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Europe » Albania » West » Tirana May 24th 2016

Woolly says – our first bus of the day was rather like playing the game of sardines! As more and more people squeezed in I started wondering if the oxygen on board would last out for the journey, as though the lid had been removed we all poured out onto the pavement and the start of our second bus ride to Tirana. The municipality was first credited to Sulejman Pasha Bargjini, a native feudal lord from Mullet, who established the city in 1614. His first constructions were a mosque, a bakery and a hamam (Turkish bath.....hehehe I can still the remember the mud monsters from Feithye!) On February 8th 1920 Tirana was made the temporary capital by the Congress of Lushnje, before being proclaimed the permanent capital on December 31st 1925. Having navigated our way round ... read more
Checking out the damage
Piece of the Berlin Wall
Fabulous ceiling

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana March 3rd 2016

So here I was, in capital of not very well known country - Albania. First of all I had to find a place with WiFi to let my host know I arrived and I'm ready to meet him. I have requested four nights and my request was accepted by a Chinese guy living in Tirana. Before I headed to the area where he lives I agreed with Nicholas that we'll meet later that day for a coffee. Then I walked to Blloku neighbourhood and found little cafeteria where I could use their WiFi and to have a coffee too (very much needed after only few hours of sleep). So I let my host know where he can find me and was waiting for his response. I was picked by Jing within an hour. We walked to ... read more
National History Museum
Bunker with block from Berlin wall behind it

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana July 29th 2015

Back in the summer of 2013, I did a small amazing train trip in part of the Balkans. It was a first, and I knew I would come back to tour the remaining capitals I hadn't visited. So first stop, I'm in Albania....I know, who goes on holidays in Albania, if you don't really have a connection to the country...not that I don't have one somehow! Instead of going direct, I flew through Istanbul in order to try the huge Turkish Airlines lounge, saving the cost of a hotel night at the same time. Lounge is huge, but not that impressive with their offerings...except for the pool table, and yes, the golf simulator. It's a first for me to play on a golf simulator....all this at midnight, drinking some nice Merlot, and ended up even playing ... read more
Great group city tour in the morning...
Poor country, but in Tirana, easily 20% of the cars are Mercedes!
The past is still around...

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana July 9th 2014

I was lucky getting to Tirana, as the buses from Kotor to Tirana require several changes, but the hostel in Kotor (another dorm) had a shuttle service if enough people signed up. Luckily, they did. I talked mostly to a Danish couple and a little with a Norwegian couple. This proved key, as they were renting a car in Albania and going in the same direction as I was. Luckily, they offered to drive me, so that was convenient. I stayed at their hotel, since I had no place to go when I arrived. It was already nice to have my own room after the hostel in Kotor. I spent that first day walking around Tirana, the capital. Not such an exciting place, but still good to see it. The next day I went to Durres, ... read more
Another copycat restaurant
In town
Cool national flag

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana July 8th 2014

Geo: 41.3317, 19.8172GÜN 69 GÜNLERDEN SALI :Kahvaltıya diyecek lafımız yok ..Hakkını verdiler doğrusu..Öğlene doğru, hava sıcak o nedenle yakın bir yerde yiyelim dedik ..Bir köfteciye girdik Ayşecik çorba, ben de bir köfte ısmarladım …Geleni görünce kopuverdim..Kızcağız tabağa tek bir köfte koyup getirdi..Meğersem burada köfte adedini mutlaka bildirmek gerekiyormuş..Neyse karşılıklı gülüştük ve takviyeyi sağladık..Öğleden sonra, Ayşe'yi otelde bıraktım ve burada özel olarak ahşaptan yapılan sürücü koltuğu arkası arıyorum ..Özel olarak bir numara yapıyorlar ..araç s&u... read more
duvar çalışmaları

