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Puerto Viejo was fun, but it was the only place that I really didn´t feel that safe walking around town at, plus my last night there I got attacked by mosquitoes. The last time my legs looked so red, bumpy, and disgusting was when I had chicken pox. It was gross. The best part of my Caribbean adventure was definitely traveling down to Panama. I met someone at Rocking J´s in Puerto Viejo who gave me step by step instructions on how to get across the border by bus. My first time taking a public bus by myself and I´m doing it in Central America, got to love it. When I got to the border I was so confused by what to do. Local men were just giggling together and yelling ¡chica! ¡chica! at me so ... read more
Bocas Del Toro
Backflips off the Tramp!

Zapatilla II (or minor) island is one of the two beatiful Zapatilla Keys. These two islands are located on a coral platform that is defined, toward the open sea, by the breakers that are formed as the waves crash on the reef. Zapatillas Keys lie inside the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park. They are famous for their beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs and small but shady forests. We took a picnic lunch and boated out there to do some swimming, relaxing, beachcombing, and walking through the forest on a trail raised above the swampy forest floor. The weather is hot even though the day was mostly cloudy, and we were careful to wear t-shirts to protect our backs when snorkling and to apply lots of sunscreen. The sun is strong even through the clouds, ... read more
Coming up to Zapatilla II
Coconut on the beach
Sand Dollar

Hello my friends. In my final night in Bocas del Toro. Fantastic place, highly recommended. Bus driver F'd me and didn't tell me my stop. So I went 30 minutes too far and had to get another bus back. Not a big deal. Had an early dinner at an over water bungalow, fantastic lobster sandwich. Met some Brazilians at the hotel and joined them for dinner. They are here for 3 weeks surfing twice a day. Called it a night after dinner. Friday was a fantastic day. Rented a beach cruiser and rode 7 kilometers to a sweet beach hut restaurant, half of which was riding on the beach and dirt road. Passed some amazing surf and saw a sloth hanging in a tree. Half way back I turned and rode another 5k up and down ... read more
My cruiser
Nice waves at Bluff
Beach sloth

The sandflies of Carenero Maandag 07/03/2011 Vandaag transitdag. Om over de bergen te gaan, moet je eerst terug naar het laagland. Dus eerst terug naar David, om dan, terug over de bergen, verder te trekken naar Almirante, aan de Caribische kust. Sinds bijna 200 jaar is de welvaart van deze streek onlosmakelijk verbonden aan de fluctuaties van de bananenhandel. Met ups en downs. Na het ineenstorten van de markt, de daarop volgende financiële moeilijkheden van de United Fruit Company (UFC - je weet wel van 'Chiquita') en, bovenop nog maatregelen van de E.U. om sommige andere markten voor te trekken, is deze stad compleet verpauperd. En dat merk je... De bus dropt ons aan de splitsing naar Changinola, en we nemen een taxi om de 500m naar de jetty af te leggen. Zo was het ... read more
'Gustav' de huispelikaan
Een winkeltje/cafe langs het strand

We left David early and jumped on the first bus to Almirante; our bags were thrown onto the roof and off we went. There was a very happy drunk Panamanian on the bus who seemed to take a liking in me and was talking to me for most of the journey! Along the way we bought some Pina (pineapple) from a little boy out of the bus window yummy!! After winding through the beautiful Panamanian valleys we finally made it to Almirante, from there we had to take a taxi to the peer, there weren’t enough seats for the group of us going to the docks so I jumped on the back of the pick up with the bags (being out in the air was very tempting after the very warm bus ride!). It was a ... read more
At Bibi's
At Bibi's
Red Frog Beach..

If there is one thing Sarah and I do really well together it would be to do nothing, thus off to the beach. Jampan (water taxi folks) brought us down to Red Frog Beach on the Isla de Bastimentos. I had visited before with the gang but it was a must to bring my lovely wife there since she is a beach kind of girl. When we arrived we had the whole beach to ourselves minus the bartender serving out of the tiki hut. The surf was fairly rough and Sarah went in the water with her sunglasses and they are now forever lost to the Panamanians that find them (I think she just wanted new ones so what better way to convince me she needs a pair). Quite a few trips to the Pickled Parrot ... read more
Red Frog
Cayuca on the Beach
Fishermans Boats

Sunday Oct. 14th. A new era in my Panama adventure. My amigos fly out today back to the safe and insane harbor of those united states. In trade my most beautifuy travel companion has arrived. In the morning we headed to the Bocas "International" airport for a short flight into Panama city. A fairly uneventful flight (which is a good thing) back to the city. I said goodbye after a taxi ride from the local domestic airprot to Tocument Intl. All four of us piled into a Toyota Tercel of sorts with full scuba gear and Berny's exotic wardrobe piled in the back. Of course like all other odd ventures in panama with 5 over size men stuffed into a car made for a single 110 pound woman it was "no problem". The tires rubbed the ... read more
Adios Amigos
At the Locks
Visa Anyone?

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