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Europe » Belgium » Liège Province July 1st 2012

What a day! Set out from the hotel at 8.00 am into Stavelot and then immediately turned sharp right up a very big hill. Then we continued out though the Arden and over 5 very tough climbs totalling 1700 meters!. Continued for four grueling hours over 100 Kms, but the countryside was fantastic and we both finished very well. Weather was great, not too hot and intermittent sunshine. Back to the hotel for a quick lunch and then we cycled up another hill to watch the race go by immediately adjacent to Francorchomp race track. Doing our best to recover for a big day in Flanders tomorrow.... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province June 30th 2012

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province June 30th 2012

Up early for a relatively shot ride down a beautiful valley towards Leige culminating in a hard ride ride up the Cote de la Redoute, which was brutal (20%) for over 2 Kms. Then onto the bus into Lieges for the prologue. We inflated our Kangaroos and joined the 200,000 spectators. The Roo proved to be extremely popular!. We had our pictures taken by hundreds of people, we were interviewed by Chinese TV, the local news paper and La Mond asked to interview us on camera for its website. I politely declined because my spoken French is merd. Had a great day and avoided sun burn and at the end of the race, we saw Cadel start, apparently there is an excellent shot of our Roos which should be on SBS immediately before he goes off. ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Verviers June 5th 2012

11/5/2012 Today there was mania as all the ‘Rhetos’ (all the students who are about to finish their last year of school here), all dressed up as outrageous things at school. All types of characters were there, from Ali G, to Cats, to superman. It was awesome how they caused ruckus all day though, and all times throughout the classes for today were just loud screams, rumbling of shifting desks, and just a complete dismissal of authority for the day. After school finally finished, we were all off down to the local for a few, and people from the three schools in the area came. That night though, was the ‘warrior party’, a massive party celebrating 50 days until the finish of their school life. As you can expect, it was big and loud, and in ... read more
The view from my new house

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Verviers June 5th 2012

26/5/2012 Today, I met up with Chris, Vikki, and Jeremy who’d come all the way from Germany to come hang out with Chris, so we all met up and had a big kiwi meet-up. We went bar-hopping, and wound up heading out to a club where I was going to meet up with Joanna, who’s birthday it was on Saturday. So we turned up at ‘ixo’, and the bouncer let in the girls that were with us, but not us. When we asked why, it was because we weren’t 21. He was saying this knowing danm well a group of 17 year old girls just minced on before this. But that was his JOB. He could let in any girls around 17-18, but guys HAD to have proof of being 21 or older. Creepy ? yeah ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Verviers June 5th 2012

17/5/2012 Today was a day off for everyone, as employers and employees alike were given a free day, along with students. This was the first day of the three day preparation for the annual Rotary Talent Show, and as I went to go to the gare at 9am sharp, I spent my time practicing the guitar while waiting. An hour passed, and I though what the hell is this ? Turns out, the email said you could arrive between 9-12. What kind of instruction is that ? a three hour variable time to arrive ? There must be a reason. And there was. There was one car going the 15 minute trip back and forth from Theux to Verviers transporting over 50 rotary kids from all over Belgium. Good ‘ol rotary. Having waited, I was on ... read more
Kiwi style.
The girls before 'single ladies'

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province June 2nd 2012

This morning I saw one of the most beautiful sunrises that I think I've ever seen. I have never witnessed them sun being not only as large as it was but as red. My new goal for the next 6 months is to make as many sunrises as possible, with the goalof creating one of those time elapsed collages things. But for serious if you have any desire to wake up at 430 am, bike 10 k jump over a bunch of wire fences, and climb up a 7 foot stone wall to sit on an old WW2 beach bunker to look out over the ocean and experience magic, please dear god either bring a spare battery for your camera or at least charge it the night before. I was able to get a 2 good ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province April 27th 2012

On Thursday, after a pastry breakfast provided by Henri, we set off with Noemi to explore downtown Liege. Although it was chilly and windy, it was not as cold as Brugge. We walked a short way to the bus stop where we took the bus into town. Noemi gave us a tour of area shops and cafes. We had lunch at a cafe,The Danish. Dorothy was able to walk over from her school to join us for lunch. After lunch, Henri met us and he took us on a grand walking tour of Liege. Since he grew up here and also delivered mail for a few years, he was a great tour guide who knows every part of the city. I suggested to him that he should take up a new profession and give walking tours ... read more
Dorothy in yard,
My chocolate ice cream
Bobby's Esneux dessert

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province April 25th 2012

Monday morning we boarded a bus in Venice and traveled to the town of Trevisio. From their small airport we boarded a plane for Brussels, Henri and Noemi were there to greet us and drive us back to their home in Leige. Their house sits atop a hill, and from our room at night we can see the lights of the town below. However, my favorite spot is at the kitchen table surrounded by windows looking out at the garden. It felt like home and we really got a good night's sleep. On Tuesday, we rode around town, stopping at a couple overlook viewpoints to take in the sights. Liege has many old buildings that have great character. Dorothy's school was founded as a school for girls during a time when many did not think it ... read more
American Memorial
Am Memorial

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège February 13th 2012

In the line of ice is ons vervolg-weekendje! Een schitterend weekendje met weinig slaap. Vrijdagavond begon met het personeelsfeest van de radiologie AZ Jan Palfijn. Tot een kot in de nacht gelachen, gegeten en gedronken. De volgende morgen was dit nog zeer voelbaar, maar deze kansen bieden zich niet elke week, dus om 9u in Diepenbeek. Kobe, Peter, Wim, Bart en Sandrine waren ook van de partij. Het koffietje in ons vast cafeetje hielp ons een beetje beter op weg. Iedereen was reuze gemotiveerd. Ons nieuw ontdekt ijsvalletje van de vorige keer lag er dit weekend nog veel beter bij. De koude had zijn werk goed gedaan. Niet echt ijsvalletjes voor de beginnende ijsklimmer, maar reuze leerzaam. En reuze plezant. Tegen de middag was mijn licht echter serieus gedimd. De vermoeidheid eiste zijn tol. Maar ik ... read more

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