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From Leon we moved rather quickly up to Somoto where our host sisters from San Pedro had recounted tales of wonderful host families and exciting excursions. It was a bit of a ride from the city, and most people opt to stay in or near Esteli, but we had the sole intention of doing the canyon tour and being as close to the border as possible. We were met at the bus station by one of many brothers (despite having not confirmed our arrival time) that had a farm in the area and have since branched into tourism. We had e-mailed enquiring about availability and they sent us good instructions about getting there from Leon. We went to another bus stop for the local bus, but only had to wait as long as it took for ... read more
The Beautiful Somoto Canyon
Dan Takes the Plunge

21/02/15 Somoto Canyon / Esteli Gisterenavond werd dit natuurgebied, Canyon Somoto plots aangehaald door Wilmar en de Franse Agnes. Ik had er nog niet van gehoord maar Andie had deze reeds bezocht en bleek een aanrader en niet heel ver vanaf. Sandie had het nummer van de baas van ' Somoto Tours 'en hij regelde voor mij deze " Last Minute ". Hij had een groep van 5 man om de tour te starten om 9u30. IDEAAL! Vlug naar de busterminal! Er bleken twee Belgische studenten uit Antwerpen in de groep te zitten. Het was een prachtige 6 uur durende tocht, een mix van wandelen, zwemmen, wat klimmen, springen van rotsen van 4, 6 en 8 meter en een kleine boottocht als afsluiter. De 18 meter hoge sprong was te hoog gegrepen voor mij maar de ... read more
 Somoto Canyon
 Somoto Canyon
Area Protegida Miraflor

Books read during Peace Corps service: SEPT 2008 - DEC 2009 1. Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho 2. PS Your Cat is Dead by James Kirkwood 3. Life of Pi by Yann Martel 4. The Alchemist / English Version by Paulo Coelho 5. Caramba! By Nina Marie Martinez 6 The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger 7 The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan 8 The Handbook of Homemade Power by the Mother Earth News 9 East of Eden by John Steinbeck 10 The Coronor's Lunch by Colin Cotterill 11 Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver 12 Playing for Pizza by John Grisham 13 Homeland and Other Stories by Barbara Kingsolver 14 Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling 15 A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini 16 Trespassing: My Sojourn Through the Halls of ... read more

Nicaragua Information Central Hotel Colonial in Somoto number is 8999.9266. The clerk Ariel speaks English. Hotel Panamericano in Somoto 2722.2355. There are not pay phones here. If necessary you need to ask to borrow somone´s cell phone to call or there are fono centers and places to call from cybers. (see spanish guide below) The USD to Nican Cordoba exchange rate is 21.20 or thereabouts. US dollars are accepted. For money, I would also bring your ATM card. Travellers checks are rare. Better with cash and ATM cards. People who exchange money on the street are legit and it is okay to change money with them. Just ask ¨Cual es su rato?¨ and he will have a calculator to show you the exchange rate. In Managua you have to take taxis, not busses. I am checking ... read more

Okay, so since I left Managua to get my stitches out, I came back to Madriz and the Mopo and was fine until that same afternoon.... when my newly unstitched wound opened up. Not like all the way. Just a spot in the middle started kind of oozing. Which was scary. So, I have not left the house in more than week. Well, the two houses, my house and Mamita´s house. There is still an opening, rather largish for the size of the scar. But I am doing all that I can. I bought Neobol antibacterial cicatrizante spray. Of course Lenin was the one going to the pharmacy in San Lucas to buy the cicitrizante and more antibiotics and more ibuprofen and gauze and whatnot. Because I have been stuck in my cinder block cabin. That ... read more

I pulled out my journal the other day. It's a beatiful leather journal that I bought in Beijing solely for the purpose of joining the Peace Corps and recording my thoughts. I used to write in it about every day, up until like last February or something, and then I'd only write sporadically or not at all, only using it to update what had happened in the last months. So I pulled it out to update what has happened since my last update, which was the beginning of September of last year. So my 27th birthday, buying my stove and cooking, electricity going out and people using barbed wire to steal electricity, and Lenin's and my trip home to Missourah for Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010. Then I went back and read about when Lenin ... read more
moropoto kids playing on the swing
omg she is adorable
with her moter, sonia

Hey from the wilds of Nicaragua! I don’t remember when I wrote the last mass email was. Been a long time! I have been here in the Nica for over a year, having arrived in country last September. I swore in as a Peace Corps Volunteer just before Thanksgiving and was placed in the community of Moropoto, Madriz. At the end of next month I will be half done with my service! This year has been rough, not gonna lie. There have been moments when I’ve thought about throwing in the towel and returning to the States to fight for a job. But then I realized a few things. First, I have an extraordinary amount of pride, which keeps me from running when things get tough, and usually propels me until the end. Second, no one ... read more

Photos of the fair in San Lucas and the hipico, or horse parade... of mamita´s porch, and of a visit to el espino.... read more
the guys building a community latrine
my neighbors and their new baby!
trying to take a head shot with karol

Stuff that has happened... I turned 27. Lenin and I went to the bank yesterday and paid the nonrefundable fees to set up an interview at the American Embassy in Manangua, Nicaragua, so he can get a tourist visa and come to my country and meet my people for the Navidad. Annnnnd! After having my camera stolen at the beginning of August and suffering through 2 1/2 months without, one arriiiiiiived in the mail! From my lovely mother! THANK YOU, MOM! Also, an awesome birthday card from my titan, lbgraham, of the Red Stick. PS Los Ticos Nuevos, have a great flight! See you in a few months when you need to leave the Rica to renew your visas! And, well, that´s all she wrote. ... read more

4 October 2009 Sunday 6:47 pm Haven’t written in a while. The week of medical crap in Managua and the excess of down time and internet searching and emailing and chatting… kind of wore me out. Decided I was thinking too much and it would be better just to get back here and move on with my life instead of all the “what ifs” that were running through my mind. The upside of having to stay longer than I thought in Managua was that I was extremely glad to be back and to have Lenin hold me while I slowly broke down, as opposed to having been alone in a hotel room slowly breaking down. I know, what a great post. I sound like a hot mess and a half. In other news, the mosquitoes are ... read more

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