh! that means I'll miss them..... anyways, walked around, most shops closed...just loads of food and beer on the streets... Had some nice cheese and potatos and ham.... It was great weather though, REALLY warm....=) Walked around a bit, not much to ... read more
young people hanging out....

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur July 14th 2007

Well, I will start this by saying that perhaps it was my doubts last night about our trip that foreshadowed our “adventures”. I had been hoping that the weekend trip went well. I really enjoy planning things but I am always a little nervous that things won’t go well and I will be to blame. But if you never put yourself out there then you run the risk of not doing or seeing anything, which is even scarier than any problems we could encounter on a weekend trip in Europe, right? In addition to these nerves was this feeling that kids just weren’t up for a trip this weekend. Emma and Abigail had started day camp this week and were still reeling from the 1 ½ days they attended. It is a really neat thing ... read more
The Citadel in Namur
The Citadel in Namur

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Namur October 21st 2006

While I was in Bruges, I decided that I wanted to get over to Luxemburg on my way to Paris. I made two stops on the way: Brussels (we know how that went) and Namur. I took a morning train from Brussels and got in to Namur in the early afternoon. I didn't have a map, but I knew that the hostel was along the river a couple kms from the station. I set off using my compass and eventually stumbled upon a river. I knew that there were two rivers in the town, and this one wasn't flowing the direction I expected it to be, so I assumed I had come across the wrong river. I followed the flow of the river and quickly came across the confluence with the much larger river and was ... read more
The Citadel
Inside the fortress

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