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After my week of spanish school I decided to travel to another lakeside town to chill out for a few days. There wasn´t much in Santa Cruz, but there was a really good social hostel called ´La Iguana Perdida´ where I met lots of nice people and had lots of fun! It was similar to other hostels that I´ve been in where everyone eats together in the evening, so you get to know the other guests and staff really well. They have a big fancy dress room there, and every Saturday night they have a party where the men dress up as women, and the women just dress up! I found a fetching (!) turquoise number which I´m sure was in style in 1982!!! One morning one of the staff found a small scorpion on his ... read more
Another view
Swimming in the lake
Dressing up with my friend Trish!

Gautemala At the end of the last blog I was approaching the end of my time at Lago Atitlan but had extended my stay for a couple of day haviong found a nice quiet hostel to relax in. My plan to move to the quiet town of Jaibalito on Lago Atitlan worked quite well for the first two days and I managed to get a little Spanish done as well as visiting a few more villages around the lake either on bike or by foot. On the Friday however I met up with some friends from La Iguanas In Santa Cruz and we headed up on bus to Solata for one of the biggest markets in Guatemala. It was a fantastic walk back (all downhill) and the market itself was brilliant. Nearly everyone including the guys ... read more
Dinner at a local fish restaurant
Sunset day 2
Getting ready to dive.

I just want future generations to say f**k it and tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth’ John Lydon.Yo Estoy Cultivando Mi AlmaI am cultivating my soul 75 million years ago the whole of Lake Atitlan used to be one great volcano, 26 million years ago the middle bit sank and two rivers met in the centre filling it with water. Metamorphing started to shape itself into the stunning lakes it has now become. Capitan's rule the waters with their speedy launcher taxi boats, you need to use these launcha boats to get to and from all the indigenous villages that are snuggled around this vast lake, there are no ring roads around no cars thus no parking facilities, hiking is compulsory for this area. The main access town by the lake is called ... read more
Sticks & Stones.
A very nice man....
In the pink.....facing facts.

This entry has nothing to do with where I am travelling or what I am doing, but a lot to do with how I got here. This exact time last year is when my life screamed change. Apart from the official ending of my very diverse yet challenging thirty something era, there was a number of valid reasons for all this selling up, travelling, cultivating and much needed changing. This was partly due to me losing a dear work colleague at London Ambulance her name was Jane Rolt. She was taken from this crazy earth by a high speed collision involving her motorbike and a lorry, she was 42. I understand that nothing happens by chance, so the coincidences that happened before and after Jane’s death how could take serious note. Three weeks before, while on ... read more
Ompah the special cat
Little fluffy white clouds....

I love this place. I think it's been my favourite so far. Not the town, but the view and this hotel. Great! La Iguana Perdida I love how they do dinner here. It's family style. You sign up by 3pm, they make enough for however many signed up, and then you all sit around a long table, share food and good conversation. This was how I met 3 of the other girls staying here. Sunny (her name is actually longer but hard to say so everyone was calling her this or Sun) is from Switzerland and travelling around Central America. Orla is from England and is studying in Mexico but on a small break so travelling Guatemala. Lacy is from Washington, DC and is a teacher in Costa Rica. She's also on a small break ... read more

I left the lovely city of Antigua, finally and with much difficulty, on a bus headed towards Panajel, on the edge of Lago Atitlan. I fell in love with Guatemala fairly swiftly, as some places you arrive and wish you hadn't, here the reverse happened, I wished I had been here years sooner. Antigua is a cobbled street small town 'city', with a mix of tourists and locals dressed in traditional costumes, old colonial style buildings, and surrounded by 3 volcanoes. After spending a week there doing little more than attempting to improve my Spainsh I decided I had to leave before it becam too late and I ran out of time to visit other areas of Guatemala. So I arrived at 'The Lake'. Described as one of the most beautiful lakes in the workld, it ... read more
Map of the lake
Local girl

Well, I spent another hellacious night listening to wild dogs and demon possessed roosters carrying on outside of my room. From this point forward, I'll be wearing my headset or some ear plugs. Oh yeah, if my spelling is off it's because there's no spell check's all in español. Sleep deprived and now with a cold coming on, I bartered a boat ride to Santa Cruz La Laguna for 20 quetzals. On the ride over I met a man (James) who was an acupuncturist in Pana, and he just so happened to be good friends with the owner of La Iguana Perdida. Upon arrival, James introduced me to Dave, the owner of the hostel, and wouldn't you know it, I got the last available bed. I shared a room with a guy from Quebec named ... read more
The Party Barge
Those Crazy Europeans
Nade´, Me, Bex, Ben, & Mel

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