St Kitts and country, two islands and some solid golf! So British!

Published: February 15th 2018
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Here we are, days 3 and 4 of our little nine days trip around the Caribbean aboard the Club Med 2. These are two golfing stops for me, but not only, as this is my first visit to this pretty new yes, this is count 151 for me!

Playing golf in the Caribbean is never the add-on from Club Med to play 4 courses during this trip is a little exception to what I would call a good deal!

Our first stop is on St Kitts. We are playing the Marriott Royal St Kitts, another course designed by Trent Jones. This is a great golfing day. Greens are amazing, wind is blowing....I'm playing with a teaching pro, from Paris...who finished 4th at the Moscow Olympics at the pole vault! What an idea to finish 4th! Very nice guy, as you can guess, I never heard about him before.

No more playing my handicap either today, but fun to see that I can score the same score as a teaching pro!

There is not a lot to see in St Kitts. During the afternoon...we spent a good hour walking the main streets of the little port city. As they say, so British! As we arrive each day at around 8am and sail away just after 5pm....if you count a good 4 hours and half on the golf course...there is not much left for self discoveries on my side. So in the morning, I play golf, and Tanya is walking the main port city of the island.

Next morning, we are next island, next door in Nevis. The island has been mainly protected from hurricane st Irma last year due to his sleeping volcano. The island is green and lush...solid time! Those who went to explore told us that the little city is way less interesting than St Kitts. Normal, we are Sunday...On Sundays here people are at church...and shops are close. Try to compare it to Tonga....there, even the airport is close on Sunday!

On the golf side, we are landing directly on the Four Seasons pier to play their own Trent Jones golf course. Put it simply, yes I love luxury...but this is way out of my least the way I travel....if I was like most Americans 10 days per year on holidays, it may be slightly different!

Today I'm playing again with the teaching pro. They have organized a little competition in two balls scramble. Fun as we both play bad...but we are playing the course from the top back tees...and trust me, this is pure fun! Sadly, Club Med organizers are a bunch of clowns...realizing in the middle of the field that most players don't have the level to play the back tees. I do know why Club Med has been on the losing side over the last decades....amateurs do not do proper hoteliers...sad, but simple!

Glad I learn a lot working for Club Med while at university...but it is sad to see how people living the resort life...just can't be pro! These days, being nice, is just not good enough when you charge top dollars!

Back to Nevis, that golf course was something. I'm playing a lot and have been fortunate to do it all over the world, but that course is something. This was it for my encounter with Nevis!

Tomorrow, back to the BVIs.....for some truly fun beach time...and no golf!

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