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We were among the fortunate invitees on a wonderful post-holiday junket to the land of gentle ocean breezes, beautiful sandy beaches lapped by warm water, gorgeous tropical foliage, amazing golf courses, wonderful fresh food, tasty beverages, and the pleasant company of a gaggle of other guests on Nevis, a tiny, unspoiled island in the West Indies. So here I go, trying to provide ’Dear Readers’ with a glimpse of the highlights of the Nevis trip without inciting insane jealousy. To ease the green monster a bit, we are now home in New York State where it is bone chilling cold and snowing. Our first destination was St. Kitts where a van awaited to whisk us to a boat to whisk us to Nevis. The van driver offered very interesting commentary on the ride (stay to the ... read more
Nevis Public Beach
Beach at the Four Seasons
St. Kitts Harbor

The last days of our trip were spent exploring St Kitts and St Thomas. St Kitts, one of the smallest nations in the world was a lovely surprise . A small island we circumvented in a day with nature and history and a lovely beach to dip ourselves in. By the end of the week-long cruse we got into a perfect routine. Every day the ship would arrive at a different port. We would eat breakfast on the Lido deck (deck 9 – mid) high above the port as the ships slowly anchored. Then we would go on shore to do some exploration on our own. After returning in the afternoon we would go eat some ice-cream (deck 9 – aft) before showering in our room (deck 2 – aft - starboard) . We would then ... read more
Kayaking tour
Brimstone Hill Fortress, St Kitts

Tonight we are anchored in Sopers hole or west end as they prefer to call it in Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands. Unfortunately it is going to be a beautiful full moon here tonight, and although it is only 5pm some large boats are already partying very loudly. It does not auger well for the night ahead, so I say, if you can’t beat them join them. There is a full moon party about 5 minutes taxi drive away, so why not…more on this later. The transport of the boat is all organised and when we come home in April, we can leave it knowing everything is under control. Since we decided to send Perthamina home we have made our way up here to the Virgin Islands. Firstly we stopped at Nevis, my cousin ... read more
st kitts
ginger from st kitts
sheena and gordons house

Hello! Well a bit of a silence, sorry about that. We have left Antigua after six years of visiting to bring Perthamina up to Tortola ready for her trip home. As many of you know we have decided to upgrade and buy a new boat, bigger and younger, so Perthamina is for sale. We also decided to bring her back to the uk, so she is being put on a ship at St thomas in may. In the meantime, Bruce came to stay for a couple of weeks and we went up to les saintes, and guadaloupe. The weather was awful, rough, big swell , it was very unpleasant for our journeys,. We went to deshaies , and then on to pigeon island for a really good dive. Continuing we went to les saintes, where alan ... read more

4th stop.....St.Kitts. It was time for another morning excursion, and this one was once again a catamaran snorkling trip. This boat was pretty cool as we could relax on the front of the boat on this giant net. We went snorkling at Shitten bay (yes that was the name). However, both Daddy and I were not as impressed after our great snorkling in St. Thomas, as there was not much coral or fish. Also, my snorkling gear did not work that good, and it was cold. However, even with all those things, I still had fun floating around with Daddy and taking in all the beauty. We went back on the boat and I took a giant nap as it was so relaxing and peaceful on the boat. We then met up with Avo Jay and ... read more
Funny Pose with Avo Jay
Brimstone Hill Fortress
Snorkling St. Kitts

The past few days have been completely awesome! The carribean is everything that i thought it would be if not better! Everyday i'm in a new, amazing place! And this is my job!!!! Sometimes i cant really believe that all this is real. I know i complained a lot while i was in Canada but that was boring in my eyes, grey, wet and cold, not really something one associates with cruising. But now, its sunny every day, theres music and drinks and food. Theres something beautifull everywhere you look! So far weve been to Half Moon Cay, which is holland america lines private island in the Bahamas, where i got sunburnt and had the outline of my sunglasses on my face for 3 days! Then yesterday was St. Croix. Which was nice but no where ... read more

Introducing the players... there's me and my wonderful husband Greg (I've cruised four times and this is his second... I tend to take the pictures and blog, and he kindly lugs my camera gear and is happily paid in beer)... there's my pal Nic (this is our third cruise together) and her mom (who celebrated a birthday on board)... and my sis Mel (who was on a first name basis with the entire bar staff by day 2) and her friend Tim (shoulda had a V8)... whom Carnival married and whose honeymoon was definitely short lived :) ... Tuck in with a coffee - it's another long one... And we’re off again on another cruise adventure… This time on the Carnival Miracle out of Fort Lauderdale… instead of leaving in the wee hours of the morning, ... read more
leaving Fort Lauderdale
Mocha Chocolate Getaway
Carnival Miracle, some Celebrity ship, and an Aida ship in St Maarten

Still in North Bay but thought I would give you another history/geography lesson re one of the places we visited on the cruise. The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is a two island nation that has a prime minister and is governed as a parliamentary democracy, very much like Canada. These islands are situated on the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea. St. Kitts was originally named St. Christopher after explorer Christopher Columbus and eventually abbreviated to St. Kitts. The residents, called Kittitians, speak English with a Caribbean accent. St. Kitts is the larger of the two, spanning 68 square miles. The island covers 23 miles in length and at its widest point five miles across. There are varying terrains that range from semi-arid to rain forest, from flat to nearly impassable. Most of the ... read more
Flowers in the Botanical Gardens at Romney Manor
More Flowers in the Botanical Gardens

OK, it is taking some time to get acclimatized to cruising but I am loving every minute of it. There is just so much to see and do and eat!! If someone, anyone has lost weight on a cruise, they have to be anorexic. The 6 sister + 1 are starting to settle into a good routine of meals, tours, gym time, alone time and taking care of another sister routine. Picture taking has been a challenge as Sister #1 tries to organize us and get the best picture. We did do formal pictures the 2nd night but I think we will give it another try on Friday because no one was completely satisfied with how they looked. Because of the computer systems, I can't upload pics to the blog but Sister #6 has her small ... read more

Time is winding down and I’m already realizing all that I’m going to miss. I’m also realizing how much I have adapted to island life and Caribbean culture. The first time I consciously noticed change was when I was walking to work with Eli and I thought to myself that he was walking faster than usual, but then I realized that my walking pace had, in fact, slowed down. I haven’t worn a watch in almost three months now, it’s such a relief to slow down and not feel the constant pressure of time. Some adaptations happened naturally, others I found more difficult to internalize. Greeting people, for example, is one thing I adapted to right away. Everyone greets each other here with the customary “Good Morning/Afternoon/Night.” This greeting applies across the board, whether you are ... read more

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