Blogs from Las Penitas, Leon, Northern Pacific Coast, Nicaragua, Central America Caribbean


Our Arrival We took a taxi from Leon C$75 each which dropped us at the hostel. Where We Stayed Bigfoot Beach Hostel - $24 for a double room with shared bathroom with one other room. Right on the beach and we were the only people there. There is a free shuttle from the Bigfoot Hostel in Leon at about 3pm so it gets busy in the evening during the sunset. There is a fairly pricey menu and bar. What We Did Enjoyed the beach and the waves. Watched the sunset. Where We Ate At the other end of the beach to the Bigfoot hostel, near the bus stop, are a collection of cheaper bars/restaurants. Where We Went Next We went back to Leon. You can catch the bus from anywhere along the road (bus times are ... read more

Leon is a small town full of revolutionary history and lovely corners. We took a day-trip to Las Peñitas, a beach by the Pacific Ocean. The waves didnt allow us to swim as they were huge, dangerous and unpredictable and the beach was quite dirty. We still enjoyed the sunshine, laying on the concrete in someones backyard, as we found a little lagune there in which we could swim. Overall we spend three days there, just wandering around streets, visiting local markets, chilling out by the pool in our hostel, going to a reggae concert and using the time to relax, because afterall: travelling is hard work :)... read more
In our hostel chilli inn
The reggae concert

First Volunteer Work - The Shed - Jeff While volunteering at Surfing Turtle, I was tasked to build a shed with Yairo, a local staff member of the hotel. I didn’t think much of it but it ended up being a great experience. We needed to build the shed to replace an old shed that as blown over in a storm during the off season. They use it to store the trash cans, tools, and horse equipment. Our first task was to break down the remains of the first shed and salvage any materials that could be reused. During that time, I was asked to clear out an area for our new building site. Yairo handed me his machete, gave me a 10 second crash course on how to use it, and had me go to ... read more

Last night at the island the night guard didn't show up until late (around 8:30) The sun goes down early so it's dark around 6:30 and you need electricity ie: power, lights They have solar panels and have power all the time from the panels, however it has been broken and the part coming from Miami has not yet arrived. So the night guard starts up the diesel generator when he shows up and we have power for a few hours. Anyhow dinner was no problem. I had ordered earlier and only ordered cabbage salad. I can only take so much grease, which all of what the food is, good but prepared in grease. The cook doesn't get in until after I get up in the morning so I usually just go in the kitchen house ... read more

Well I wanted beach, hot, sun and all alone. Ask and you shall receive. I can't describe how beautiful this country is so far. Landed in Managua the capital city. Nicaragua is the safest country in central America. However they say the roads are dangerous. Yes I can see why, not because of speed and congestion like I thought. It was slow driving, dogs, bikes, cows, horse drawn wagons with loads of all sorts of thing, trucks with people piled up on top, and even horses roaming randomly about. I can't believe all the horses roaming everywhere like they belong to no one. So strange. Eden's mouth would drop open. Saw Mombotombo from the air as we came in as well as on the way to Poneloya, however you can't really not see it. It's huge ... read more
Veiw from my Cabana
Most of pictures are of the deserted beach

January 26th Erin My days so far at Surfing Turtle can be summed up in just one word: relaxed. It definitely has taken some getting used to. Quite different from my life back in KC, and very different from Leon where we spent our first two days. The Spanish speaking only staff has requested someone is up in the mornings by 6:30 a.m. because that is when the night security guard leaves. Thanks to a neighboring local rooster, I don’t even have to use the travel alarm clock we packed! Being the morning person that I am, I have really enjoyed the tranquility and cool temperatures, as well as the hot cup of instant coffee during these mornings! Jeff has also taken to getting up with me since he has been working away on a shed ... read more

1/20/2012 & 1/21/2012 Jeff After narrowly making our connecting flight from Houston to Managua (we had to be taken by airport transportation to our gate and were the last to board the plane) we were finally bound for Nicaragua. We landed and got through immigration without a hitch; we hopped in a cab to take us to the bus station. The look on Erin's face was priceless as we drove through the capital city for about 20 minutes. It was obvious we were not in Kansas anymore. We both smiled and held it together for the cab ride until we arrived at our "bus station" which was nothing more than a back alley garage with a lemonade stand sized ticket counter. We were the only two nonlocal passengers crammed inside a microbus with 15 or 16 ... read more

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