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THE BLUE MOUNTAINS OF JAMAICA AND MOREā€¦.. IRIE From afar and atop, the Blue Mountains present as a cluster of rolling mounds inhabiting the eastern corner of Jamaica. And now, I was about to visit them, see them live, some sixty years after they were first described to me in high school lessons on West Indian geography. We set out, Penny, Charmaine, Ron and I, 6:30am, from Rose Hall in Saint James along the coastal road on the north shore of the island; and, always, to the south of us, there was the persistent presence of an elevated range, rising contour, intent on turning our eyes east toward the Blues themselves. Sky white, clouds mapping the way like pencils from above, we proceeded, tutored in the history, current affairs and geography of Jamaica by our knowing ... read more
Coffee Trees In The Blues
Coffee Tree Bearing Beans

I'm an aerialist. The only thing I love as much as hanging upside down, is traveling. I recently signed up to compete, and am learning its pretty rough on my body... so I decided I needed a hobby that isn't physical. My husband suggested that I blog about our travels, so here I am. 2012: Marriage... Wedding- so expensive :( and what comes after? another expensive thing, a honeymoon. Luckily my gracious mother helped us pay for our honeymoon. 5 days in Couples Negril. Because I am going back in time and blogging about historical trips we have taken, I can easily say what I would do different, based on my experience of many trips after. Negril was beautiful. The hotel was amazing. The staff was amazing. The food was to die for. Alcohol unlimited? Hell ... read more
Couples Negril Pool
Hotel Swan V2
Hotel Towel Swan

At 6 am I heard a voice and knock outside my door. It was Melanie and she wanted to say goodbye. Last night when I made the decision to stay in I neglected to consider they were leaving very early in the morning. I'm glad she woke me up. They let a stranger tag along with them their entire vacation. I thanked her for that, and shortly after they left I realized I probably would never see them again. We'll keep in touch on Facebook at least. The two things I can't stand about southwest va are the cold water and the lack of diversity. I got to hang out with two Germans and learn about their culture and likes. Everyone in Bristol has the same story, same tastes in music, clothes and food, same mentality. ... read more

I wake up around 7 extremely groggy. I only got 4 hours of sleep. I go to the bathroom, drink some water and attempt to sleep. After an hour or so I give up and head to see Annette. She asks me how I take my coffee. I didn't want any but felt obliged since she already poured it. "white man who likes it black!" she observes. I sit at a table under the coconut tree. I lay on my back and try to clear my head. The view of the trees overhead with the birds flying around is soothing. The Spanish man walks by, "how was the party last night?" he asks. I chuckle a little and don't answer yet. "if you laugh immediately when I ask you then I know it was good!" I ... read more

I'm up a little past 6. I look in my mirror. A 30 year old man looks back. He still has fun like a immature ten year old. I smile. I grab a papaya and two bananas and head to the hammock. I see Robert strolling around but don't approach him. The sun is up but it's brisk still. I woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, both because it was the hottest day here and I give out a ton of heat at night. I chugged water then so I wasn't thirsty. I lay in the hammock finishing my post about the previous uneventful day. I hear the cook open the kitchen at 6:45. I soak in a few more minutes of peace and go back to the room to fill ... read more

I wake up at 9 and sit outside on the bench. I hear my neighbors bustling around already and remember our beach plans. I probably won't have time for breakfast so I grab a papaya and can of coconut water from the fridge. They come out and we say our good mornings. I ask to borrow their SPF 10 sunscreen. I'm pretty bronze by now and the forecast called for intermittent clouds, but I don't want to risk getting sidelined one second. Yoga class has started. Funny thing is I have yet to enjoy it once since I got here. We head to the beach and settle in. We get to know each other better. Melanie is a flight attendant. She shares with me her travel plans for the rest of the year. I asked how ... read more

I decided to take it easy today since I knew my neighbors would want to party at night. I woke up at 7:30and had my morning ritual of drinking 1.5 liters of water while I waited on my breakfast. Melanie came out and asked if I wanted to go snorkeling. While I loved it, I wasn't going out on a boat two days in a row. I told her how much she should pay and gave her some haggling tips. My skin was a nice mocha dark now and didn't feel tight. I was ready for more sun. I hit the beach with my phone and start transcribing the nights events on this blog. I'm sitting under a cover to both ease into the sun and see my iPhone screen. The cover is 8 foot in ... read more

I woke up and check my phone. 8:45 am... I had my appointment for my snorkeling trip at 9! I chugged water put on my vibrams, shorts and a Tshirt and sprinted down the beach. I got to the boat and Leroy was waiting outside for me. I apologized and he said "noworries mon you just leave a big tip" I realized I had only brought what I owed him. Two couples were already on board the "captain Kirk" I don't remember their names. I apologized for holding them up and we took off. The boat was a glass bottom one, you can see right to the floor. All the fish however were at the reef. I borrowed some sun block for my face and wore my Tshirt into the water. They provided snorkel and fins. ... read more

I woke up at 6:30 amwith ten hours of sleep behind me as planned. I took my iPad out to the patio chair to check the weather, it was already 79 degrees and the sun was out. Clear skies until about noon when we had a chance of rain. Robert, the security guard from last night came by to chat on his way home. He asked me if he frightened me last night, I told him no, just that's was tired and maybe out of it. I asked him when breakfast was served, he looked at his watch "7 am, they should be here by now." It was 7:10, and I was anxious because I had yet to see the beach. Their was a family from Spain who had just checked in last night, he asked ... read more

I stayed up until 1 am the morning of my flight watching the abomination that was laker/nuggets game 6. Thursday is the last day of my work week so I typically struggle to stay up that late. However my excitiement about my vacation combined with my sheer frustration at the lakers allowed me to stay awake with relative ease. When 6:30 rolled around I struggled to get up. I had packed the night before, and always pack lightly for the beach. 3 tshirts, one button down, 2 soccer jerseys, a pair of linen pants, swim trunks, sweat pants, shorts jeans and the long sleeve shirt I wore out my front door (didn't bring a razor to Jamaica) and didn't have anything to eat. I got to the airport and like a fool forgot there is only ... read more

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