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Today was a day of exploration of Old San Juan and the human geography aspects. San Juan is considered a primate city, meaning there is more living within the city itself than the island. In the walking tour of San Juan, there are over 46 destinations, all similar and unique in their own ways. We managed to see a few key sites, such as Fort El Morro, Fort San Cristobal, and many Plazas as well as a church and the cemetery of San Juan. The Plaza’s are numerous throughout San Juan, mainly because of their communal feeling. People of San Juan are largely community based. Evidence of that could be the multiple individual festivals I’ve encountered on my trip here in each city. Each individual plaza holds its own historical value, such as the Plaza de ... read more
Plazuela de la Rogativa
Paseo de la Princesa, Antigua Carcel, Raices Fountain

This is why we love the east coast. Get on a plane at two in the morning and 3 hours later you are in paradise - Puerto Rico. First stop - SAN JUAN. To be more specific - historic OLD SAN JUAN. We drove straight here, because we have heard so many wonderful things. It was a Friday and everyone was running at 5am in the morning. Wow. We kind of just followed the runners and ended up at "the end of the city" guarded by the "GARITA'S" AT the FORTRESS. EL MORRO FORTRESS was used in defending the city many years ago. A beautiful fortress with views of the ocean and coastline as far as the eye can see. It was definitely quite the experience to just sit on the wall and watch the sun ... read more
Old San Juan
Old San Juan
Old San Juan

After our long day of traveling, we finally made it to San Juan, Puerto Rico about 9pm local time. While waiting for our luggage, we asked one of the airport staff members where we needed to go to get to our hotel. The lady told us to take a taxi to the Pan America Port. In trying to explain to her that we were not going there yet we just needed to get to our hotel, we quickly realized she had no idea what we were saying. So, we gather our luggage, make our way to the taxi stand and jump in. The cabby asked which hotel we needed to go to and again there was the language barrier. Thankfully Mike had printed out the information and grabbed it from his bag. So the cabby looks ... read more

We planned this Puerto Rico vacation about 8 months ago. We went all out since we wanted to do everthing to be first class. Once again we flew DELTA first class, it was Summer's first time flying first class, and she was very excited about this. we left LA at 5am, and got to San Juan at 10pm local time. The first 3 nights we stayed at the Marriott in Condado, Condado is actually the best beach in all of puerto rico, condado is next to Isla Verde, and Old San Juan. Condado was not what we were expecting, we felt lie we were back home, and we were not able to find real Puerto Rican here, then we found House of Orozco na dhtye did have rear puerto rican food. Condado is just like Vegas ... read more
puerto rico
condado the bes beach

By Melisse The massive forts, El Morro and San Cristobal in Old San Juan, were built in the 16th and 17th centuries. They provided protection of the Spanish Empire that spread across the Caribbean. They prevented sea-faring enemies from conquering the island of Puerto Rico. The massive walls, winding staircases and narrow tunnels are intriguing. This is what the 400-year-old walls look like. ... read more
wall 2
wall 3
wall 4

Our 2 week group tour of Costa Rica gave us lots of wildlife spotting opportunities in the various national parks we visited including monkeys, sloths, iguanas and frogs. We visited the Sloth Sanctuary where the baby sloths were adorable! We spent Christmas and New Year in Costa Rica at the beach and enjoyed walks along the beaches watching the sunset and celebrating the holidays with champagne around the swimming pool or whilst relaxing in a hammock. Whilst here we had our most adrenaline producing (and at times terrifying for Andrew) experience of the trip in the form of extreme zip lining. (Why couldnt we stick to watching frogs?!) A total of 12 different zip lines across huge expanse of cloud forest, some as long as 1km at terrific speed, trying desperately not to brake too soon ... read more
Sunset over Manuel Antonio beach.
Baby Sloths
The Panama Canal

Our journey from El Yunque to San Juan completed our circle of the island of Puerto Rico. We had seen many amazing things and we had had a lot of fun, but I was most excited about what we had planned for the coming days in San Juan. The city was founded in 1521 as Puerto Rico, a rich harbor on the north coast of the island of San Juan Bautista. It was the second oldest European settlement in the Caribbean and it served as the seat of Spain’s government in the Americas. Some time after the founding of the city a Spanish cartographer mixed up the name of the city and the name of the island and the error stuck, cementing the Island of Puerto Rico and its capital of San Juan into the history ... read more
The Lonely Watchtower - Fuerte San Cristóbal
Puerta de San Juan
Parque de los Palomas

DECEMBER 16 -- PACKING UP Today we leave, and there's lots to do. When we returned to the villa after sailing last night, I started packing while Jesse watched the little one. We wanted to be ready to leave right away in the morning so that we could have as much time as possible at Old San Juan before our flight left. In accordance with our lease agreement, we had to strip all the beds and leave the bedding in the laundry room. We also swept and made sure the fridge was empty -- that part wasn't hard. The teens had devoured most of the food already. I did still have a few snacks to bring with for the airport. After lugging our luggage downstairs, our next step was to get our rental car. Jesse and ... read more

Thursday afternoon we picked Ken’s parents up from the airport. We had a very overpriced Thanksgiving dinner at Perla, the famous restaurant in our hotel that sits under what looks like a gigantic shell pearl shell. I had diver scallops, 4 total, for $37. While they were tasty, I could not identify most of the other stuff on my plate, except for the fried bone marrow, which was incredibly greasy. I really can’t get over how expensive the food in Puerto Rico is for what you get. I guess at a place like our hotel there is little competition in the area, so they can hose you. Regardless, it was a nice dinner and nice to have a couple of members of our family with us. And the ambiance was pretty spectacular with a view of ... read more
El Morro
El Fuerte San Cristobal
musician in Old San Juan

12.8.2009 Kuuba ja Puerto Rico muistuttavat toisiaan siinä, että molemmissa aseistettujen poliisien läsnäolo on silmiinpistävä. Heitä on miltei joka kadun kulmassa. Puerto Ricossa on kaiken lisäksi harmaita, ruskeita, sinisiä ja mustia poliiseja. Viittaan heidän vaatetuksensa väriin. Tehtäviensä jaosta en tiedä. Tänään menin Lonely Planetin suosituksesta Pier2:ssa sijaitsevaan Café Cala´oon, koska sieltä saa kuulemma juuri sisämaasta tuoduista kahvipavuista tehtyä kahvia. Paikka oli pieni ja ahdas, ja asiakkaina oli itseni lisäksi viisi lihaksikasta poliisia - ruskeita ja harmaita mutta yhtä lailla aseistautuneita ja elekieleltään kuin amerikkalaisista poliisisarjoista. Paikalle tuli sitten muitakin asiakkaita - kaikki miehiä. Juuri tällaisia asioita turisti ei voi millään tietää, että jokin tietty kahvila on poliisien ja heidän vasikoittensa koht... read more
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