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Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis Blog 28th January 2020 Basseterre St. Kitts is the larger of the 2 Caribbean islands that comprise the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. It’s known for rainforested mountains and beaches of white, gray, and black sands. On its southwestern coast is the capital, Basseterre, and Georgian buildings from the colonial era. Anchoring Basseterre is the Circus, a plaza modeled after London’s Piccadilly Circus, complete with Victorian-style clock tower. St Kitts' southeastern peninsula features beaches by Frigate Bay, known for a popular row of bars called The Strip, and South Friar's Bay, with calm waters for snorkeling and swimming. Recreational activities also include seaside golfing and diving near shipwrecks. On the northwestern coast is Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, known for its preserved fortification built in th... read more

Tuesday July 9 - The ferry I took from Nevis to St Kitt's was a much smaller boat than the one I had taken over to Nevis. Because of this, I decided to take the seasickness meds again this morning, but it was still calm and I doubt it was needed. This boat was much faster, and we arrived in 30 minutes. I spent a little time looking for the Leeward Island Charters office, to see if I can find out if they were running their snorkeling trip tomorrow. I didn’t find it, or it wasn’t open yet, I’m not sure which. Either way, I went to the bus station and got on a minibus that looked to be leaving soon. The “bus station” is just a place where the minibusses end their routes and hang ... read more
Buses have names

Saturday July 6 – Another unnecessarily early start to the day, but a relaxing one. I packed my stuff, had a yogurt for breakfast, talked to Jeroen and watched several episodes of NCIS New Orleans. Man, it’s been a rough year for King. At 11:15 I headed out for the last time. I quite liked this little studio. It has every I needed, except a spaghetti strainer. I left the key in the lockbox and said good-bye to Ken, the security guard and my only friend on the island. I took the two buses to the airport and had an easy time finding a spot towards the front, even with both backpacks, which can be awkward. Today I’m heading to St Kitts and Nevis, a two-island nation. I fly into St. Kitts, but will stay in ... read more
African Green Vervet Monkey in Myron's yard
They're here for the mangoes
Num num num

Basseterre St. Kitts. A smooth crossing from Tortola to St.Kitts. For the rest of our cruise the islands are quite close together so fingers crossed we continue to experience calm seas. We watched from our balcony as the Captain guided the ship alongside the pier from the floating bridge. I wonder if the Captains car parking is as good as his ships parking. St. Kitts is another island we have visited before, enjoying many of the usual sights including the scenic narrow gauge railway that runs through the sugar plantations that covered this island for so many years. Our tour today was something a bit different - We enjoyed a unique culinary experience at Fairview Great House, a plantation house built in the 1700's. There were just five on the tour plus the usual escort from ... read more
Basseterre St.Kitts
Basseterre St.Kitts
Basseterre St.Kitts

Here we are, days 3 and 4 of our little nine days trip around the Caribbean aboard the Club Med 2. These are two golfing stops for me, but not only, as this is my first visit to this pretty new yes, this is count 151 for me! Playing golf in the Caribbean is never the add-on from Club Med to play 4 courses during this trip is a little exception to what I would call a good deal! Our first stop is on St Kitts. We are playing the Marriott Royal St Kitts, another course designed by Trent Jones. This is a great golfing day. Greens are amazing, wind is blowing....I'm playing with a teaching pro, from Paris...who finished 4th at the Moscow Olympics at the pole vault! What an idea to finish ... read more
St Kitts links course...
Happy couple...
St Kitts...

First thing in the morning we were picked up at the port of Basseterre and taken to our booked excursion on the St Kitts Scenic Railway. It is touristy and expensive to do, but I thought it was a worthwhile experience. It follows the old sugar train route round much of the north of the island and is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. We travelled 18 miles at 10mph through forests and sugar plantations, over bridges and along rugged coastline. We saw many little villages and locals going about their business, nearly all of whom stopped to wave at us. Not only was the journey scenic, it was entertaining as well. The train driver Kathlydia was hilarious, she talked the whole time and I don't know how she kept her energy up. ... read more

St Kitts and Nevis (pronounced 'Nee-vis') are two of the sleepiest places in the Caribbean, and one of the few countries where agriculture is still a larger part of the economy than tourism. St Kitts, by far the bigger island, comprising most of the country's 60,000 population, has a mountainous interior, salt ponds and deeply indented bays. Until this century it was covered in cane fields, but the sugar industry has now totally disappeared from the island, freeing up its train tracks for other pursuits. The culture of the island draws on a mix of European, African and West Indian traditions. This was the most northern island we visited, being situated northwest of Antigua. Our initial stop here was in Basse-Terre, the capital city of St Kitts, situated at the southern end of the island. The ... read more
"Put it out there, ladies".
Looking south, with Atlantic Ocean on left, Caribbean Sea on right, Nevis in the background.
One of the local characters.

We have been at sea for 5 days. We finally came ashore at Martinique. It was very overcast the we docked. The weather is quite warm. Dennis and I are both sick. I have a terrible cold and Dennis has an upset stomach. So we took to our beds to rest. The next day we were in Antigua and we still were not feeling well, so again we stayed on board. Good thing because in the early afternoon the skies opened and it rained. Today we are in St. Kitts and we are going ashore. We have to tender in because there are two large ships here that have been following us around. We were in the first tender. We were happy about that. but unfortunately as we were approaching the shore, we had cleared the ... read more

A brutally crisp Sunday morning in early January was greeted with a phone call from Kurt - surely I fancied some ice fishing? Hardly enthusiastic, but half asleep, I had no excuse to hand. An hour later saw us skirting Bald Eagle State Park, the lake’s surface dotted with micro-tented communities of similarly twisted individuals. Following Kurt’s lead we – tentatively on my part - skated out to our target spot. The ice held and the obscenely large auger was deployed to seek liquid water. Beneath us the pan fish gave up their lives in moderate number, although not with enough enthusiasm to provide the envisaged feast. Thus with the beers consumed Kurt returned for a solo fry up whilst I merely retired to a hot bath. A few weeks later he offered up an alternative ... read more
St Kitts looking East
Dusk fishing
Pelicans on the north coast of St Kitts

Sunday March 13th, 2016. Basseterre, St Kitts This was not a long stop so we didn't have time to go to Nevis like we did the last time we were here. Instead we walked into the cruise terminal. D left M trying to find some free internet while he went to look around town. The internet hunt was unsuccessful and D reported back that the town was closed. D took a few pictures of the town and purchased some snacks at a supermarket that happened to be open - he gave the Planters Peanuts a miss at 6 quid for a small drum! We were back on board in time for lunch. We had been invited to a sail away party on the bridge wing to celebrate our impending platinum membership of the Columbus Club. There ... read more
21.  Columbus Platinum Club New Members
20.  D & M at   Columbus Platinum Club Party on Bridge
17.    Columbus Platinum Club Party on Bridge

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