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After sad goodbyes to Sally and Richard we set sail to the wonderfully chi-chi St Barts. OMG it’s like London, Paris and New York but under the sun! We arrive in Gustavia (the capital) and wander ashore to shop until we drop (I wish) and do the normal check-in procedure. To my big disappointment it was Sunday and as in France everything was closed, so with a smile on Gill’s face, having narrowly escaped massive indebtedness we have a scout-about and I dream of tmw! That evening we go to a nearby beach, called Shell Beach and have sundowners in Go Brazil, an uber-trendy bar with beautiful people hanging out and the boys (Gill and Tim – not Cameron and Samuel, before you think they have grown up quickly) enjoy the silicone scenery! Just to be ... read more
Shell Beach
Luis Vuitton in St Barths - I think they were having a sale / laugh!
Ranger alongside in Gustavia

Jeudi, le 7 février, notre ami Lucien monte à bord. Hier, nous avons fait le grand ménage car le travail dans le réservoir a fait bien de la poussière; nous avons également sorti les vélos sur le pont afin de dégager la cabine avant. Depuis quelques jours déjà, nous avons surveillé la météo et une belle fenêtre s’amène; nous hésitons entre Anguilla et St-Barthélémy. De toute façon, il faut faire des provisions et ce, dès aujourd’hui car là on annonce une grosse houle du nord et des vents de 20noeuds pour lundi midi. Donc, à peine les bagages de Lucien à bord, nous filons sur le Simply et faisons provisions pour trois jours. À 7h00 le lendemain, nous sommes à préparer le bateau et nous levons l’ancre à 8h45 pour nous diriger vers le pont hollandais ... read more
Le port de Gustavia
 La ville est une station de magasinage « haut de gamme »
Même les demeures environnantes soulignent ce fait!

Another good two tank dive with Thierry & Celina including a visit to a boat sunk in a Hurricane. Plenty of photos taken (see attached). The rest of the holiday was spent lapping up the sun, wine, food and beer! The trip home went very smoothly. All in all an excellent holiday.... read more
Wavy coral

As we had the hire car for 4 days we decided to make use of it and try somewhere else for lunch. We'd been recommend a place in St Jean Bay called Nikki Beach. Not to be confused with a beach for naked people as the American family had done the previous day when we were discussing it as a possible destination for them and their family. I'm not quite sure what they think i was proposing! We had a quick detour to the capital Gustavia first and did a bit of shopping (mostly for Sophie!). Plenty of Chanel and Louis Vuitton and loads of boats. As St Barths is very small it was only a 10 minute ride to St Jean which took us past the airport just as a plane was landing. I'm glad ... read more
NIkki Beach
Lunch @ Nikki Beach

So the only thing i had to do on Sunday evening was to pick up the hire car from outside the hotel. Simples one would have thought, well yes, if you've remembered your driving licence it is! Well i hadn't and the valet was off in 30 minutes and i needed the car the next morning to get to Gustavia where I was due to meet the dive boat. Luckily I have a brilliant daughter who, after a quick phone call, was able to scan my licence in and email it to me. I could then print off a copy and this did the trick, phew! The next morning I had a quick breakfast and then drove to Gustavia. It only took 15 minutes and i was early at the meeting point. Thierry and Celina duly ... read more
Lion Fish

OK, this is just a quick blog ahead of tomorrow's but i can't let this pass without comment... You know that when a woman lays down to sunbathe and nothing goes south there has been a certain amount of augmentation involved but what alarms me is that they turn to face you, you instinctively duck for cover ! Surely they must know that it doesn't look natural ? Enough said, rant over.... read more
French Angel fish

The trip over the Atlantic was fine, a little turbulent but no problem. First time I'd flown Air France. score? 7 out of 10. We landed in St Marteen on time and collected our boarding pass for the connection to st barths. We had to wait behind a lady who had a French identity card, an out of date passport and a current South African passport. Bit dodgy if you ask me, probably how the other half live. Got to the gate where we were supposed to go but the flight didn't appear on any screens! Two minutes later and the call came for us to board. We got on the shuttle bus (which was there this time) which took us to the Otter plane. We took off early and landed 15 minutes later at Gustavia ... read more
Enjoying Lunch

Alarm rings at 4:30 am after what seems like only 2 hours sleep. Out of hotel and into terminal by 5 am (so the hotel does have a plus point!). At this time of the morning the queue is minimal so we're soon through security and sitting in Costa with a flat white and a almond croissant. The caffeine certainly helps. The weather is foul (I hope the Ladies from Aston Abbotts enjoyed Royal Ascot) and we're 20 mins late taking off, under normal circumstances this wouldn't be a problem but we're changing in Paris and any more delays could make it interesting! I do have an advantage however as I've got the inside track from a very good friend of mine who's done this before and he's given me the low down on transferring between ... read more

This has been a remarkable trip and we are elated that we circled the huge continent of South America. It has been quite an eye-opener for us and a journey of discovery. Even though we honeymooned in South America 39 years ago (wow— how time flies!) we have always been drawn to Asia and Europe. But we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to see this part of the world. For us the highlights have to be the beauty of Patagonia, rounding Cape Horn and our cruise on the majestic Amazon River. South America is as diverse as it counterpart to the north. It has a fascinating history especially when you consider that the pre-European Indian civilizations were so advanced that they were able to develop calendars and astrological theories without the use of an ... read more

We arrived in St Barts fitting between race weeks. St Bart's I think is worth all the hype. It's certainly one of the safest islands in the Caribbean and feels more like Monaco that the Caribbean. We didn't stay here long. We anchored in a gorgeous bay, Anse du Colombier in the North of the Island where the snorkelling was brilliant and vivid colours of the fish were remarkable. It was a pleasant walk into Gustavia and we geeked out over the small runway at the airport. We were told that it is one of the 10 most dangerous airports in the world. I haven't checked if that is true and on what measure but watching the take off and landings some how didn't quite look like they would make it. We met another family boat ... read more
St Barts runway
Tall ship cruise ship
Walking in St Barts

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