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana July 7th 2014

Geo: 41.3317, 19.8172GÜN 68 GÜNLERDEN PAZARTESİSabah güzelce kahvaltımızı yapıp yola çıktık.Yaklaşık 15-20 trafik kontrolünü, sıfır fena puanla aşmasını başardık.Sadece, yakıt alarak Tiran 'a vardık.. Küçük bir ek bilgi vereyim ...Eğer eşiniz veya arabadaki herhangi bir kişi, yoldan ve yüksekliklerden etkileniyorsa, İskodra-Tirana yolunu pek tavsiye etmeyiz ..Oldukça netameli bir yol olduğunu saygıyla arzediyorum..MIO (GPS) çalışmıyor.Arnavutluk kapsamı alanı içinde değil, bu nedenle Dünyanın en yaygın GPS sistemi olan el kol işareti ile otel arıyoruz ..Arnavut Polis kardeşimiz, burnunun ucundaki oteli tan&... read more
tirana giriş
çok var

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana May 8th 2014

6.15 Frühstück, 7.00 Abfahrt, da weiß man gleich, was bevorsteht: eine lange Strecke, die auch noch schwierig ist. So war's denn auch. Der Tag begann mit dem Abschied von Tony Mac. Er war von London aus mitgefahren, hatte die ersten beiden Tage nur gefroren, aber weil er ein Mann ist, ist er nicht auf die offensichtliche Idee gekommen, dass er irgendwo anhalten könnte und sich was Warmes zum Anziehen kaufen könnte...... Am dritten Tag ging's ihm noch schlechter und ab Bled war er dann im Van mit einer schweren Erkältung/Bronchitis. In Trogier wurde er zur Untersuchung/Diagnose ins Krankenhaus gebracht, am nächsten Tag in dubrovnik nochmal. Von dieser schweren Erkältung war sein Herz angegriffen und er entschloß sich, das MR im Hotel in Dubrovnik stehen zu lassen. Er selbst flog heute Abend heim nach England. Plant aber, ... read more
albanischer Bunker

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana September 4th 2013

Albania via Pogradec > Korca > Erseke > Leskovik > Permet > Gjirokaster > Livadhja > Butrint > Ksamil > Borsch > Dhermi > Vlore I’ve been reunited with Dragana (the bike) and have to say my heart skipped a beat on seeing her. And now we’ve been together again for just over a week it’s like no time has passed between us. Actually, that’s not totally true. After an absence of bike riding for over a month, whilst I still knew how to still ride a bike, the going was er, a little tough. Riding along Ohrid Lake was nice enough but not like the gorgeous road around Skardar Lake in Montenegro. But as first days back in the saddle go, this wasn’t a bad one. And the monastery of Sveti Naum, just near the ... read more
Summer's over at Pogradec
Playing Dominos at Pogradec
The Road to Korca

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana August 25th 2013

Hello my fellow travellers! After a great day with Mihajlo in Veles and another good exploration of Skopje yesterday I got on the bus to Tirana. Let's just say that the bus was less than exciting, burning hot with no air conditioning but with an assortment of drunks instead, yes drunks, not drinks. Even so I eventually managed to fall asleep and in doing so ended up in Durres instead of in Tirana. Tirana doesn't actually have a bus station, the bus just stopped at a parking lot with no lights around and that's why I never noticed it. I only noticed because we were two hours past the time when I was supposed to be in Tirana and when I asked another passenger he told me that we had already passed it, he was kind ... read more
Bunker TR III 1976
Bunker TR III 1976
Concrete Supports of Spac Labour Camp

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana August 24th 2013

Berat to Tirana - out we went on the same roads we came in on until we headed off to Tirana, the capital city of about a million people. There are some highways built in Albania so we had quite few k's of smooth riding on four lane motorways in between the lesser roads so a better ride than yesterday. Tirana is bustling, busy, bullish - on the surface anyway. We got the impression of a city in a hurry but still with too many men looking as if they had no job to go to. There are some impressive buildings in a style different to western eyes - almost a mix of eastern, western, communist and capitalist ideas struggling for supremacy. The mausoleum that Enver Hoxha, the communist dictator , had arranged for himself in ... read more
Unfinished houses
Rural Albania

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