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Central America Caribbean » Jamaica April 20th 2019

When making a travel plan, the place that you will put up for accommodation makes a huge difference. This is an aspect that not just affects your overall holiday experience but also shapes the overall cost of the vacation. Hence booking a proper place of accommodation is more than imperative. Having said that it needs to be pointed out that the conventional concept of booking a hotel room for the purpose is slowly getting replaced by the idea of booking villas for a stay. Villas are large palatial accommodation (more often like a sprawling bungalow) that has been converted to accommodate the living for guests and travelers to that place. These villas are a great option for staying if booked at an early period when the tourism seasons are not at its peakFor more informat... read more

The shuttle from our B&B in Montego Bay met us at the airport (where our bus from Kingston had let us off), deposited us at our hotel, and promptly disappeared. Once we were ensconced we wanted to go exploring, and we needed food and water. Learning that the beach/town shuttle only ran twice each day, and that we had missed the last run, we wondered how we were to get into town, given that everyone said it was too far to walk. The lovely woman at the front desk spoke with another employee who was finishing her work for the day, and asked her if she would show us where to catch a taxi into town. Andrea was willing, and the three of us walked down the hill and waited until the right taxi came by. ... read more

Yesterday was the solstice. In about two weeks Maine will start to lose minutes of daylight, declining over an hour by the end of July, losing almost two hours from peak daylight by the end of August. It's a very quick, steep decline in northern New England, a fast slide from long, easy, warm summer days towards our bitterly cold, snow-filled, very long lasting winters. Here in the Caribbean the daylight doesn't change much with the seasons, and it is no surprise that it is consistently hot in summer. But in Jamaica AC is everywhere, making life much more comfortable, although, as in the US, it is frequently turned on much too cold! I like what I've seen of Jamaica so far, but I am tired of waiting for and riding in city busses. In the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay January 22nd 2018

"The World is a book, and those who don't travel travel only read one page" St Augustine. I rarely quote and this quote is a regular on travelblog...and it always makes me smile! I'm wondering how big is my own book of life when it comes to travel! Smile! This is a weird blog to write...let's put it simply...150th country visited...full inclusive resort, Jamaica, and oh yes, state of emergency in Montego Bay. This is a fun or interesting mix at least! Let's go one by one....with the state of emergency over Montego Bay. It was declared while we were here. Too many murders related to gangs over the past months. The government has decided to go all in over those gangs...using not only the policy, but the army too. Therefore, from a legal point of ... read more
Our little crib for 3 nights....
Plane wreck...
It's party time....

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica January 21st 2018

I visited Jamaica last year 2017 before Christmas break. Here are some of my stories: Montego Bay, El Greco Resort I stayed at El Greco Resort, it is a hotel complex where all your needs are just steps away. They have store inside the complex where you can buy personal hygiene stuffs, pools and served good food on their restaurant. You can see the view overlooking the Doctor's Cave beach from the restaurant. And from there, you can walk your way down using their elevators and end up at the boulevard and give yourself a stroll. The Doctor’s Cave Beach is accessible to anybody who stay in El Greco, you just need to show your pass which the Hotel provides. There were clubs nearby for a one unforgettable night, a park for early morning walk and ... read more
Doctor Cave Beach
Blue Hole and Secret Falls

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica December 31st 2017

We made a quick trip to Jamaica over the winter break 2017. We flew into Montego Bay (Mo Bay as Jamaicans fondly call it), the most touristy part of Jamaica. Kingston which is the Capital city is about 2 ½ hours away. Compared to other Caribbean countries, Jamaica seems much less touristy overall. Jamaicans are polite, careful and less cheery (reserved). They seem more in sync with their counterparts in Dominican Republic than with Puerto Ricans or Bahamians. In Jamaica, the mountains are closer to beaches and so are tropical jungles with waterfalls and waterholes. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort, first time for us. While it is very convenient and comfortable, I feel that it almost limits you in the sense that you don’t tend to venture out to eat in local restaurants and mingle ... read more
Beautiful Beaches
The Rosehall Great House

Flying from Athens we had to overnight in South Beach Miami before taking our onward journey to Jamaica. Unfortunately due to a last minute cancellation of a British Airways flight from Athens to London we were transferred to an Athens - Newark - Miami flight increasing our travel time by 8 hours making it 2am in the morning before we finally reached South Beach. Although tired we were thankful for United Airlines getting us there after being stranded in Athens airport for a few hours. We thought two nights before our cruise to Cuba and one night post our cruise before flying to Houston would be a great way to see a little of Jamaica. Little did we know because of Hurricane Harvey we would end up with three extra nights in Jamaica. Arriving in Montego ... read more
Wake-up view Negril

We had a late arrival into Falmouth Jamaica today so it was another leisurely morning. We had breakfast in Park Cafe and wandered the ship for a while. The ship was due to dock at 10:30 and our tour meeting time was 10:15 so we knew we needed to be off as soon as the ship allowed people to go ashore. They made the announcement at 10:15 and we made our way down to deck 3 and then down the escalators to deck 2 to get off the ship. There were no lines and we were off easily. Our meeting area was jam packed with people and we ended up not leaving the port until 11:15. After departing and turning around to pick up more passengers, we were on our way to Dunn's River Falls. The ... read more
In the Water
We Made It
White River

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica March 29th 2017

In 2014, we spent a week in Jamaica staying with locals but that was on the other side of the island. Although Theresa has been to Ocho Rios before, this will be George´s first visit. After seeing so many ships in port yesterday, we are unsure of taxi availability for today, so have booked a ship tour to the nearby Dunns River Falls. The ride to the falls was short, but our friendly bus driver pointed out all the local landmarks, and also explained how it works inside the falls. We are fascinated by the local Creole language. We like the Jamaican people. We are so glad we bought the water shoes in Florida. They are charging $10 a pair at the falls. We paid that for both our pairs. Our initial intention was to change ... read more
Jamaica flag
Amadea docked nearby

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica February 23rd 2017

Geo: 18.4888, -77.6558Before we discuss the events of today, I must divulge some information on a little fun I had with Scarlett. I had trouble with her committing to an excursion that I felt both her and Jonathan would enjoy. I know I would like it and Mom loves the water. Prior to leaving on our trip, I inquired as to whether or not Scarlett and Jonathan would like to visit the jungle and tube down a river. It out started simple enough. Al: Queenie, do you want to tube down the White River in Ocho Rios, Jamaica? Slow calm river ride plus Blue Hole, a giant pool of clear water. Not cold. $90 all day. This is private tour as ship tour is sold out.Queenie: Is it clean? Will Mom go with us? Al: Yes ... read more
Blue Hole
All of Us at the Blue Hole, Jamaica.
Down the River With Ricky We Go.

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