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Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent November 2nd 2008

We left for Ghent after breakfast at 8am. The lady was there talking to herself about something at breakfast. We got on the 9:45 am train to Ghent the same one we had caught the day before to Brugge. It took about 45 minutes and we got off at Dampoort station. From the station we walked through the city centre using the free map for young travellers from a really good map I found for Antwerp, Brugge and Ghent. So we first of all made our way through Vrijdag market, past St Jacobskerk cathedral. The market was lively and thriving as it usually is on a Saturday or a Sunday (which we were there on). I even saw some Levi's jeans for 15euros! How cheap is that. I had a nostalgic moment for my Levi's ... read more
Ghent 02/11/08
St Jacobskerk 02/11/08
St Jacobskerk 02/11/08

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent November 1st 2008

You would think that, being twenty minutes from the French border, citizens of western Belgium would speak French. But that would be too easy. Belgium splits itself up, linguisticall, by North and South. In southern Belgium, they do indeed speak French. But in northern Belgium, where I was in Gent, they speak Flemish. D'oh. The most interesting part was, after conveying the fact that I don't understand Flemish, people immediately switched to English, instead of French like I expected. It seems to be the second-most spoken language there. Odd, but nice for me. The intent of the trip to Belgium was not for Jackie to be a tourist in yet another country. It was so some Lilliputians (hahaha) could go to a drum-and-bass concert. Europeans have a much different style to their night-life than American youth; ... read more
Streets of Belgium
Gent Tag
Gent Road

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent October 14th 2008

Hi there, So ... I'm back since Wednesday but I still haven't finished my blog. So the next days you will find the rest of my earlier stories translated and I will finish what I started and that is my stay in Quebec untill September 7, even though I'm back in Gent. I hope you will enjoy it, any comments, please send them!! take care, Ann.... read more

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent September 11th 2008

Gello, Nog enkele uurtjes en ik ben ermee weg. Ik ben vandaag te weten gekomen dat ik er maar 7u over zal vliegen ipv 8u, dju, een uur minder om te slapen ;-) Ik ben nog volop aan het pakken en 5 dingen tergelijkertijd aan het doen maar ik heb er me al mee verzoend dat ik waarschijnlijk niet zo veel zal slapen vannacht. Oef, eindelijk vakantie!! Ik kijk er wel naar uit. Voorlopig is mijn plan hetvolgende: morgen rond de middag landt het vliegtuig in Montréal. Dan heb ik enkele uurtjes om mijn weg te vinden naar het treinstation en hopelijk heb ik dan nog even de tijd om wat rond te lopen voor mijn trein vertrekt. Rond 19u komt de trein aan in Québec stad waar ik normaal gezien als er niets fout loopt ... read more

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent August 10th 2008

we needed a break from the big cities. and gent was perfect. we were welcomed by lovely sisters jolien and cynthia. very friendly. perfect english. and of course they speak dutch and french as well. jolien showed us around her house, a lovely retro place. fleamarket finds in every nook. but tastefully put together. eclectic. i can see my place looking like this. she has an attic and a basement, a water closet. a BACKYARD. now that's a change from paris. her beautiful cats alain and dalida. a famous french duet sung by the two. alain currently purring my lap. he's a handful. our first full day jolien took us to the museum she once worked in. gave us a full-on tour. it was a great introduction to belgium, the peculiar traditions of its people. i ... read more

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent July 18th 2008

FANTASTIC festivals & parties :D! Seriously though, I do believe it's the oldest city in Belgium. Medieval through & through. ... read more
River along the Kraaniel
I have NO idea what this building is...
The mystery building

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent July 6th 2008

After a busy first day of the holiday, we were up at 7am fully rested and ready to do our first bit of Interrailing! Our hotel was only about a five minute walk to Lille Flandres Station, and in our ever-lasting panic of things going wrong, we were there about half an hour early to make sure our train was on the board and we knew exactly where we needed to go. Admittedly, we had gotten there early in the hope of finding breakfast too...but soon realised that would be a rather fruitless search given it was so early on a Sunday morning (even at this point, we were in that holiday mood where the days just merge into one another and we stop paying real attention to days and dates). We found the train fairly ... read more
St Nicholas Church

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent July 1st 2008

Hi folks! This entry is merely an attempt to see how this site works. Within less than 24 hours I'll depart from Brussels to New York and from there out I'll fly to Lima, Peru. I'll be staying in Lima from Tuesday the second until Saturday 5th of July and will fly from Lima to Pucallpa. I'll join a group of fellow adventurers to go deep into the jungle to stay in a Shipibo village. During our stay we'll learn about shamanism, we'll have a look into medicinal and psychoactive plants and we'll have the oportunity to join in an ayahuasca ritual. My friend Julio who'm I've been in contact with trough e-mail and msn for several years will lead the trip. If you want to have an idea about what the trip is going to ... read more

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent June 19th 2008

We made our way from Torquay to Dover which was quite a drive. I think it took about 5 hours. Our ferry wasnt until 4am the next morning so we stopped at a reststop and had a few hours sleep. Boarded the ferry which only took 90 mins to cross the English channel. Arrived in Calais, France then started driving towards Belgium. We stopped at a rest stop on the way for a bit of a sleep cos we were quite tired. When we woke up I realised that I had left the headlights on so the battery was dead flat. We managed to get a jump start from a tow truck which turned out quite costly. Once we were back on the road we headed to Ghent for the night. Stayed a quite a nice ... read more
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Photos 343
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Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent June 2nd 2008

When we first arrived in Ghent from Bruges our spirits were low! There was overcast and it was just Dull in general....I guess we had low expectations of the place right from the start and the tram ride from the station to the centre didn’t help shape our opinions in the slightest. The place just looked stingy and not most attractive town I’ve come across. From the walk to our hostel it didn’t appear to be all that exciting. It just seemed dead or something. However it wasn’t long before that changed. Last minute that evening we decided to take a boat ride as the driver was ever so friendly and convincing you could say. Once we saw the city from the water EVERYTHING changed…. The sun came out and the town was almost glorious to ... read more
Boat Trip

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