Hi! Im Julie and traveling and taking photos is my passion!
On the 20th of April 2009 I went backpacking around the world!
And since then I have been planning my future adventures!

From Liberia we took the 10 am bus to Las Penas Blancas which is where the boarder crossing is. There were hundreds of trucks lined up waiting for their papers to get sorted we were told they could wait for days to get through! We got in a very long line and waited melting in the heat to get our exit stamp. We finally got our stamp and started making our 1km trek to the Nicaraguan side. 1km doesn't seem like a lot but when the sun's blaring down and your carrying around 24 kilos it soon feels like your trekking 10 km! We finally made it and got our Nicaraguan stamp...country #15! From the boarder we jumped on a very ghetto looking bus ( like the diablo rojos in Panama) we each took two ... read more
Granada's pretty rooftops...
Cathedral in Leon
Cathedral Leon...

Our next stop was in La Fortuna in hope of seeing the Arenal Volcano, unfortunately La Fortuna and the Volcano are situated in the cloud forest which makes in foggy most of the time and means that a lot of people don't even get to see the volcano. Arenal is the most active volcano in Costa Rica, on clear days you can see lava flowing out and sometimes small explosions of it! The main attraction being seeing it at night when you can see the bright orange lava in against the darkness! From Monteverede we took the van boat van transport over the La Fortuna, its quite a pretty ride. Our original plan was to stay for two nights see the volcano and go, our hotel was quite a long walk from town which isn't so ... read more

We left Manuel Anotnio in the morning catching the 10:30am bus to Punterenas, the bus was ridicuously hot and had lovely leather seats....hmmm sticky!!! At times I felt so hot I thought I would faint ( no exagerations!), in a half delusion I started fantisizing about pools with giant ice cubes! We arrived in Puntarenas around 1:30 pm where we grabed our bags and jumped on our next bus which left at 1:50pm this bus ride was also very hot but no where near as bad as the first bus!!! To compensate for the more bearable heat we instead had to endure dust,most of the road up into Monteverede is dirt tracks, all the dust came flying in through the open windows leaving a nice layer of dust all over us and our belongings. We arrived ... read more
Butterfly Garden!
Butterfly Garden
Massive Bug!

It's so hot in Manuel Antonio! After having relaxed in the cool of our hotel in San Jose, the heat and humidty of Manuel Anotonio hit us hard! To make things worse the room we were staying in had no airconditioning and the ceiling fan didn't really work very well! On our first afternoon we didn't do much except walk around trying to gte our bearings. The next morning we got the bus to Manuel Anotonia Reserve, it costs 10 dollars to get into the reserve. We saw a few different animals, monkeys, racoons, sloths, iguanas, and a few different types of birds. The park also has some very beautiful beaches. Its a small park and we explored it easily in 1 day. Unfortunately Manuel Antonio is too explored it has too many tourist going there ... read more
Manuel Antonio sign

From Tortuguero we had to take a boat to leave, this boat ride was even more beautiful than the one on the way from Moin! To make the ride even more fun the boat drivers were racing each other! It seemed a bit dangerous as there are fallen trees etc along the way but still it was pretty amusing. After the boat we jumped onto a bumpy and hot bus which took us into town. From there we got onto another bus which took us into San Jose. Our hotel in San Jose was great! It was part of a home and they have just built 4 rooms which they rent out, they live a bit outdoors in the mountains but they gie free rides into the city when you want and also pick you up! ... read more

Today we were picked up from our hotel at 8am, and then made our way to Moin. From Moin we then got onto a boat which would take us winding through the rainforest to Tortuguero. The only way to Tortuguero is by boat. The boat ride from Moin to Tortuguero takes around 4 hours and is stunning! Along the way we saw a sloth eating, monkeys napping in the trees , lots and lots of birds, fresh water turtles basking on floating logs in the sun and the most exciting…a crocodile! Not just any croc this big mama was at least 3 meters long! The boat quietly edged closer and closer, a bit too close for misses croc likes as she starting hissing at us! When you are only a couple meters away from an angry ... read more
On the way to Tortuguero...
Walking in the forest..
In the forest...

Today we left Bocas and Panama to cross into country number 14! We started our journey with a taxi boat to Isla Colon, from there it was another water taxi to the mainland. Once on mainland we took a taxi to the bus stop then jumped on a bus to Changuinola, from there we took another taxi to the boarder! Once at the boarder we got our stamps then walked over the bridge and into Costa Rica! We then took our last transport of the day, another bus to Puerto Viejo. Although the journey sounds crazy it was actually surprisingly easy but just a little time consuming! We arrived in Puerto Viejo hot and hungry, we dropped our bags in our little wooden cabin and then went to find something to eat. We found this cute ... read more

We left David early and jumped on the first bus to Almirante; our bags were thrown onto the roof and off we went. There was a very happy drunk Panamanian on the bus who seemed to take a liking in me and was talking to me for most of the journey! Along the way we bought some Pina (pineapple) from a little boy out of the bus window yummy!! After winding through the beautiful Panamanian valleys we finally made it to Almirante, from there we had to take a taxi to the peer, there weren’t enough seats for the group of us going to the docks so I jumped on the back of the pick up with the bags (being out in the air was very tempting after the very warm bus ride!). It was a ... read more
At Bibi's
At Bibi's
Red Frog Beach..

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete January 23rd 2010

We woke up early and took a taxi to the bus terminal at 8:30am; we then got the 9:45am bus to David. The journey to David took around 8 hours but we pretty much dozed for the entire ride! We arrived in David around 6pm and straight away jumped onto the next bus to Boquete. The bus to Boquete was a very cramped Red Devil; the journey lasted around 1 hour. Once in Boquete we took a taxi to our hotel. Boquete has a different climate its higher up so a lot cooler which is quite nice after roasting in Panama City! Of coure Boquete is also known for its…yes coffee! Yum! Our first day in Boquete was very relaxed. We had breakfast out in the sun watching multi-colored birds come to feast on fruit that ... read more
Flower Fair
Weird deco at flower fair...

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 22nd 2010

From Lima we took a plane to Panama City, a whole new leg of the journey now starts as we begin Central America! We arrived in Panama around 6pm, our hotel had arranged for a transfer pick up which was great as we were greeting with a friendly Venezuelan holding up our names. Our room is really nice we also have a little kitchenette which we got really excited about! On our first day we decided to be lazy, we slept in before going for a lazy walk and ended up just going to sit in a café! On day 2 we took a Diablo Rojo (Red Devil), which is what they call the buses here! The name is very fitting, the drivers are crazy! Despite that though these buses have a certain charm about them ... read more
Casco Viejo
At Miraflores Lock
Miraflores Lock

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