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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David January 29th 2016

We are on the final count down to departure time. We leave tomorrow for a 7 hour bus ride to Panama City where we will fly Spirit Air to Fort Lauderdale. We will rent a car to take us to the boat in Fort Myers. Our condominium neighbours have organized a pot luck dinner for this evening so we will be saying goodbye to all. It was quiet during the first two months but the season is in full swing so every condo is booked. Canadians, Americans, a Scandinavian and a Jamaican make up the residents. Everyone is friendly enough but they keep to themselves for the most part. We spent January relaxing, reading, swimming and going out to bars and restaurants. We did have occasion to go to the hospital for a broken toe and ... read more
Typical Panamanian fare
So cheery
Oh the garbage

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David December 31st 2015

Jerry and I wish all of you a Happy New Year, we miss you all. We spent Christmas Eve walking around downtown David and stopping at our favourite bars. The merchants were still out peddling their wares passed 9:00. The streets were packed with shoppers, the kids fair was in full swing and the streets were littered with garbage. Wrapping paper, food containers, boxes and bottles were everywhere. The garbage continues to boggle our minds in a city with pick up twice a week. We headed back to our condo for a much needed swim and more Christmas cheer. At midnight, the skies erupted with fireworks coming from every direction. This is not an organized event, everyone simply sets off fireworks at will. It could be seen in every direction even way up in the mountains. ... read more
Birds are here mating and making nests
Kids enjoying the downtown fair
Shoppers were out in full swing to the last minute

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David December 21st 2015

Merry Christmas everyone. It is difficult to get into the spirit here with 95 degree temperature, Palm trees and sand. The Panamanians seem to be into it, with Christmas lights, decorated trees and really crowded shopping areas. We revisited Puerto Armuelles this past week. This is the beach town on the Pacific side that we visited in the rain earlier, I wanted to see it on a sunny day. We were able to walk the beach which is a course dark sand. It was totally deserted except for a hand full of swimmers. The water is quite warm and the sand is too hot to walk on without shoes but it is still very pleasant to stroll along the ocean. There were nicer dwellings at this end of town. We are looking for next year's rental ... read more
Dark sandy beach
Walking the beach at low tide
Gringo pot luck

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David December 4th 2015

We continue to explore this busy and lively city. Panamanians are a boisterous bunch with all their fiestas. Last week end it was yet an other independence celebration, this time from Spain. There was music and dancing with firecrackers and fireworks going off all day and late into the night. Of course parades of chanting and dancing crowds as well as marching bands. They are big on drums here. I can't get over how they march for miles carrying these drums in this heat. We are joining the expat or as they are called, the gringos community. We enjoyed a lovely American Thanksgiving dinner at Hotel David. This is by far the best meal we have had here and the prices continue to be very affordable. The room was full, there are quite a number of ... read more
Lynn our neighbour and I
This is our street
The Thanksgiving crowd

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David November 24th 2015

We are spending more time at our condo and lazing in the pool. The heat continues with a slight cooling when the clouds roll in at around 4:00 making the evening absolutely perfect at around 80 degrees. We have unlimited internet, TV with some English channels for $39.00 a month. The owner of our unit left some great adventure books which I am thoroughly enjoying. Life is good! We usually head to the Bar for happy hour and to people watch. We have met some English speaking expats, one took us to a Canadian owned Bar with a great view of the Central Park. There is a Canadian couple at our condo who have travelled extensively through Central America, they are a great source of information. We have been invited to the American Thanksgiving celebration which ... read more
A typical street with vendors in David
Life is good!
Very few homes with this much yard

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David November 12th 2015

We continue to explore the surrounding area by bus. We are toying with the idea of renting a car as they are inexpensive but the insurance is costly. So far buses work well and cabs are cheap, driving seems suicidal in this city. We do a lot of walking as well which is a good thing because we sure are eating out a lot. I have the bus schedule on line so I locate places that are day trips, do a bit of research as to what is there and off we go to the bus terminal. We decided on Pedegral, a small suburb of David past the airport. We intended to go to the airport to check on car rentals as well. We get to the terminal and I ask about a bus to Pedegral ... read more
Jerry getting his fix
Muddy Rio Platanal River
A black Iguana

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David November 11th 2015

We continue to wander around David to explore this crowded and hot city. We must be getting acclimated a little because it does not feel so stifling. We now carry umbrellas, as the locals do, to provide shade from the sun. Until about 9:00 in the morning it is pleasant and when the clouds move in in the evening. It is nice to be able to walk downtown at night without a sweater and to have a swim in the pool without the slightest shiver. We have a leisurely morning catching up on emails, Facebook and cook a nice breakfast after which we head downtown. We have looked for newer neighbourhoods but have yet to find one, but we do come up with interesting sights everyday. Yesterday we came upon an outdoor casket making shop. We ... read more
Parade not sure why
Colourful dresses
Lots of young dancers

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David August 18th 2015

As I slipped I almost has time to plan my fall, almost but not quite. Luckily this peticuilar waterfall was not that tall and although it bruised instantly after a quick shake and a capture of my breath I was able to hike on... After leaving the surf camp and traveling to Panama via Costa Rica I wasn't inspired to write, Costa Rica was unexpectedly gloomy. After issues at the border and miscommunication at the bus station I was relived to arrive in Tamirindo and spend a few days with Sophie's mum and brother. We began our journey though Costa Rica on a 5am bus to San Jose, not at all what we were expecting we soon escaped to Purto veijo and over the border to Panama and Bocas del toro. We were re joined on ... read more
That stunning view
Beautiful slippy rocks

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David July 1st 2015

Distance driven today: 239 miles / 385 km Cumulative distance driven: 7,825 miles / 12,593 km Today’s trip: San Jose, Costa Rica to David, Panama Border crossings: 1 We left San Jose in the morning and took the southbound highway running north-south through the mountainous mid of Costa Rica. The road quickly climbed through a myriad of switchbacks, and took us to 3,600m/ 11,800ft altitude where we rode for several hours. The traffic was relatively light, and the mighty rain forest, with all it nuances of green, started surrounding us. At that high of an altitude the temperature dropped significantly, and relatively quickly we found ourselves riding in some sort of magical fog. All the moisty winds coming in from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts turn into dense fog/clouds as soon as they hit the mountain ... read more
Cetral mountainous Costa Ria road vista
Laid back backpacker friendly Dominical by the Pacific Ocean
Which direction is the border

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David September 18th 2012

Today I learned more about cigars than I ever thought mattered. Apparently it did matter because, even though neither my wife nor I smoke, we both bought cigars to try. Talking with the owner of Panama Caribbean Tobacco, David Reynaga, we learned how tobacco is grown, dried, prepped, sorted, rolled, shaped, finished, labeled, packaged, and ultimately marketed and sold. We were told the gift cigars we bought for $4.00 would retail in Panama City for at least $7.00, and in the U. S. they could sell for $15 or more. There were a few surprises in store, like cigars in shapes like a pipe, a hockey stick, and pencil-thin miniature cigars. There was even a monster cigar, and no serious cigar lover would attempt to light up such a manly smoke without a couple hours to ... read more
Cigar pipe
David Reynaga
master roller

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