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19 April 2009. This is the first full day at sea. The Celebrity Summit is a curious boat; it shimmies and shakes, somewhat like a train on a rough track. Connie says it’s rather like sleeping on a block of Jell-O and having someone move the plate. Yes, the boat was there. Slipped in during the night or evening before along with another from a different company. From the Condado area to the Pan American pier was a $15 taxi ride. On one side of a spit of land is a commercial airport, probably and old military field, still used by the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. A new hotel is rising by the entrance to the field where there is also a very nice new convention center. On the other side of the neck of ... read more
The Summit
Sardine time
San Juan Panorama

17 April 17, 2009 You may take all the precautions you wish. The more you protect yourself, the less convenient it becomes for you to pass through airport security. The wonderfully wired and thick PacSafe 200 DayPack makes the gear inside difficult to view on the scanner. So, all you have carefully packed in a certain order and layered for maximum protection of fragile items, including lenses, will be taken out one-by-one and given a thorough swipe test—a special swab that picks up chemicals such as those used in making bombs or bullets, I suppose, which are then put in a sniffer. Afterward the TSA lady said, take all the time you need to repack. Thank goodness I was early for the flight. San Juan! The food is still good and the coffee is great, however, ... read more
Empty and molding
Condado Beach

On tuesday evening the 3rd it started raining. The next day we wanted to rent a car, but when we looked out of the window it was still raining. So change of plan then. The main reason for this trip is to go to the Word baseball classic games. We allready made a reservation for the tickets, but they need to be picked up at the baseball stadion (Hiram Bithorn). Since it's a bad day for making photos or siteseeing, we can do that today. First stop is the busstop. We expected the bus to come several times in an hour, but waited 40 minutes before the bus arrives. Recently they changed the schedule, so it's not so clear to us when the busses are coming now. We thought we could go straight to the stadion, ... read more
Hiram Bithorn Baseball stadion, San Juan

Monday the second was a nice day, the sun was shining and it was warm. After the Starbucks discovery, we just walked in the neighbourhood of our hotel. The beach is only 30 meters from the hotel, it's not big, but looks nice. You only can't swim there, it's too dangerous. The part of San Juan we're in is called Condado. It's an old part of the town (but not so old as Old San Juan). They do a lot of reconstruction and we see quite a lot of new, expensive hotels around our hotel. The first 9 days of the holiday we are just in an old hotel called El Canario by the sea. It only has 25 rooms, breakfast is nothing (only some bread with butter and jam, cornflakes with milk and coffee tea ... read more
Fuerte San Christobal
Exhibition Yannus Arthus Bertrand
Nice houses in Old San Juan

We arrived at Philly International in plenty of time to catch our "on-time", no weather delays, flight. We did get a de-icing before we left, felt like a cool morning we took off for our 3 1/2 hour flight. We resisted the temptation to buy the 5-star food and instead brought our own. Our landing was 10 minutes early and that meant we had 1 hour before the EAGLES kickoff. We are on Atlantic Time so we are one hour ahead of East Coast time.............oh, did we mention that it was sunny and 84 when we landed. Took the bus to the rental car, headed to our "residence", At Wind Chimes Inn - Condado neighborhood, and put everything in the room. On went the TV and we watched the first part of the game, oh, ... read more
At Wind Chimes Inn courtyard
The Mayor

Trip Itinerary Snorkeling in Fajardo... read more
The Beach

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