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Today was the day to begin the long journey home and my plan of attack was simple. I would drive to David and take a room there so that I could get up early the next day and make a run at the Costa Rican border. It was a longish drive but I should have had plenty of time to do it before nightfall because the Pan-American Highway (aka Interamericana) in Panama is mostly 4 lanes and in very good shape. I was making good time until I reached the two-lane section where I passed by some protesters who were blocking one lane of a bridge. I waved and honked my horn as I drove by thinking nothing of this obstruction which was merely a nuisance compared to so many other driving challenges that I have ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David April 26th 2011

This morning we had our last Tesoro Club & espresso for breakfast (addicted!). Matty got up early to make it for us. Thanks Matty! Our cab arrived, we said our goodbyes & he left us with these parting words, we'll have great travels because we're Carebears! He he he! Love it. We headed into town & straight to the dive shop. A different dive shop than the one we went with the other day. They weren't super impressive so we'll give someone else a shot. We figured we'd dive our way out of town. May as well make the most out of a travel day. We did two dives. It poured down rain in between dive 1 & 2 & it made us so cold. By the time we finished our second dive it had cleared ... read more
The dock behind Bocas Water Sports.
It turns out the hat Geoff found is of Bocas's local baseball team.
Aboard our water taxi to Almirante.

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David April 20th 2011

Travel day. Ugh. Up at 3:20am. Finished packing. I walked down our stairs just as the bus pulled up to Geoff. Yikes. Talk about on time bus service here. This first bus only drove us 1 hour & cost $10 total. Whoa Costa Rica, too much. Although the driver did have to cross about 7 river/creeks that were pretty full. I imagine it's an impossible drive in the rainy season. But it did dump rain on us last night so maybe they fill up quickly? We changed buses in the middle of nowhere because a local guy told me he was going to the same town as us so we just had to follow him. That always makes it easy & takes the worry off of missing our next stop. We waited at this junction for ... read more
Somebody's not having any fun.
Chickens for sale!
They were all soo cute.

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David February 25th 2011

February 24th , Thursday (Skip) The start of our day was, as usual casual, with us departing the Purple House around 10:00am and traveling to Boquete which is about 30km north of David. The government of Panama is in the process of widing the 2 lane paved highway to what looks to be 3 or 4 lane. I noticed while driving to Boquete a fair amount of housing construction taking place near the main highway. This construction appeared to be single housing rather than large scale development. These projects were more than likely taking place off the road nearer the mountains. Once arriving in the town of Boquete the first impression is that of a quaint small town with a short main street and lots of small shops. Many, many restaurants (small & Large) a ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David February 24th 2011

(Barb) The Purple House is a pretty neat place..Almost everything is a shade of purple. I think it's cool, especially since that's my favorite color! Andrea, who is originally form NYC, is the manager and the mover and shaker of the place. She was a Peace Corps Vounteer stationed in David who always wanted to open a hostel. When she opened the Purple House it was the first in David and the second in Panama. It seems to be a very popular place, clean and hospitible. Nice galley kitchen. We have the only private room with a bathroom. Air conditioning is $5 a nite..available 12 hrs...if you want it started at 7 goes off at 7 am. Hot water is $2 extra for showers. The air is a blessing believe me! After we arrived we ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David February 23rd 2011

Monday February 21st (skip) With nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the city sounds, a nice breeze swirling around me beating back the heat, I decided this might be a good time to lay out a broad outline of where we plan on traveling to while staying in David, population of approximately 80,000+ . After traveling back north from Chitre to Divisa, located on the Pan-American highway, we will make our way to David, probably 5 hrs away. While staying in David, Barb and I plan on exploring the following communities; Vocan, Broquete and Puetro Armuelles together with any and all other smaller communities. First just a little history as I understand it at this time. Vocan is located in or in the area of a long, long sleeping volcano and Broquete is not ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David November 4th 2010

Date: 4th november . so where do i start? so much has happened since last week but ill try and mention the best bits! we went out for haloween to a local bar with a group of guys from the hostel in panama city. The drinks were about $1 each so we took full advantage and got stuck in! the bar was full of locals and as the only ''gringos'' we got a few looks but all friendly. The next day we met an Irish guy called Eric who just seemed to make friends on every road he walked, he took us around panama city were we found a hill with a view of the city, canal and bridge all at once. this was amazing, however, we decided we'd done enough site seeing for the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David May 23rd 2010

In puerto viejo, CR now. Just got back from David, panama. been there once before. it's pretty hot there, but lots of cheap shopping and that parque central is super nice. panama is so much cheaper than costa rica its stupid. things in cr are more expensive than the usa these days. meals in panama are $2-$3 hotels are less than $20. If you ask me, the people are nicer and more accomodating too. You'll need a little more spanish in most places but not mucho. By far the best thing done in david was go to the cockfights. It's like the national pastime down there. there were fights every fri, sat, sun. All attendees (200+) were super friendly and being the only gringos in the place we were given VIP treatment all the way. (free ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David March 18th 2010

OOOPS I GUESS I FORGOT TO PUBLISH THIS ON THE 18TH: Since last time I write: I'm still at lost and found. An awesome guy names "spider Ray" came to L&F he is an unpaid spider expert for Oxford University, and really awesome. He removed most of a cockroach from someones ear. I didn't have the balls to see a cockfight but I went to the arena and hungout around the cockfight at Gualaca. We got a new volunteer from Vermont and she is awesome. I pulled an awesome meal for 20 out of my ass in 4 hours, no notice. I swam in the Gualaca Gorge. I think I'm leaving L&F around the 28th. It's Dad's Birthday, Happy Birthday Dad! There is La Feria in David, its a big 10 day fair. I'll write more ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David February 22nd 2010

Now I´m at Lost & Found Eco Hostel in the La Fortuna Reserve. I´ve started toing the check in reservations so I´m sure I´ll have all theirinfor memorized soon. Lost & Found is a little too slow for me to stay at forever, but for now it is great. It is an Eco-hostel on the side of the mountain. I´ve been pulling weeds, and checking people in and out. The hiking is great, except when it is to the bathroom. I don´t like going several hundred feet to the toilet. Rocky the rescued kinkajou is AMAZING. I sleep in the dorms with some of the other guests and volunteers. It is not your average dorm room. You walk in and there are 3 layers with a total of 15 beds. They form a U shape. Volunteers ... read more

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