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November 1st 2018
Published: February 23rd 2019
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Crossing into Honduras from Guatemala was bitter sweet. I had to watch my Pair of Brown Eyes disappear from my peripheral mirror. But the thrill of a new adventure propelled me onward. Things have changed in Honduras since I was here 32 years ago. First off, I don’t remember there being an “official” border crossing at El Florido. Just a little man napping by the side of the road. Now ther... Read Full Entry

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Robinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe

Sometimes you just have to maroon yourself.
Some of my CoffeeSome of my Coffee
Some of my Coffee

Every time I sip a coffee I'm going to remember the backbreaking work on this little hill
Dollar Tuk TuksDollar Tuk Tuks
Dollar Tuk Tuks

A great cheap way to get around the hills of Copan
Ancient Ball CourtAncient Ball Court
Ancient Ball Court

After the match the winner would be sacrificed to the Gods
Going to Town to see a Man about a HorseGoing to Town to see a Man about a Horse
Going to Town to see a Man about a Horse

Life in the coffee hills of Honduras
Streets of TStreets of T
Streets of T

So many families come from the mountains to the city trying to find prosperity.
Side SaladSide Salad
Side Salad

I prefer to buy all my fruits and veggies from stands on the side of the road. Not only do you interact with locals but you get some awesome deals
Hello and GoodbyeHello and Goodbye
Hello and Goodbye

The makeshift port of entry at El Florido, Honduras

23rd February 2019

Well done on the coffee!
I'll savour my coffee even more now I know how hard it is to process. Enjoyed the read, curious about El Salvador...
25th February 2019

Coffee Comodity
Every time I have a cup I think of my giggling Amigas up there in the hills of Honduras.
23rd February 2019

Que Pedo
A beautifully written tome that is enthralling and enlightening Andrea. Yet the insight into the migrant march is like peering into a crack in a wall and discovering the unexpected yet the whole scene is otherwise hidden from view. Poignant yet fascinating.
25th February 2019

The March
I guess we will never know if that really happened or not, but it seems plausible.
23rd February 2019

Wag the dog
So sad for the people who are stuck in Mexico. Sadly, easy to take advantage of people who are poor and willing to try anything to help their families survive. Glad you found and enjoyed those rough edges. I will now appreciate my coffee oh so much more. Thanks for the education. Good luck in El Salvador.
25th February 2019

Wag the Dog
Yes, very sad. I don't know if I can completely believe the story the bartender told me, but the theme sounded awfully familiar. It sure makes you think about how manipulated everything is behind the scenes. I loved my coffee practicum, I now REALLY can appreciate that cup of Joe and all the people that helped make it.
24th February 2019
Side Salad

Honduras - safe or not?
I totally agree that buying fruit directly from the vendors is the best way. I can add to the benefits that your money is likely to benefit the local economy more than if you buy the fruits elsewhere. I have to ask you, is Honduras a safe place to visit? If it is dodgy, where can you go and what should be avoided? /Ake
25th February 2019
Side Salad

Honduras, is it safe?
That is the million dollar question isn't it. Right now our Canadian government has NO GO directive on its website for parts of Honduras. Its really hard to predict where the gang violence will occur. I didn't feel I was in danger but I do practice very safe travel and I am extremely vigilant. I change plans and listen to feedback on the daily. Making my way around Honduras by myself I didn't feel any more unsafe than other parts of the world. I think it's up to the individual's own comfort zone.
3rd March 2019

Wow, what a visit! I love the variety of travel experiences you encountered in Honduras - Mayan ruins and jungle, Caribbean bliss, and the coffee picking... This will make me think somewhat over my next cup of Guatemalan. I'm glad you explained the slang meaning of this blog's title, I was wondering...!

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